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Dec. 5th, 2016

Scabior Shoe


Hello beautiful!

I am currently looking for new friends to come on board! My name is Rina and I've been a member on LiveJournal (Admittedly, I changed accounts several times. But I have had this journal for quite some time now ^_^!) ever since April 2001. I am updating quite regularly (MOSTLY daily. :P) and I write about whatever is going through my mind (As in, there's a lot.): Daily stuff going on, interest-related entries, sometimes pictures or videos.

Hm, what to know about me? I am female, 32 years old now and I live in a small village in Southern Germany. I'm a huge music (Incl. making music myself!) & movie fan (My list of movies to watch grows with every movie I see, though.); my favourite bands / musicians being Közi, ZIZ, Malice Mizer, Specimen, Roman Rain, The Cure, All Gone Dead, Don Huonot, Project Pitchfork, Santa Hates You, and many more. My favourite movies as of now include Labyrinth, Dead Poets Society, the Harry Potter series, Inside Out, Mind Game, Inception, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (2005), ... There are many more here, too.

I also enjoy reading, being creative in general, learning languages (... And I have a tendency to compare them in my mind.), esoteric / the paranormal, travelling, and dancing. If anybody has any more questions, please do comment and ask them or write to me via PM. If anybody wonders what I look like... Here's one of the most recently taken photos (Please ignore the arrogant look on my face, though!):

Picture behind the cut. Collapse )

Please only add me if you think we do have something in common, and if you have had your LJ for quite some time already (and update regularly). I still reserve the right not to add people I think I do not "click with" here, though. No hard feelings from my side then, though. :)

Either way, no matter if you decide to add me or not, I am wishing you a good day!! ^_^

Dec. 4th, 2016



I've been a member of LJ since the early 2000's. I seem to get a new journal when something significant happens. So here I am for this installment.
I'm 35, I'll be 36 in a couple of weeks. Married and trying to start our family. I have a dog, 'neighborhood mix' is the PC term for 'mutt' up here. He's part chow, part newfoundland and part shepard. (we think). I also have two fish.
I live with my husband, his disabled brother and their father. So everyone (including the fish we suspect) in my home are men. My elderly mother lives in the area and we are close.
I have four sisters and two brothers, all older.
I work with felons, drug addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis, my bullshit-o-meter is 'on point' as the cool kids say these days.
I am strongly introverted and like nature and solitude.
I like camping, creative writing, country music and adult coloring books.
I lead a very boring life, I work full time, I go to church, I come home and take care of my family. Once in awhile we'll have a game night with a couple from church.

Nov. 30th, 2016


Friends and motivations

Hi guys!

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Dec. 1st, 2016


Add me

Hey, so i need some friends on here as I've just come back to LJ after about 10 years and i know ...no one. I'm on everyday and would love people to chat with. So my name is Holly, I'm 28 and live in England. I work in care, study mental health, dream analysis and depression. Please feel free to add me x

Nov. 27th, 2016

jesus: smokes


Hey! :D

Ive been apart of LJ for over a decade, plus I used to have a DJ.  So that is how old I am.  I am posting here because many of my LJ friends have moved on, but I am still here.  I have a few regulars but I miss having a little more diversity on my flist.

For some reason I come off as a guy to women on LJ.  But I am a cisgender female, pansexual.  I occationally talk about my sexuality because I came out late in life and I am still exploring how I identify myself .

I have a variety of interest.  I attended ESF- Ranger School for Forest Technology.  So I have a background in Forest Management.  I am also five credits away from majoring in math, so I a nerdy like that.  Currently, I am almost done completing school in Photography/Drawing&Painting.  Go figure after learning the sciences I go back to indulging in what I have been doing my whole life.  A lot of my artwork I explore the sciences, so I just enjoy learning through drawing.

Besides my well rounded education, I like food, hiking, and people who can keep up with my banter .  A good day for me is chilling with my fiance watching whatever we find online, while we eat and try out a variety of beer.  If you saw my instagram, it isn't filled with artsy pictures, but us eating all the time.  I just like cooking and eating.

I go through cycles of what I show on LJ.  Sometimes I write about personal issues and other times things are lite and I show pictures of stuff I have been working on.  Right now the semester is coming to an end, so soon I will be posting pictures of my art assignments and upcoming personal projects.  While going back to school I work in an adult shop educating the public regarding sex.  I spend most of my time at work creating educational chalk art and talking to people about what they shouldn't put in their buttholes.  It's a fun job!

I'm always trying to push my comfort level and grow.  So of what people know of me five years ago, doesn't really fit who I am today.  There is a lot of ugly that comes out as I learn what fits.  I'm not static and that has been aparent as I meet new people.

My journal is either friends or private.  I'm looking for people who at least update on a monthly basis.  I don't mind if the people on my flist comment.  But I do like reading updates about people.  Hopefully this intro is helpful and I look forward to reading about your day-to-day lives.  
updated prtsc land me




Hi! I'm Matt. This is my first and/or second post in a friending community, so I'm not sure what all to say...I'm a 23-year-old single straight guy who has been on LJ since August 2007. I live in Texas and recently graduated from college cum laude. :)
I use my journal to write about, um, whatever I feel like posting about at the moment, I suppose. (In other words, it's pretty random. The one thing that doesn't show up very often in my journal is politics, as I don't like political discussions very much.)

I like math and computer science, so that's what I majored in in college. My hobbies include LiveJournal (obviously), playing video games (Mario, Super Smash Bros., and Kid Icarus mainly), reading webcomics and other funny stuff on the Internet, writing about weird dreams, and drawing, to name a few. (Yes, I'm an introvert and kind of a geek.) My favorite singer (and also my #1 celebrity crush) is Enya. :)

I have autism, which used to be severe autism, but through intervention it's become mostly high-functioning autism... although I still often feel like half of what I say doesn't make sense. :( I unfortunately also have quite a bit of social anxiety and sometimes depression... I tend to worry a lot more than I probably should about decisions I've made in the past, or things I've said that didn't make sense, or people not liking me if they disagree with me about things or misunderstand something I said. (And I should warn you: I really have said stupid things on LJ in the past, even if I probably worry about saying stupid things more than I should.)

