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Jun. 27th, 2016


want frans. plz halp.

Hey! My name is Rem and I'm looking to make some new friends and hopefully have some interesting journals to read. I used to use LJ many, many moons ago and it was a good experience for me, so I decieded why not give it another go?!

Here's a bit about what you can expect me to post about:

Gaming: I play video games. Sometimes I will post or rant about them here. There may be screenshots and the likes as well. So that is a thing that will happen! Currently I'm playing FFXIV so that's sure to pop up. But I ocassionally have some other games going every now and then. Favorite Genres: RPG, Survival, Strategy, Sidescrollers.

Gardening: I love gardening. It's something that I took up somewhat recently after I moved into my new apartment. It's a tiny balcony garden but it's mine! There will probably be postings and photos of this.

Random Musings: Sometimes I get wacky ideas in my head that I want to either talk about or like to see what other people think about it. Probably a good thing to have an open mind here. Might possibly be some opinionated stuff that not everyone may agree with.

Crafting: I like to be crafty! I'm known to make the occasional trip to the craft store so I can find a new project (Reality: 12 projects). My favorite is working with wood. Especially boxes. I love me some boxes. Who the heck doesn't like boxes? Well..I mean unless you're in the process of moving..then boxes are hell.

Self-Improvement: Yeah I got issues, as does everyone else. I deal with anxiety and depression. So there will probably be some posts that are either influenced by those moods, or me trying to overcome those moods. So yeah I'll put that right up front. There's probably going to be some less than positive posts that pop up. I apologizein advance.

Musics: I will post musics. I love musics. If you post musics, I'll listen. Very few things that I will not listen to. I'm pretty open!

Miscellaneous: ALL OF THE THINGS!

If you're interested in being friends, leave a comment and let me know you added me and I'll add you back! Look forward to making some great friends! <3

Jun. 25th, 2016


Looking for new friends!

Aloha! I've come back to LJ because it seems to be the only real functioning "diaryish" website. Years ago I had found Open Diary and miss that site so much, I made so many great friends from there, and I miss reading about people's lives. So... here I am again.

Here's what my life is about:

- #1 = Work. I work in the office at my dream company in the marine industry. I'm all about the boats, boat shows, salt life, Jimmy Buffett lifestyle. I also have thousands of Pirate collectables from flags to keychains and cups to everything else.

- #2 = More work. Either a 2nd job (which is on hold for now) or other projects such as right now I'm helping in theatre for the first time in 10-12 years.

- #3 = My hermit crab. He's almost been with me for a year now (will be a year on my birthday). He's kind of a brat, but extremely smart, so that makes him that way. I will share funny stories as they happen.

- #4 = Everything else. If I happen to go anywhere, see anyone, buy anything exciting, celebrate anything exciting and the like.

I'm pretty much interested in almost everything. Once I'm bored with something I'll move on to the next thing then come back to that first thing months later. I've had to put some things on hold while taking care of "life" but I'm slowly getting back at it again.

These things have been staples in 99% of my life: Poetry, salt / Jimmy Buffett / Pirate / boat life, creepy shows / haunts / graveyards, music, theatre, photography, writing, blogging, animals, Mozart, all crime shows, and other stuff. :)

What I'm looking for in a friend: people with interesting lives, very colorful personalities, upbeat, talkative (so that it will make me stay this time), from all over the world, most importantly OPEN MINDED.

Here's a photo of me from a few years ago. Sadly, I've gone blonde for the summer, hopefully I'll have light bleach blonde so that I can turn it pink this fall. I miss my red hair but it's too messy to color!

