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Nov. 11th, 2017

Ruleta :)


Hello everyone!

Hi! Just read some entries, and seems nostalgia is a common bond of all of us since we're coming back of a way long hiatus.
I'm trying to be more active here since I've tried to blog on another websites but livejournal is where I feel more comfortable. However I'm looking for lj friends since my f-list is almost empty.

I had other lj accounts but I deleted them because they were full of such negative entries I was embarrassed of them. But my life has changed a lot since then, I want to share my latest experiences with new people.

I'm Victoria, I'm 25, and Mexican.
My journal will be full English because I do need to improve my writing skills -- however you'll find some old entries written in Spanish by the 15-years-old daydreamer teenager I was once.
I'm mostly talking about my life, and these are some of my interests:

- Longboard
- Writing/Fanfiction
- Books (actually I'm currently running a book club in my city)
- Photography/Instagram
- Translation
- Traveling
- Social media/Digital Mkt
- Food and beers

If I'll ever talk about fandoms, they'll be either Harry Potter or Marvel universe. I can also talk about some movie I've watched recently.

Btw, I'm thinking about changing my lj username so please ignore the embarrassing "Lupin" part.
So, let's be friends? :)

Nov. 9th, 2017


Hello Lovely People!

Giving this another try (sure you've heard that about a million times), got a full “origin story” as my opening post if you care to look.

I’ll keep this simple:

I’m a mid 20’s corporate accountant who leads kinda sorta hippie lifestyle.(my husband always jokes we are the hippies that would get kicked out of the commune) Some of my interests include:

Beer and Wine
FOOD of all kinds. I literally eat almost anything
Horror Movies/Books
Conspiracy theories
My cat
Thift stores

I always love meeting different people of other walks of life. It’s good way to learn about others and yourself (which in my opinion you should never stop doing)
My posts will include lots of daily life musings and sometimes questions of others thoughts. Might get a couple pictures of my cat cause he’s adorable. I mostly keep it light and fun but as we all know sometimes you just gotta rant or pose questions to crisis in life. I mean that’s what anonymous people on the internet are great at right?

Comment if you’re interested and I’ll add you :D

Nov. 2nd, 2017


Hello from Texas!

I've been noticing a trend lately on Add Me of those of us who have returned after a long hiatus. I was MIA from LJ for a few years until recently and I've been finding it therapeutic to be writing again, as well as, LOVING the cringey posts of my past. A little about me:

* I'm 28... soon to be 29 gal from Texas.
* Sexuality: don't care for labels. If your awesome and engage my brain I might find you incredibly sexy.
* Hardcore Closet romantic
* Love anything Jane Austin
* I'm interested in Astrology but I don't live my life by it. It's an interesting topic to research for me when I have the time.
* LOVE Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
* A bit of a nerd
* A bit liberal
* Sarcastic AF and love being vulgar. *shrugs*
* I'm also a avid fan fiction reader... I should really pick up a book instead.

I'd love to make new LJ friends as many of mine are no longer active.
Portrait 3/3/2017


Attempting to make friends

I have about the same story as everyone posting recently. Been on LJ since 2002-2003ish had different journals in the begining to keep up with my teenage angst and this particular journal I have had since probably 2006?
Ran away for awhile when everyone seemed to be abandoning ship when Livejournal was switching over, and of course you can't stray too far away from here for long. I'm not the most interesting person in the world, but I have 2 regular posting friends left and well I'd like to make some more friends. Even maybe trancend the LJ universe and become actual friends! I don't have any of those either >.O
Okay I guess I should try to sell myself:

  • Crystal

  • 29 years old

  • I realllllyyy like cats. Somehow I have four of them.

  • I'm awkward. Even interacting over the computer

  • I'd like to say I'm a nice person, but I get told I'm an asshole a lot.

  • I curse like a truck driver.

  • I am a dork

  • I am a geek

  • I am a nerd

  • I'm married, if that has an bearing on anything

  • I don't have human children, doesn't interest me to either. (BUT WAIT! I do not in anyway hate children or think less of people who have them ... nope wait sometimes I hate people that have them. But it's because they're assholes.. uh.. I'm making this weird. If you have kids and you want to add me, cool. If you don't and want to add me. cool.)   -.<

  • Did I mention I'm honest to the point of being an awkward asshole because I don't know how to say things without coming off as a dick? I did? Good.

