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New Friends Wanted
It's been awhile since I did one of these posts and I've always had great luck with them in the past so - here I am again. My name is Tawnya and I'm 39. I live in Colorado with my husband and my dog. I work part-time as a therapist for special needs folks. I write in my journal almost everyday and read almost as often. I post about my daily life, my struggles with various health issues, my hobbies and I post pictures from time to time. I like friends of all kinds. I only require that you be an adult and drama-free. I'm probably kinda boring but if that sounds good to you feel free to add me!

For the brave

I'm 24, i've been w/LJ since 2004, our relationship gets boring and I run off.
I'm back.

I am a mom, I have a family, but that's not what I will really write about.
I have an open relationship, one-sided - my boyfriend just won't gain the courage to get out there, whether it's because he fears he will lack self control when it counts or because he really is being honest when he says he is satisfied, who the hell knows, not I.
My lj is mostly random epiphanies, and just sorting out the way my relationship is and what all these men want from me when in reality I can only give them so much with boundaries that are set.

My most recent entry has been made public so that new readers will have an efficient idea of what it is I might talk about, how in depth.  And here is some real life perspective on who I am.

But it's not all about me, I just feel I should really come with some warning - looking for like-minded people, nonjudgmental judy's who's lj's will keep my attention.

Comment if you add me please, feel free to check it out.

Meow Meow I am a Cat
Cat Default
Hey Livejournal!

I've used this community to meet new LJ friends before and managed to connect with a handful of awesome, likeminded people. So i'm going to try to do it again.

I'm 21, female, from the god forsaken hellhole that is the state of Arizona. I am generally very liberal and 99% of my wardrobe consists of articles of clothing with cats on it.

My journal (and the majority of my daily life) revolve around animals and animal rescue. I've worked at an organic pet store as a cat nutrition specialist, at a Zoo as a small mammal keeper, at numerous animal rescues doing only god knows what. Right now i'm volunteering and I work with a no-kill rescue as their head of cat operations manager.

In my journal, you'll find a lot of pictures of animals, information about pets / animal rescue / etc. and a lot of bitching about ignorant, ignorant people.

If you love animals or are in the animal industry in some way, chances are we'll get along great. I do post more personal stuff to my journal on occasion but it's mostly cats and dogs because face it, that's all I ever think about.

Please no: Cat /  Dog breeders (or those who believe in /associate with such a business), hunters / fishermen, over enthusiastic carnivores (read: meat eaters that will insist on arguing with me about my NOT eating meat), and anyone profoundly religious or conservative. Chances are we will butt heads at some point.

If you're interested, feel free to add me to FB as well. Here is my face so that you know i'm not actually a 46 year old Albanian man:

Click thisCollapse )

Here's a glimpse of my life, documented in pictures, that you'll see if you choose to add me:

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I suppose that is it for now. Thanks guys<3 

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Давайте вместе размышлять, спорить, убеждать друг друга, делиться горестями и радостями.
Не забываем поздравлять с праздниками тех, кто имеет к ним отношение. Приятно получить поздравление во время!
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Hello friends.
My name is Ashley. I recently moved to Arkansas from Louisiana. Everything is still new here. I will be 23 this month. I have two dogs i love dearly. I have a very active interesting life as i make friends with anyone and everyone so i have lots of silly experiences to talk about. I recently went on a cross country trip with a friend. We had no plan and we just took off. times have been hard since i've got back but they seem to be more stable now. I live with my boyfriend. We live together but he started off as my room mate then moved to my boyfriend. We have officially been together for only a couple of weeks. I am not really a fan of relationships so you might hear me rant about relationships or my own relationship. Its very confusing even for me ;) I work in a head shop. hopefully ill find something better soon.

I write in my journal some what often. I like making friends with the people i add and often talk to my LJ friends on yahoo messenger. I comment when i have things to say. I dont expect anyone to comment on everything i post either. I enjoy posting pictures of myself. I write about my problems a lot because i dont really talk to people outside of the internet about my feels. i value advice and opinions but please beware im really bad at following advice so don't take it personally.