Jun. 20th, 2016



How's it going, LJ people? It has been a long time since I was last here in my journal. I have missed it and was thinking about coming back to meet more friends and write about my life, which is not that interesting but hey! I can try! Hopefully we are able to get along and grow good friendships from there, wouldn't it be awesome? Say yes, pleeease (:

About me, I'm a recently temporary college drop out (is that how you say it in English?) and making myself go through the painful path of not knowing what I'm doing at all and trying to discover what that could be. I thought I knew but it turns out I don't. Or maybe I did and I'll slowly start regretting. The world may ever know... In other stuff, I live by myself in a small apartment (because I refuse to go back home, though eventually I may have to face the truth) and struggling to find a job so I can afford continuing this kind of life I have right now.

Even if all that sounds quite sad, I promise to not be a big bother with my complaints and rants. I'm actually enjoying my free time now, mostly watching Korean dramas (yes, I'm one of those! ^^) and playing video games (trying to finally finish FFVIII in its PC version, can you believe I never got past Disc 2? I won't let this become yet another failure! haha).

Other pieces of information: I also have a handwritten diary and enjoy handwritten things in general, my favorite season of the year is autumn, I like makeup but I'm not good at following tutorials u_u, I might share some pictures here and there but I don't own good cameras so you have been warned, and I'm a INFJ in case you were wondering.

Sooo that's it! My journal is quite empty right now since I kinda decided to go for a fresh start but you can take a look at my interests or ask me anything you want to know! Bye!

EDIT: Just realized my LJ is 3 years old today :O Even if you don't like me enough to add me, wish my journal a happy birthday!!! I'll throw a party only for my new friends, though (psst psst there will be cookies) Haha just kidding!

Jun. 14th, 2016



Former LJ user looking for new friends

Hi everybody, my name is Ayana and I'm from The Netherlands. I'm 32 years old, have a beautiful 1 year old son named Jayden and we live with my boyfriend John, a staffy Zorro and 2 kittens Mila and Loki.
Since we will be moving soon, I consider it a new start in life and I wanted the same for my journal; no reminders of old boyfriends, old anxieties and other old crap. :)

I had been a hardcore LJ user about 10 years ago but then I left for a while, then I came back hoping to find the same friendships and fun, but I didn't and my journal had gone stale. But I keep missing it, a place where people offline don't know me, a place where I can rant or share nice things in my life, and hopefully make a few good friends I have common interests with. Maybe I also miss being 20 years old, I don't know, haha.

Offline I'm not a real people person, I don't hate them, but I just always have a hard time connecting with them and find a common ground. I'm socially awkward one might say and I don't always feel the need to be around them. I don't really have friends, the few I did have betrayed my trust so nowadays I pretty much stick with acquaintances. Online I usually get by a bit more easily. But I miss having a deeper connection with some sometimes.

In my journal I mainly enjoy sharing photos of loved ones (my family and pets), share artwork that I've made (paintings and drawings), haikus/poetry from time to time and exciting things in my life. I do cope with a depression but I don't always feel the need to write about it extensively. So it's not a dark and depressing journal and I hope to keep it that way.

My favorite TV shows include Orphan Black, The Blacklist, Dexter, The Mentalist, House M.D., Criminal Minds and NCIS. I'm not a huge fan of the spin-offs, but maybe that's because I don't like change.

I'm not a religious person, I don't have a problem with it but it's not for me. I'm a kind person, sometimes too kind. I enjoy going out with my family and 'friends' for drinks, go shopping when the wallet allows for it. I also enjoy photography, mainly I photograph my pets and my son, or when I'm bored I take pictures of flowers. I also have a love for piercings and tattoos, currently I have 18 piercings and so far only 2 tattoos but I hope for more in the future.

Picture timeCollapse )

Not sure what else to say about myself, if there are any questions feel free to ask them.
You're very welcome to add me as a friend if you see we have anything in common. :)

Jun. 13th, 2016


New To LJ!


My name is Emilia from NYC. I joined livejournal in hopes of documenting my weight lost journey. It seems like the perfect place to do so. Please feel free to contact me, add me, or just have a quick chat!

