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May. 27th, 2016

Be A Mermaid


Swims To The Surface

Hello everyone!

A few things about my journal...

  • I use my journal as a 'dress diary'! I create MERMAID TAILS so it's filled with progress pics of whatever tail and/or costume I'm currently working on. I will also work on MERMAID THEMED costumes as well, sometimes it's a mashup with another character, and sometimes I do regular 'human' costumes from comics, cartoons or movies but yea mostly it's mermaids. Finished costumes are open to the Public but progress is Friends List Only.

  • I also use my journal as an art journal and if you guessed that my artwork is mostly all mermaid artwork, you've guessed correctly. I like to take Pop Culture characters from various genres (cartoons, comics, movies, tv, etc etc.) and turn them into mermaids! There is a lot of nostalgic characters over there. Finished artwork is open to the Public but progress is Friends List Only.

  • I attend comic conventions and various events throughout the New England area (I live in MA, USA) and post pics of said events. Mostly it's to show off finished costumes and usually those are Public posts that anyone can see.

  • I participate in Inktober! Artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day for the whole entire month of October. It's was created in 2009 as a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

  • I recently discovered MerMay, which is a lot like Inktober only instead of an inked piece every day, it's a mermaid art piece everyday and for the whole month of May. I missed it this year but plan on participated in 2017.

  • I am an Island Dream Sketch Card contributer, which is a charity group that collects money for hospital's Family Assistance Fund, that helps families and children that are suffering severe hardship due to an unexpected illness and either social or economic deprivation. The funds go towards paying for such things as critical prescriptions for children, overnight lodging, clothing, and groceries when these items are sorely needed.

  • I don't post my about my personal life unless it pertains to my artwork and my costumes. I generally try to keep my journal focused on art, costumes and anything mermaid related, like mermaid books! I love to read but mostly it's mermaid books. I'm currently reading Dark Tide from the Waterfire Saga Series by Jennifer Donnelly.

I have no preference to who would like to add me. If you feel like adding me, I'll add you back! All are welcomed into my grotto! LOL ;p
I do read people's journal on my down time but I won't comment unless I feel like I can contribute to the topic that has been written about.

OK sooooo I guess that covers it. Hope to meet new reader friends.
Much Mer-Love To All!
no title

May. 24th, 2016

Sawako (Kimi Ni Todoke)


I'm an LJ Newbie

My name is Kimberly. I'm twenty four years old. I'm currently pursuing a degree in English Education. I'm four points away from an Associates. I'm a very introverted person with geeky interests. I've recently quit my job due to abuse in the workplace. I'm anemic, and I suffer from anxiety and depression. I talk about different things in my journal.

I welcome everyone to check my journal out and add or message me if they feel like we will get along! Don't be afraid! I don't bite! :D
Username;  Zebra heart {blue}


(no subject)

Hello :) I'd love to add some new friends and liven up my friends page a bit.

- Jammie.
- 28 year old Scorpio.
- In love with John since 01.03.08.
- Proud mom to 5 year old leukemia warrior Ben! ( I mention this mostly because I end up talking about it)
- New Jersey born and raised (& still here).
- Full time employee of a small business.
- Youngest and only girl of 4. Aunt to many monsters ♥
- Shy, silly, sarcastic, potty mouth
- Completed a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psych
- 2 tattoos and dying for another.

Loves: Family, coffee, reading, Disney, friends, movies, music, hockey, instagram, Peanuts, tattoos and plenty of other silly things.

I post about my day, whats going on in my life, my family, pictures, the occasional meme and whatever else I feel like sharing. I read everything on my friends page, but only comment when I have something to say.


Pick me!

Maybe you find that your friends page is a bit quieter than it used to be. Perhaps you are lacking a few comments on your own entries.

If so why not add me?

I have been on this site since 2001 and so I am probably not going anywhere soon.

I looking for people who are not too close-minded, who update occasionally and are not completely offensive.

May. 21st, 2016




Hello! I've posted before but thought I'd brave out the world outside once again :-)

- I'm Kat
- in my 30s
- I live in Macau, a China Special Administrative Region like Hong Kong, and is situated just next to Hong Kong (one 1-hour ferry ride away)
- love dogs, have 4 dogs at home. Incidentally i have a cat too. They are not on friendly terms. But we live.
- I work as an administrative staff at a casino. But I know nothing about the games. Nor the fruit machines.
- I like taking pictures, not that I'm any good at that
- I travel whenever I can, and I write about that :D
- I don't watch much TV, but once in a while I binge on Netflix. I don't have a favorite show.
- I used to read a lot, meaning I don't read much now, but I'm trying to get myself back to the reading game
- I waste a lot of time on games. I know I shouldn't, but it's a vice.