Now... my journal is 18+ you know why? becuase i write and post erotic stories. I'm a pretty sexual person and i like to write about my real experiences in story form. not all the stories i post are real. I write other things but this is what i enjoy to post in my journal from time to time. So please 18+ only.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! comment for an add :)

В споре рождается истина, не правда ли?
Оригинал взят у galinapskov в В споре рождается истина, не правда ли?
Привет, меня зовут Галина. Я живу в старинном русском городе Пскове. Интересуюсь туризмом,историей, политикой, краеведением, люблю общаться в Интернете, путешествовать, знакомиться с новыми людьми.
Добавьте меня в друзья (гарантирую взаимность!!!) и напишите в комментариях свои интересные мысли и мнения.

В споре рождается истина, не правда ли?

Давайте спорить в комментах, рассуждать, не бояться высказывать любую свою, пусть даже самую оригинальную и неожиданную точку зрения!

Hey there!
Hi everyone! I'm here again to try to find some new friends, since many of mine have left LJ already. I have been blogging in this site for almost 6 years now, but this journal is just almost one year old. After struggling with a lot of things, I decided to make a new journal last year and it has been good so far, so I'm not leaving anywhere. About me, I'm a 19 years old girl majoring in Psychology, and I'm about to finish my sophomore year. I post quite a lot about that. I also post about my family, my friends and my life in general and I ocasionally post pictures and talk about the things I like. I'm currently watching the series Hannibal, so if you like it, please add me! I'm just looking for people who are willing to read and who like to share their lives and anecdotes with others, we don't precisely need to have a lot in common. I want to get to know my friends, to give a word of advice, or to just let them know I'm there reading, so that's everything I'm asking. If you think we could be friends, just add me and tell me something about you :) Thank you all.

New Friends
Hey!! I'm Colette. I've been away from L/J for a long time, but I'm hoping to change that. A little about me, but I gotta warn you im horrible about describing myself. I'm 31 and currently living in Colorado Springs, originally from Michigan. I'm happily married (for the most part) and I have a 9 year old little girl. I am fairly shy at first, but once you get to know me I am fun-loving and talkative. I suffer from major depression, bipolar and anxiety and I'm slowly starting to overcome these and live a life I deserve. I love cooking, being outdoors, watching football (GO BENGALS), playing video games (Black Ops 2, Kingdom Hearts, Transformers, Kinect games, etc). I also love music (anything from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko to R&B to rap and oldies). I love to write especially poetry. Well I guess that's about it. I hope to get to know some of you.

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am 28 years old living in Oklahoma! I am married to the most awesome man! I have two children and several pets. My journal entries are written in free-flow as I love just getting out whatever comes to mind...and my mind is very random. I will write about my everyday life, health(not the greatest, as I suffer from anxiety), and sometimes short stories.

Favorite Movies: Fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, and I also like romance movies like Gone with the Wind and Sleepless in Seattle..oh and can't forget Legends of the Falls, cause Brad Pitt was mighty fine back then.

Favorite Tv Shows: Dr. Who, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek (all of them :) Trekie since age 8!), Master Chef, Hells Kitchen, and anything on the history channel.

Music: I love about anything but heavy metal..that crap gives me a headache.

Other Facts: Green/black are my fave colors, I love to eat, I have a very terrible coffee addiction, love chocolate, is a christian, green belt in Tae Kwon Do, hates hotdogs (a.k.a rotdawgs), I love thunderstorms and poetry and i am learning how to write with a calligraphy pen! I want a pet owl.

Dislikes: Cheaters, lies,and people that put other people down.

If you think we could get along, just add!

