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Jun. 1st, 2015

all my own stunts




I am 37 which makes me ancient in lj terms!

My blog will be a little bit of everything but a lot of that will be stream of consciousness writing, politics, feminism, disability, queer issues, poetry/poetics, paganism, trauma recovery, crafting, and random life stuff.

I like gardening, writing, reading, music, cooking, dogs, making things

I'm only looking for women and non-binary/genderqueer people thanks

Add me if you think we'd click

May. 31st, 2015


Love friends

Hey I used to use xanaga as a teen, but havn't really done the whole online journal thing for along time. Well thought it would be good to start. To have a place to vent. I'm a mom to 7 kids all together. 2 step and 5 are mine. My step are 13yo and 9yo. Then have an almost 6yo 4yo 2yo and twins. So my life can be crazy busy hectic. I just need to vent sometimes it can be stressful. Plus I don't know maybe be a place to show people big families really aren't to bad. But feel free to add me I'll add you back. I also love to read others journals to. :-)


Branching out

Searching for people to subject my at times terrible writing too. My LJ account is a few years old but I've never really worked at reaching out to people.

As I'm getting back to posting more now I'm getting lonely writing for just myself to read so if you feel like hearing about a stay at home mum planning a huge move to the other side of the world for her family of four, or random musings that may possibly make no sense feel free to add me.

I can listen to almost any music, love to bake but not clean up afterwards, I write but never let anyone read my stories, i hate chick flicks- well maybe not hate but I never choose to watch them - and love sci-fi, action and adventure and a good drama.

I'm a huge Disney fan, am often addicted to reading fan fiction....

And that's just a small taste of me :)

May. 29th, 2015



I've created this alternate journal to act as a sort blog for my intimate interactions and place to post my erotic fiction. Anyone who is interested is welcome to check it out. For now I'm keeping things like my identity a bit of a secret. Sorry.

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and between us have 5 kids. Not knowing exactly what is normal sexually, I can't say for sure, but I don't think we are. Anyway, feedback is welcome, though I don't expect to change my sex life based on anything y'all say.

I started the journal back in February, so you can get a feel for whats getting posted and if its for you. It is most definitely NSFW, well, at least not the office I work in.


Hi friends!

I posted here once last year, and have gotten to know a handful of people I really care about. It's time to try this again!

As my user name implies, my name's Kathy. I'm an INTJ, turned 23 a month ago, originally from Toronto but currently residing in New York City for school. I'm halfway through my first year of grad school, with hopes of completing my Master of Music in classical piano degree next May, possibly followed by more school after that (you'll probably read about this quite a bit in the upcoming fall.)

I write about daily things, sometimes music/work stuff, sometimes about the people in my life, sometimes about my adventures in NYC (mostly food/events adventures.) I make a lot of lists, and use parenthesis and dashes way too often. I comment on social-political events once in a while. I gush about my boyfriend a little too often right now - indulge me for a short while, it's a fairly new relationship. I have my ups and downs but in general I'm a happy person, and keep things positive. For me, writing things down/talking about it doesn't make me feel better, so I'm more likely to write about issues for personal record when it has already passed, or when I've already taken necessary steps to make things better.

I'm looking for people who are passionate about what they're doing in life, and work hard to pursue their interests. I'm looking for people with a sense of humour, but type with proper spelling and grammar most of the time. I'm not picky on frequency of posts or comments; I myself don't tend to comment often but I do read everything. My apologies in advance.

If you're interested in getting to know me more, please leave a comment and tell me a bit about yourself. I will add you back right away! If you're someone who doesn't mind a somewhat silent audience, and posts about daily things in exhausting detail, please let me know. I'm all ears.

To match these words to a face:
Mew.Collapse )

May. 30th, 2015



Currently procrastinating from my revision so this was inevitable, as I just re-started this online diary.

Besides procrastination and constant re-invention of myself (in my mind anyway), I enjoy:

photography (Link)
travelling and recording the world,
watching films,
writing poetry

I'm 21, born in autumn, and am originally from a small European country that apparently looks like a fish on the world map - obscure to some
Now dwelling in England, in an equally obscure town, I imagine, for anyone who doesn't live in it or is not English.

Some of my favourite shows: GoT, Penny Dreadful, Sherlock, Salem, Hannibal, Twin Peaks, Cosmos, House
Favourite films: Stoker, The Hours, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Taxi Driver, Blue Velvet, Requiem for a Dream, Blade Runner, Persona and other Ingmar Bergman films, Melancholia, Three Colors Trilogy, Tree of Life, Never let me go, Myr Nobody, Eternal sunshine...the list goes on
Oh, and I like anime - Attack on Titan, Psycho Pass, Death Note - Always welcoming recommendations based on past preferences in this field ^^

May. 29th, 2015


(no subject)

That time of month when I post looking for new friends to add!!

Name: Christine
Birthday: Sept. 30
Age: 31

A Little About Me:
I'm a figure skater.
I work at Starbucks as a barista.
I love going to Broadway plays.
My best friends mean the world to me.
I enjoy spending my days off walking around downtown.
I live in NYC.