Things that I probably write about often:

  • My health. Oh geez, Okay so I have autoimmune diseases and hormonal diseases and really bad sinuses, and my utereus hates me and I'm getting better-ish but still. Oh! and if you can imagine this I suffer from pretty serious anxiety. Bet you didn't guess that.

  • I'm sort of a hermit.

  • My cats

  • Video games

  • Possibly politics and what is going on in the world - but only when I really need to vent

  • I'm a feminist

  • I'm a witch, but except for my 2 most recent entries I don't really talk about it much.

  • My insane family

  • My asshat roommate and my shitty cousin I introduced him to and got them dating and now they make me want to rip out my beating heart from my chest.

  • I dunno, usual stuff

What do I look like?Collapse )
coffee in fall


LF unique friends

Hi there peeps,

I literally thought LJ is dead but now that I delved deeper I see seasoned people coming back. Maybe due to Facebook craziness or limitations on Twitter or no privacy on Tumblr... It seems LJ always created a safe space which I haven't found anywhere else really. I recently decided to undust my account and see for myself what I can get out of this :)

Whoopsie, intro got too long. You have been warned ;)Collapse )



I've been on LJ a fair while, and have had times away and come back a few times over the years. The world of facebook and the rest don't really do it for me in terms of blogging or saying things in more than 140 characters, so I want to make a decent go of it again on here. Unfortunately the last time I left, it was because LJ seemed to be dying out.

I'd love to find interactive friends who can show me that's not the case.

A quick summary of me:

- Male
- Aussie
- Bit of a self confessed nerd
- Also love sport
- Have had some health issues which I mention on occasion
- Love stupid jokes and puns and nonsense

Dislike with a passion
- cognitive dissonance and conservatives who don't let reality, facts and science get in the way of being pigheaded
- racism
- sexism
- homophobia
- etc (the usual ism's)

The rest, you can find out for yourselves!

Oct. 31st, 2017



I’m back

Lol, I remember writing a posh earlier this year then I hit a bit of a blunder and I stopped for a bit. But I’m back and have been posting more often. I just miss talking and meeting new people. I’m just a random chick in a crazy world just trying to survive one day at a time. Feel free to add me or respond to this post I’ll be happy to add you back :)

Oct. 20th, 2017

BKK Gargoyle


Looking for Thai people

A long time ago I lived and worked in Bangkok, Haad Yai and Phuket. Intensive Thai language and culture training in Nakorn Sawan and Chiang Rai for 3 months, all day, every day preceeded my work assignments. My first year I worked at IPST in Bangkok, the second year at the Rubber Research center near Haad Yai with one week every month at their experimental plantation in Phuket. I was there as a photographer, darkroom tech, videographer and English language tutor.

I still take a lot of photos, but have changed careers to streaming media QA engineer.

It would be nice to add some Thai people and Thai speakers to my LJ friends list.


Oct. 18th, 2017



Looking for lost friends and new ones

Hello everyone, my name is Ayana, I'm not new, I was blissfulbat, but it got suspended for unknown reasons. But with this new account I lost all my friends so I'm looking to find them and maybe more new buddies.
I'm from The Netherlands, speak Dutch and English. My journal will be written in English. Currently my journal doesn't contain much yet, apart from an introduction, some pictures and art, but I just opened the account today, so I will update it soon (art, pictures, textures, ramblings, weight loss progress).
I'm Schizotypal and have reoccurring depressions. I won't write about it constantly as it depresses me even more but sometimes I need to vent about stuff.
In my day to day life I'm a mom, I have a 2,5 year old son and we live with my boyfriend (my son's father) and three pets (an American Stafford and two cats).
My main interests are creating art, photography, web design, watching Investigation Discovery, I love animals, especially dogs, going for walks. I'm also a fan of tattoos and piercings and am a work in progress myself.
Feel free to add me and I'll add you back. :)

Oct. 11th, 2017



Back at it again

I'm certainly not new to the world of LiveJournal. I've had many runs at this site, and I'm not quite sure why I keep falling off the rails. But here I am, back at it again.

Anyways, I'm 28 years old living in the Toronto area. Currently I work as a barista at Starbucks and let me tell you, it is an interesting job. 

I love nerdy things. Star Wars is my jam and I love Pokemon just as much as my 10 year old self did. I binge-watch TV shows like nobody's business and listen to an array of music. 

I love oddities. I have a growing collection of skulls and crystals and love to practice tarot reading in my spare time. My life is weird and messy and I'd love to share it with you.

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