Looking For New Friends <3
Sora Gangsta
Hi! *waves hand*
I'm 23 and a female. I honestly am really bad at describing myself, and i'm really shy normally, but once you get to know me, i'm very talkative and fun to be around :D I'm currently a college student, majoring in Criminal Justice.
I'm a HUGE videogame nut. I'm addicted to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Borderlands games. I LOVE anime and manga, and i haven been known to zone out and write fanfics and make fanmixes. I also love cars, as well as Star Wars and Power Rangers. (Mostly the Mighty Moprhin'-Turbo era)
I love KDramas-once i start one, i get so into them, and so attached to the characters.
I love cartoons: mostly Pokemon, Adventure Time, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Gumball, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and as well as a ton of anime ranging from High School Of The Dead to Shugo Chara. As for 'actual' shows, i love Supernatural, Misfits, Skins, Q.I., Top Gear, and Sons of Anarchy.
I have a addiction for Gloomy Bears-i adore them :D and i collect action figures, pokeplush, as well as Monster High and Ever After High Dolls. *blush*
Music is amazing, i listen to almost everything; you can shuffle my ipod and it goes from pop rock to metal to Kpop and Jpop to game music, to dance and dubstep. I've always been into music and love finding new artists to listen to.
My journal is mostly rants and thoughts about what goes on in normal day to day life, to rants about video games and obsessions. I love taking pictures, so i like posting them as well as making fanmixes of songs that just happen to go with however i've been feeling lately.
So if you have managed to read all this without getting bored silly  and want to be friends and are not a mad axe murderer of something, XD then please add me^^ <3

(no subject)
My name is Katie and I'm 33. I live in Pismo Beach, California and I've been on LJ off and on for a few years I'm fluent in sarcasm. I write about my job which is going through lots of changes, my new nephew, my health, and sometimes my mental health. I've been going back to school for the past few months for web design. I post a lot about my dreams sometimes. I sometimes do post pictures.

TV Shows: Chicago Fire, Under the Dome, LOST, Dawson's Creek, Boardwalk Empire, The SImpsons, Bob's Burgers, IT Crowd, The Office UK, Father Ted, Fawlty Towers,

Music: Jamie Cullum, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears (old school), N Sync, BSB, NKOTB, oldies, classic rock, disco

Books: Cormac McCarthy and I'm terribly addicted to Young Adult novels

Besides the above, I love graphic design & web design, sewing, creating my own greeting cards, crafts, thrifting, books, rain, beach walks, mix tapes, concerts, travel, dream decoding, writing, reading, coloring, creative journalling. 

(no subject)

Hello everyone. I promised myself that this year I was going to dedicate myself to my journals, meaning my personal pen and paper journals and this one as well. So far I have totally sucked at keeping up with either one but again I am attempting to change that.
I am a 26 year old gay male trying to figure out who he is. I have spent most of my adult life so far dealing with substance abuse, and now that I am 2 years clean I am trying to find out who the heck I am, and that's what I will be using this journal to do. On top of that you will see me complain about my crippling anxiety, rant about my favorite TV shows (especially Teen Wolf) I will bitch and gush about my boyfriend and complain about self-esteem. I started drinking heavily at 17 and believe that at that point I temporarily stopped my development.. Over the past two years I have been attempting to make up for the time lost, and you will see a lot of that in this journal.

Things to know about me
. I am gay .
. I am a movie buff .
. I am a television addict .
. I suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem .
. I am terribly addicted to MTV's Teen Wolf .
. I've been forever addicted to Buffy The Vampire Slayer .
. I love Courtney Love .

here are a few pics of meCollapse )

(no subject)
Hey! I joined yesterday, and I would love to make some friends over here.

I'm not gonna post my real name but you can call me Conchi

I love to draw and make stories, so logical combination would be comics XD So yes, I love comics, and I like drawing them!!