- My favorite play on Broadway right now is Jersey Boys which I have seen 8 times and plan on seeing it more times. I have seen the musical, Pippin 127 times on Broadway and Spider-Man Turn off the Dark on Broadway 219 times. When I find a play that I love...I go to that play all the time LOL.

-My family means the world to me as well as my best friends who I trust my life with.

-My journal usually consists of my everyday life, what goes on at work, my best friends, and my favorite actors (mostly Erich Bergen)

-I'm looking for any new friends who comment. I comment back on anyone who comments on my entries.

-I love music, especially The Four Seasons, The Beatles, Hanson, NKOTB, Ed Sheeran, Backstreet Boys, John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, etc. My favorite movies include, Jersey Boys, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Crow, Annie, Aladdin, Grease, etc. My favorite TV shows include, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Madam Secretary, Boardwalk Empire, etc.

Anything else you'd like to know, just ask :)

May. 27th, 2015


(no subject)

Hello my name is Silver. Yes it's my real name, no im not a stripper. No siblings named gold either. I think I've heard just about every joke about my name. I poke fun at too. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box but I'm the shinniest. Haha ;) 
I'm 31 and have 4 kids. Ages 14, 12, 11, 11. Yes twins! My two oldest are boys and my twins are girls, not identical. My 12 year old will be 13 in July. My journal is about my life. I talk about them, my boyfriend of ten years. 
I love meeting new people and making friends. I enjoy learning from all walks of life. I'm very open and blunt. I support legalizing cannabis. Ask me anything. If you add me I'll add you!

May. 26th, 2015

JoJo - Kakyoin cherry


looking for new friends!

Hello! It's been so long since i did a friend add thing, but my first time in a com specifically for that. I've been on LJ since the early 2000s and I've got a permanent account, so I don't plan on running away from my new friends (or my old ones!). My friends list is so small now, I miss it. I also made some of my best friends through LJ. It's a great place to be ^_^

Name: Rose, but generally use Loke on the internet (Loke is Rose in hawaiian. No, i'm not hawaiian).

mini bio info: 33, swf, cancer detective (cytotechnologist), lover of fandom fun, hater of drama. I don't have anything against most lifestyles, I'm fairly liberal in social matters, but i don't like to talk politics too much.

interests: anime/manga (MANY different genres and titles enjoyed), crafting, cosplay, general nerdiness, i suppose? I've recently been obsessing over jojo's bizarre adventure, which is my first major obsession of anything since kyou kara maou. I don't watch much tv anymore, but streaming wise, been enjoying Bob's Burgers, Community, and I quite liked Merlin and BBC Robin Hood. I don't read as much as I would like, but I do love Neil Gaiman's works. I play video games, but MOSTLY the Tales of series games. Tales of Phantasia is my favorite. I do NaNoWriMo annually too. Probably more stuff you might see in my profile (that probably needs updating, I'm sure)

my personal LJ is friends locked, but if you think we can get along, drop a note and I will probably add you in. I rant a lot about work and sometimes I can get whiny about personal issues. Even if I don't post a lot, I'm definitely reading my flist, leaving comments there :)

May. 25th, 2015

stock: Mjölnir


(no subject)

Hi! I just found this community, which is odd considering I've been on LJ for around ten years and never left! But this is my new journal (fresh start and all that) and I'd like to meet new people, so I thought I'd give this a shot :D

Name: Pip :)
Age: 28
Lives: Scotland, UK

TV: Salem, Penny Dreadful, American Dad!, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Whitechapel, Daredevil, Bates Motel, Game of Thrones, Residue, Black Mirror, Not Going Out, Twin Peaks, etc.
Books: Anything by Dan Brown, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Some Old Lover's Ghost, The Virgin Suicides, The Saga of Darren Shan, The Hunger Games...there are so many more, but we could be here all day.
Music: My Chemical Romance, Elvis Presley, Malinky, The Pretty Reckless, Marilyn Manson, frnkiero andthe cellabration, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Johnny Cash, 2Cellos, The Used, Generation X, Misfits, Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc.
Movies: Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Insidious, Watchmen, The 'Burbs, Hot Fuzz, The Da Vinci Code, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome, etc.
Comics: I'm a hardcore Batman girl, but lately I've began to hate DC. Right now I'm dabbling in various comic series.

Other interests: I like tattoos a whole lot. And cookies. I also love learning about people's religions - I identify as Pagan, but I am very open minded and I love to hear people's beliefs and opinions!

Things I don't like: homophobia (y'know, being gay an'all), racism, and I really cannot handle SJWs or radical feminists. (I'm a feminist and I fight for equality and social justice, but there's no need for hating on men just because they're men. Also, this whole YOU CAN'T HATE A WOMAN BECAUSE YOU'RE A WOMAN - nah, if I hate someone, it's nothing to do with their gender, it's because I think they're a horrible person.) I'm also not a fan of people constantly posting about how fat/ugly/horrible they are - LOVE YOURSELF!

My journal is also friends only, as I like a bit of privacy :) I'm hoping to meet some awesome, like-minded people <3

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