For more information about me, there's a list of frequently asked questions in my profile that I prepared earlier this year so that hopefully new people I meet will get some idea of who I am (or who I was at various points in the past ten years) and/or a good laugh. :) (I'm not sure if it's complete enough yet, though!)

I'm hoping to add people who are still active on LJ, have enough in common with me that we have something to talk about, can tolerate the fact that I tend to be hard on myself, can tolerate the fact that I'm still not great at wording, and won't be harsh to me even if we have differences of opinion about something.

Did... did this entry make sense? :O

Nov. 25th, 2016

eye, egypt, horus, egyptian


Want to be my Friend?

you can call me 'Bennuheron' or 'Bennu' or 'Heron' for short if you wanted.

Relationship status: in a Committed Relationship
Age: 25
Political Leanings:Liberal, though I personally feel I have more in common with the Classic, Roosevelt-Era Left than the Modern, Tumblr-era Left, and I supported Bernie Sanders for President.
Religion: Agnostic Atheist

What I'm looking for: Casual, laid back friends, Video Game Fans, Philosphers, Anime Fans,

What I'm NOT looking for: Creationists, Relationships (I'm already happily taken!), Tumblrinas, Special Snowflakes, Trump supporters.

Favorite Video Games: Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Star Fox Series, the Castlevania series, the Pokemon Series, the Devil May Cry series, Megaman, Shadow of the Colossus, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Xenoblade Chronicles, Okami, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Monster Rancher 2, Dark Souls, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Skyrim.

Favorite Musicians/Bands: Koji Kondo, David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Koh Ohtani, Motoi Sakuraba, Yasunori Mitsuda, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Powerglove, Bit Brigade, the Megas, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Heart, the Doors, Ayaka Hirahara, Joe Hisaishi, Green Day, ACE + , Yoko Shimomura and more.

Favorite Movies: The Harry Potter Series, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, Mulan, Shrek, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spirited Away, From Up On Poppy Hill,  Howl's Moving Castle, Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000, How to Train Your Dragon, James Cameron's 'Avatar',  Jurassic Park, Deadpool, and several others I can't name at the moment.

Favorite Anime/Manga: One Piece, Samurai Champloo, Sailor Moon (Classic), Cardcaptor Sakura, Outlaw Star, Interstella 5555, Rurouni Kenshin.

Nov. 22nd, 2016


Aylo :)

I've been on livejournal since I was 14.. haha!

I have been on and off here over the years.

I am trying to make a come back but realize I have zero active friends on here now.

A little about me.. I am 31. I have a 10 year old daughter. I am engaged to a woman. I recently moved from Ohio to Florida after spending my entire life in a small town. Now I live in a big city, adjusting to that life lol.

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats :)

Add me if you'd like!


Nov. 21st, 2016



Hey everyone!

I am posting to see if I can find some new online friends. I am not new to Livejournal .. I have had an online journal since 2001. However, walked away from the LJ scene shortly after a major break up in 2008. But I am back, and under a new handle. Looking for some fresh and friendly faces/people - and as long as you're not a robot on a spam trip, we're golden!

Lemme see... I am not looking for anyone under 19 to add me. Let me explain why. Well, the Readers Digest Version, anyways. I have 5 (yes, you read that right!!) 5 children. Former teen parent. My kids range in ages from 22,20,18,13, and 10. 3 boys well 3 men and 2 girls. Eeek. What the what? I talk about some heart wrenching topics that I would rather not teenagers read. Hence why the good ol' LJ is locked up tight.

I am looking for those with a serious sense of humour. My life is one big ol' ball of complication at times. I am looking for those who can smile with me, laugh with the best of them, and you know - tell it like it is. :) Oh, did I mention I also have 2 cats, and many tattoos? :P and chronic illness/pain. But don't let that turn you away from moi.

Chchcheck out my profile. If you think we'll click , let me know :) I am always here for a ear, a shoulder to cry on. Or to crack some seriously hilarious jokes.

Thanks for checking me out.

Nov. 20th, 2016



I need more e-friends!

 photo 1_zpsitxwvw50.jpg

Hi. I'm Ben. When I write on lined paper, I don't stay between the lines, and I consider my handwriting to be an artistic expression. I have attained my BA, including a major in English (creative writing), as well as one in fine arts (sculpture). I guess you could say I'm a creative guy. Also a minor in anthropology, which I believe to be an interesting lens through which to view the world around us. Right now I'm getting paid to hang out with animals (greatest gig EVER), and being productive and creative whenever possible, or whenever I feel like it. Whichever comes first.

I'm more than a little quirky, weird and boisterous, but in an endearing way. I'm very excitable and exciting. People who get to know me typically like me a lot. And I'm a fucking laugh riot.

I love coffee like I love food, water and shelter.

I am a sharp dresser and my hair and beard are artsy, but I'm not a hipster or anything. I'm far from hip to be honest, and I kinda like it that way.

In my spare time, I breed show llamas, but I’m trying to branch out into alpacas. The first thing people notice about me are my antlers. As you may have surmised, I like to joke around a lot. I hope you like to laugh and have a good sense of humor too, cuz otherwise where's the fun?

I’m a good commenter and poster, and I’m looking for people who share these traits. So if you are an interesting person with interesting things to say, and who wants to read the creative musings of a trained writer who has mastered the art of hyperbole, please feel free to leave a comment and add me!


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