I also love music, especially more from the heavier side, metal, heavy metal, rock... You name it! But I listen to other music aswell, happy, sad, angry, fast, slow... XD I also sing along alot, but only when alone. I sing very badly, but I like doing it anyway XD
I also occassionally enjoy spending my time with video games and mindless browsing in internet, lol;;;

Oh, and I find animals fascinating, there are so many kind... Birds, frogs and goats have special place in my heart! Dragons would too if they existed... ( '<') ~♥

Ummm anyway! Add me or contact me or whatever if you wish to talk to me, I don't have any problems with anyone's orientation, religion, race, health/mental problems, interests, hobbies... I just want to be nice and respectful to each other!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day <3

I'm a female....
You can be whatever sex you were cursed with at birth or had a doctor change you to....
I'm good with whatever it is as long as you know who you are what does it matter...
I'm more keen on adults than I am minors..... When it comes to pretty much anything,  but journaling for sure lol...

I'm 28
I'm a Mom
I have a boyfriend... Not that I think people try to hook up here lol.

I live in Missouri...
I'm new here.  I have no friends,  not that I had any in Michigan really...
I lack the ability to trust in people alot of the times due to what people have done to me in the past.  Blasted people...

I'm a free spirit, open minded the glass is half full, but honestly I am gonna drink that thing why you argue with someone about weather it's half full or empty.... So Opportunist I am..  But more of an optimist really...

ummm I don't watch a lot of tv... However when I do... It's like the walking dead,  the big bang theory,  falling sky ,  i love boy meets world lol though i've seen them all at least 100 times.

so yeah add me message me :) idk  

(no subject)
girl ≡ winter time
I recently cleaned up my friends list so I'm looking to add a couple more people.

My name's Rachel but everyone calls me Rach, I'm 28 years old and from NSW, Australia. I'm a single mother to three (8, 6 and 2) and a furmama to three cats who are also like my children. I've been a stay at home mum for 8 years now and finally looking at doing a diploma of early childhood education and care that I'll hopefully be starting soon. You can check out my profile for some of my interests.

My journal entries are about my day-to-day life, being a single mother to three, dating, my weight loss journey, my furbabies, random thoughts, pictures, some fandom, rants, future plans and whatever comes to mind. If you think we'd get along and would like to be friends please comment and tell me about yourself. I'm kinda picky with who I add so having something in common will help and just don't add me if you have no intention of ever talking to me.

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(no subject)
Ally Cat Strick
How about some new F.R.I.E.N.D.S. :).

Age : 30
Location : Wisconsin
Occupation : Retail
Status : Single
Gender Female

What I write about
I write about my daily life in my journal. Sometimes I post Music videos that I like or songs that get stuck in my head during the time I am writing an entry. Sometimes I post Sims pictures. I might also post pictures of my life as well. That is on occasions. I don't do that every single day. Lately I have been writing about my love life in general which is none but kind of putting the pieces back together from being alone for years and have like guys but nothing as worked out type day. Those have been the past two entries.

Things I Like

  • Sims

  • Books - (List of books that I have read and are going to be reading )

  • I work a lot. I actually enjoy my job. Tho sometimes I will complain about it in my journal

  • Photography - Once it gets nicer outside I will start taking random pictures of birds, trees, plants ,flowers and sunsets.

  • Music - Early 80's Music , 90's Generation of music, Favorite band is Hanson, Least favorite music is Country, I am kind of starting to like it tho. The old school stuff. Also list a lot of music that I like as well. Go head and check it out. :).

  • TV -  Early 80's and 90's  Generation tv shows. I also like to watch Twisted. (Off the air right now so I can't watch it) Dance Mom's, Hoarders - ( Every time I watch that show it makes me want to clean more in my apartment. ), 19 Kids and Counting.

  • Love Disney movies  ( I don't have a favorite one. )

  • I also love Disney Channel Original Movies. As you can tell by my Icon.

  • Boy Meets World fan ( Excited for Girl Meets World ).

  • Disney Shows

  • Cleaning

Things I Dislike

  • Rude people

  • Judgmental people

I Have

  • Depression

  • Bi Polar

  • Anxiety

Feel free to add me if we have anything in common. Make sure to  comment below.  Happy Adding!