My posts will usually be about daily life happenings, work rants (I have an insufferable boss har har). I do regular Wordless Wednesday and Friday Fives. I try to post in Portuguese once a week (practice, practice), but English is my forte (but by no means native fluent). Mostly public posts, but rants or potentially sensitive topics would be f-locked.

I'm pretty open with Friending, as long as you drop me a line so I know you're human :-) I like to read of other people's daily lives because my life experience is really limited, so I'd like to see more of life via your adventures and experiences :-) 

May. 18th, 2016

Hello Sailor!


Add me!

Hello all,

I thought I’d post here again as it’s been a while and I always meet some interesting readers as a result of writing something here.

I’m Andrew, I’m 32 and I live in Leeds, UK. I’m a law librarian but don’t worry, I don’t often post about library stuff as my work is generally only interesting to me! I live with my husband in the city centre and love living where I do. I have definitely found the right city for me :D

My interests and what I write about tally up pretty well as my LJ entries are usually an update of what I’ve been doing. At the moment it seems to be eating out (a lot) but I also write about video games, films, pop music, books, TV, social stuff and anything else that’s on my mind. I’m also a big theatre fan and I’m often seeing plays or shows. I’m very lucky to live close to a several excellent theatres. I tend to write about twice a week. More if I’ve been busy.

I also do travel posts when I’ve been somewhere interesting and that can be abroad and in the UK. In the past few weeks I’ve been to Sweden (for Eurovision, naturally) and Cambridge. I love travelling and I’m always out and about when money and time allow.

I’ll pretty much add anyone who’s willing to interact. I read everything but I only post if I have something to say. I generally expect the same kind of thing in return. After all, isn’t that what LJ is all about? I also don’t really do fanfic. I like reading about other people’s lives though, wherever they live and I’ve built up a nice friends list of people all over the world :)

May. 17th, 2016



Ive been on lj for several years, but i have decided to create a new journal, were i can be anonymous. I have trust issues and hate feeling judged.

Im intoverted, live a solitary life, suffer from mental illness and hardly ever leave my home.

I enjoy listening to music (a lot of movie scores, etc), watching movies, and sitting at home with my dog.

I want this journal to me a place, where i can freely speak whats on my mind.

PLEASE, feel free to read my introduction page in my journal and send me a feiend request from there. I will be adding selectively. Thanks, bye.


(no subject)

I am 33 and have been on LJ for almost 13 years. I write about gender, polyamory, intimacy, sexuality, honesty and openness, feminism and social justice, nature, spirituality, art, dreams, relationships, and my experiences.

If you write about similar topics, let's be friends! I'd love to be more connected with people who write reflectively because it helps inspire me to write also.

May. 15th, 2016

Sherlock Mind Palace


Hello LJers, looking for new friends too?

Hello Everyone!

Name: Steven
State: New Mexico, USA
Age: 26
Birthday: October 12th

I'm looking for nice, non-judemental and friendly Livejournal friends.

A little about me;

Just starting writing fan-fics
Getting back into writing in general
Moving away from video games to reading.
I have many, many many fandoms. Ask me about them, maybe we have some in common? :)
I'm a gay guy, hope that wouldn't be a problem. I just like to get that out of the way.
I don't judge anyone for any reason, unless you disrespect me or someone I know and care about.
I am a musician, playing Violin and Piano.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask away, or add me as is and learn about me as we go!

Either way I would love to have new friends!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting to know you!

May. 10th, 2016



Moshi Moshi!

Ok, so this is my 3rd time joining LJ, and you know what they say; 3rd time's a charm right? Right?..

*woman make it less awkward*


OKAY let's keep this short, sweet and to the point shall we?

.Healing crystals
.English literature graduate
.Shows: "Currently" Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Containment and Man seeking women. I am a huge TV series fan
.Music: Anything from pop to indie to heavy metal. Depends on my mood really
.English is not my mother tongue, yet I speak and write it better than my own

My diary will mostly be about my day to day life. Along with pictures of interesting things or events throughout the week. I will check my LJ AT LEAST once everyday and try to leave comments as much as I can.

Cheers friends! xo

Oh and here's my face.

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