Follow me on twitter @emiliavibe
Like my page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/emiliavibe

Jun. 10th, 2016

[Movie] ESOFTM Skull Clam


Let's be friends

Female from Ohio. Names Megan. I own 2 rabbits & 2 cats (no the cats don't try to eat the rabbits but the rabbits torment the cats hehe). Also owner of a mouthy teenage son. Have a boyfriend of 10 years. I guess I am borderline goth. I know it's a terrible problem but I promise you won't catch it from me. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I don't judge those who do though. I'm a Libra I never judge. I love reading, writing, and comic books. I also knit, love being outside despite my pale skin, road trips, traveling, and taking long baths. I adore horror movies and scary things.

So my journal is pretty much about my kid, boyfriend, and other humans in my life. I do like to post pictures of random things. I comment when I have something to offer and not to just fill a white box with words. I have has this journal for 15 years so I never go away.


Jun. 9th, 2016



lookin for lovelies!

Hey everyone!

I'm looking to add some friends! My name is Marie, I'm 28 and I've kept a journal since I was at least 16. I have had the same Livejournal since then but the last few years I've been at Dreamwidth. I decided to move back here but didn't want to keep the weight of my old journal so here I am!

I write about my day-to-day life and would love to hear about what you have going on as well! I live in Western Canada and have two cats and life with my boyfriend of 4 years. I love cartoons, gin, drawing, reading and cooking delicious food! Especially curry! I've also decided to start to learn how to properly care for plants. I've gone a bit overboard and got too many plants but I love them and they are doing very well. Especially my polka dot plant!

Anyway, if you're here I'm sure we'll get along! I have no judgement for new friends, just looking for open and honest folks :)


Jun. 8th, 2016


Add this redhead!!

Hello. I've been on livejournal for well over 10 years, but have a new journal these days. I used to be le_starboard just in case that matters to you.

I write about my day to day life and I would love to read other journals like that. I'm very open minded, there is no wrong answer, and I am open and honest about everything.

Add me and I'll add ya back!

Jun. 7th, 2016

Michael Fassbender: Tux


(no subject)

Not sure how active Livejournal is anymore, but there's no site quite like it.

I'm looking for new friends on my journal. Ideally, you comment and are active. I've been trying to get back into Livejournal for a while now, and this could be just the motivation I need to post consistently.

A few things about me:

- 27 years old
- live in Philadelphia, USA
- love to read, write, lift weights, and run
- interests include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Bond, The Cold War, mindfulness, meditation, fitness, and nutrition
- I follow a Paleo Diet
- I identify as a Zen Buddhist

If you think we'll get along, please leave a comment!

Jun. 4th, 2016

chino 2



NAME: Jillian
AGE: 25

I’m a Texan (born in Dallas, primarily lived in Austin) who currently lives in Florida for university. I spent about five years growing up in California (Bay Area) though and consider myself more of a west coast type of person- I’m very laid back and open-minded.

I am coming close to graduating college with a Recording Arts degree, and music is one of my biggest interests- whether it’s listening, recording, or mixing it. My favorite genres are electronic (stuff like FKA twigs, Crystal Castles, Cocteau Twins- more chill stuff), alternative rock (Deftones, My Bloody Valentine, Garbage, Nirvana, Silversun Pickups, Sneaker Pimps, No Doubt), and indie/regular pop (Florence + the Machine, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Marina & the Diamonds, Namie Amuro, some k-pop) but I like to try anything. I used to be a huge film buff but I find myself watching less movies. When I do I tend to watch older movies (90’s and earlier). I like coming of age, dark comedy, thriller, and horror movies. It tends to be similar with television, but I tend to like comedies more like Fresh Prince and That 70's Show. Also, three of my favorite tv shows have strong female leads: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias and Veronica Mars.

LOOKING FOR: People that are open-minded and write about their daily lives. I love hearing about people from all walks of life. It would also be nice to befriend people who share some common interests with me.

ANYTHING ELSE?: I tend to write about school life a lot these days (but it'll be ending soon), but I’ll still throw in posts about my observations on society/pop culture and some fandom posts from time to time.

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