New friends? :)
marta - ophelia
Hi everyone, I'm Majo. I'm a 26 years old woman from Poland in search of new interesting friends here on LJ. I've been on LJ foreeeeever but I haven't used it much recently, and now that I want to start using this lovely outlet again, it would be super nice to have some more active users on my f-list. :)

I write about my everyday struggles; I'm a lesbian in a LTR (over 9 years already, woo!), a dentist (graduated 1.5 years ago) and a wannabe artist (my girlfriend and I draw a lot - you can check our art out on tumblr :)). I like some fandoms (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Assassin's Creed 2) but I never blog about them - that's what I use tumblr for, too. I post pictures sometimes and (very rarely) some surveys/memes, but usually it's just about me, my loved ones and my life.

I'm interested in art, lgbtq rights, Sweden (we're thinking of moving there in a year or so, if everything works out!), learning Italian, cooking, traveling, skiing and many, many other things. I love music (especially metal!) and computer games (Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood/Revelations... Basically everything that has to do with Ezio :P And Skyrim!!!).

There are times when I'm not as active as I'd like to be, sadly, but I hope you'll forgive me - we all have our real lives going on, after all. :) I usually comment when I have something valuable to say.

If you do want to add me as a friend, please comment here or on my Friends Only LJ post, please.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  

Let's be friends.
tv | a mother&#39;s love
Valichou: A Scorpio born. Bilingual. Bipolar Disorder since October 2006. Creative. Daydreamer. French-Canadian. Funny. Kind. Love meeting new friends from all around the world. Passionate fangirl of Jared Padalecki (Jensen Ackles too) and Supernatural. Previous Minion. Proud Moose-Kateer.

Music: AC/DC. Adele. Annie Villeneuve. B.A.P. Beecake. Bon Jovi. Bryan Adams. Céline Dion. Cher. Elton John. Exo. Howard Shore. James Horner. Jérôme Couture. Johnny Cash. John Lennon. John Williams. George Harrison. Kiss. Leona Lewis. Marc Dupré. Marie-Mai Bouchard. Maxime Landry. Michael Jackson. Phil Collins. Simple Plan. Shania Twain. The Beatles. The Bee Gees. The Who. U2.

Television: (Many more but I am going to name a few of them) Blue Bloods. Castle. Chicago Fire. Cold Case. Criminal Minds. CSI: Miami. ER. Hawaii Five-O. Gilmore Girls. Glee. Grimm. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Les Jeunes Loups. Lost. Murdoch Mysteries. Nash Bridges. Once Upon a Time. Rex: A Cop's Best Friend. Rizzoli and Isles. Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. Supernatural. Trauma. Without a Trace.

Policy: This is for friends only except from my graphics. There are fandom discussions and real life ramblings. I had a lot of accounts since 2004. Some of you might recognize me. You cannot judge me by my icons. You still do not know the real me. Please leave a comment here to be considered.

(no subject)
whatever peasant
I've been on LJ for years but my old journal was full of so much personal information, it got to the point where I wasn't comfortable sharing it with new people. So I've started fresh and am looking to expand my LJ friends.

I live in Maryland, am married and very happily childfree. I photograph, make art, write and travel for a living. All my work interests are also my fun interests. I like to wander...long and short road trips, flea markets and thrift stores, parks and trails and towns.

I'm also a big reader (urban fantasy more often than not, but I don't limit myself) and have some favorite tv shows but I'm almost always behind as I catch them on netflix and the like when I can.

What else...I'm vegan and I really like velociraptors, octopi and cows.

Friends? :D
Hello all!
I'm trying to liven up my livejournal with some new friends. I have been on Livejournal for -years- but the reason that this journal doesn't have many posts on it... well, I took a hiatus (after purging it and and older journal) and I now want to write more on my journal, but it's saddening if nobody reads it. So here I am!
My name is Jewel, and I'm a 26-year old artist living in Indiana. I'm very spiritually centered (otherkin and neo-pagan), and tend to ramble about anything and everything--things about my life, my art, my obsessions and my rants. I read my friends page daily and try to comment when I can. If you friend me, I'll friend you back and I'll try to keep up with you. I become a friend in every sense of the word.
I'm also a gamer. I love everything from RPGs to MOBAs, such as D&D and League of Legends. I also read voraciously, from fiction to science to philosophy to occultism. I enjoy anime occasionally. I am a music nerd, having played a lot of cello and piano in the past and I love everything from classical to jazz to dubstep to black metal..
I have an awesome cat named Loki, two budgies, a dog...
I'm betrothed to an awesome man who lives in Belgium..
Please let me know if you're interested in friendship. :)

Myself and my kitty...

Photo of me!Collapse )

Love and light,

Nice to meet you!
Hi everyone,

My name is Lesley, I'm 25 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I just joined LJ today, but I've been here before (when I was still in my teens). I'm looking for some friends I could get to know through their journals. I care a lot about people, so I'm usually very invested in a friendship. You've got a friend in me. :)

Some info about me:
* I'm a nurse, studying to become an English teacher. English is not my first language.
* I know it sounds really boring and lame at my age, but I LOVE embroidery and knitting!
* I don't have a lot of time to watch television. I 'watch' most of the shows in the background, because I can't sit still with my positive ADHD. :D
* I drive a lot around the entire area of the Netherlands, and I ALWAYS sing when I do!
* I just recently started accepting myself for not being perfect.
* I'm just looking for a place where I can really be myself and write down what I really think. At work and even at home, I act professional and considerate and now I just want a place where I can be me.
* I need to lose weight, but I can't work in any time (or courage) for sports...
* In general, I'm a very lighthearted person with a sense of (bad) humor.

If you haven't had enough yet, there is more info on my profile. I can't wait to hear from you!

Much love,


Flower fractal

I'm a 30 year old female looking for more friends.

I guess I should start off with some basic stuff. I listen to a lot of music. The bands I have been listening to the most though... hmmm.. I think it is better that I just show off my page for you guys to look at yourselves, cause I have a lot of bands at the moment that I like.

The genre of movies that I enjoy are horror and comedy. I could talk horror all day long.
Fun fact about me: Two hours before my birth my mother was watching The Thing for the first time.  So I guess you could say that horror is in my blood lol.

I suffer with depression and i'm usually having issues with my family cause of it.
I use my journal for rants and also to gab about the fandoms I like as well just everyday things.

The current fandoms I am into at the moment are:
Ghostbusters........ hush lol

Current shows that I am into
Being Human
Bates Motel

So if you guys wanna add me just go right ahead and I will add you back.

Hi people!
Hi, my name is Ashley and I am 27 years old and a Virgo, married with a 7 year old daughter and a 19 month old son. I am a very random writer...and tend to write in free-flow style. I just don't like to think about what I am writing because then I won't get my feelings out. I love music,reading,writing, cross-stitching,taekwondo,thunderstorms,green,talking,animals,....well this list could go on! Friend me if you want to know more!

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seo 2014
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1.bagi yang punya blog,untuk sering atau rutin update posting ,
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3.daftar web sobat ke bing,yahoo,atau google
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5.buat tampilan web sobat,ringan simple ,artikel bermanfaat,info lebih lanjut

Friends? (:
Camera - Main
I’m back to livejournal after a two year hiatus (when things were really wonky with the site).  I wish to primarily use my journal for working on my photos (and sharing them), but I will be writing ‘real’ entries as well. 

Me: I’m a 32 year old female, who lives in a world full of filters. I’m easygoing, love to laugh (especially at myself), and have no qualms about using ‘vulgar’ language, which in some societies means I’m not a lady *bow*.  (:  I don’t swear like a sailor though … just occasionally here or there. I know this bugs some people, so throwing it out there.

Things I love: Hikes, nature, hanging out, friends and family, scrapbooking, reading, photography (duh), writing, sleeping, architecture, ancient history, anything antique, video games, beaches, telling really bad jokes, and lots of other things I won’t bore ya with but these are my main (:

Shows I love: Bones, Vampire Diaries, Archer, Family Guy, Castle, Lost Girl, New Girl, Friends, Ancient Aliens, Most stuff on the History channel (just none of the reality shows), Grimm, Stargate Atlantis & SG-1, Almost Human, Foyle’s War, NCIS, L&O: Criminal Intent, Continuum…many more.

Things you’ll eventually find on my journal: Shenanigans, Photographs of random strangers (to you), Photographs of a billion +1 sunsets (maybe), Photographs of really ugly places (that are somehow beautiful), Photographs of a stapler (but at a cool angle), My mindless ramblings of the workplace, That one macro that’s cool (but oh-so-gross), My silly YouTube videos of songs I love that make you question my sanity (I have none), The $.02 on current events that no one asked for (but I’m still giving it), The out-of-the-blue Poll that makes you go “Huh?” (and maybe spit milk out through your nose).

Short version of that gibberish: Photos… every day amusements, frustrations and wtf moments…blurbs of my fiction writing … things I find funny (either memes, videos or stories)…occasional television or movie blubbering…and just whatever floats the boat. :D

If these sound even somewhat entertaining, add away. (X-posted to addme adult)

My name's Fawn (Fawndolyn for 'short'). I'm 32, living with my boyfriend in Rochester, NY (home of such things as Kodak film & George Eastman, the National Museum of Play, Susan B. Anthony, the Top-Free Seven, and the Garbage Plate).

I don't post every day, but I'm trying to post more (enticed myself to do such by getting a paid account, just the other day).

Things I tend to post about:
  • travels (just went to NYC, going to Toronto next month)
  • art (I draw, paint, and take photos, among other things)
  • music (chiefly Voltaire, Dionysos, Sisters of Murphy, and Bella Morte, three of which are friends - I also like Emilie Autumn, Tchaikovsky, The Mountain Goats, any Stephin Merritt project, The Pillows, Malice Mizer, Apocalyptica, Parov Stellar, old-timey music, Rasputina, Caravan Palace, and lots more)
  • comics (I have friends in the business, plus I try my hand at my own. Favourites are Transmetropolitan, Wet Moon, Fables, Fairest, Courtney Crumrin, Sandman, The Maxx, Saga, Y The Last Man, assorted webcomics, and more)
  • my personal projects (I draw, sew, make steampunk jewelry, attempt to draw comics, and try to write stuff, just to list a few)
  • work (I'm in student tech support at the community college, I make websites for artists, and sell handmade jewelry & buttons)
  • movies (though I tend to keep reviews on my Letterboxd account. Favs are Scott Pilgrim, The Dead Inside, Lo, Heavenly Creatures, An American Haunting, Weirdsville, Malice in Wonderland, and more)
  • books (again, reviews kept elsewhere, on my Goodreads account. Favourite authors include Warren Ellis, Kelly Thompson, Terry Pratchett, Ray Bradbury, Vladimir Nabokov, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, Laurie Notaro, and my top 3 books are Lord of the Flies, 1984, and Lolita)
  • hanging out with friends
  • adventures (I'm an urban explorer)
  • and on occasion, bitch-fest'ing.

Other things about me - I like veg'ing out in front of the tv with tea, I have depression (but I only mention it in passing, with the occasional afformentioned bitch-fest), I'm pro-choice, pro-equality, I toggle between atheism and agnostic, I'm fat and trying to lose weight, I like to dress in Lolita, Goth, and Steampunk, I secretly dread going out to socialize, but crave it and never regret it, I used to be a human guinea pig, I have had 3 best friends and 2 boyfriends die, have 3 prison pen-pals (as well as a number of other pen-pals around the world), I'm trying to learn French (can read it, can't pronounce for shit, though), I swear a lot, I love cartoons, I'm bisexual/pansexual, I love getting my hands dirty, I've never been arrested, and my work station at home is a disaster.

Really, the best way to find out of we're gonna rock a new friendship is to go forth and view my journal (it's hardly friends-only).

So... Wanna be super-special LiveJournal Friends(tm)?

(no subject)

My name is Ashley, but I mostly go by Ashie or other shorter variations of my first name. I'm 25 and I live in Southeastern Minnesota with my husband of almost three years and his parents (the living situation is a long, complicated story). I've got a connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome, so I've got a whole slew of medical issues that will inevitably come up at some point or another. Husband and I have a dog and some rodents, which we love to pieces, and there are two other dogs and a handful of cats in the household, all of which I love to pieces as well.

I love Halloween, it's something that I've always loved. I own a hearse (and my husband has one, too), but that's not directly related to our love for Halloween (though they do make some really amazing Halloween decorations, not going to lie!). I love to knit and crochet, I'm always making something for someone and am also currently trying to make a business out of it. I love to read, my favorite authors being Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, and Hunter S. Thompson. I also love the Harry Potter series and a handful of Terry Pratchett books. I like music, David Bowie being my number one favorite, but I love industrial (KMFDM, Tool, etc.), Metal (Pantera, Ministry, Rammstein, etc.), 60s (Pink Floyd, The Mama's and the Papa's, The Animals, Peter, Paul, and Mary, etc.) and a guilty pleasure being the BackStreet Boys. I like just about everything but pop and current country. I like Disney/Pixar movies, I don't think I'll ever grow out of those. I also like b-horror movies, you can't go wrong with Ramero or Raimi.

I'm trying to become more sex-positive, so there's a lot of talk about sexuality/sex in general, I usually put it under a cut with a warning so it's easily skipped over. I'm also trying to be a little more open with my feelings because I don't have anywhere to go with them besides my husband, and there are just some things that I feel that he gets sick of hearing/don't want to talk to him about/need an unbiased opinion about.

I'm a little spotty on posting my own entires, there are bouts of posting ever day/every other day, then there will be a couple of weeks/a month where I won't post much at all. However! I always read, and I almost always comment.

Anyways! Let's be friends?! Eh? Eh? Comment here or at my Friends Only post, please. That way I know where you found me/why your name is suddenly on my list.

Hi, hello!
Quote ❤ I Run With The Wookiees
Hi, I'm Kara, 30, married and from the US, although I identify myself more with the UK as my husband is English. I'm not new to LJ, but I have taken a long hiatus and I'm back with a completely new journal. I'm a huge fan of Coheed & Cambria and Tom Hiddleston. My journal is going to be my way of dealing with my life in the last 5+ years. It's been quite an interesting ride.

Like-minded friends?
Hey everyone!

I'm 27, a single mother of a five year old son.  I'm a Navy veteran, currently a student working on a Bachelor's in Finance.  I live in Colorado Springs, CO, although I'm originally from Kentucky.  I've done a lot of traveling, lived in Japan for six months, California for five years.  I'll get to Europe some day, I swear!

Things I like:
cats: I have one, a Turkish Van named Sammie.
rats: I have two boys named Jack and Bill.
music: Lana Del Rey, Childish Gambino, Lorde, classic rock, dream pop, oldies, lots!  Don't like metal or similar, but don't mind it.
writing: NaNoWriMo, anyone?  Working on a fantasy-adventure novel.
reading: A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter (I have 3 HP-related tattoos), Hunger Games, historical fiction, history, cookbooks
cooking/eating: Anything remotely Mediterranean, Cuban, Indian, vegetarian.  I love coconut anything and eating clean, healthy food.
coffee/tea: I drink it all day long!
cultures: I'm fascinated with the simple, daily lives of everyone else.  Especially if you live in another country!

I post about any and everything.  I'd really like to meet other single moms or anyone who is working on goals like losing weight, writing a book, etc.  I love setting goals for myself and encouraging others.

Important to note: I'm not into drugs and I recently stopped drinking alcohol due to a lot of issues it was causing in my life.  I don't mind if you do either, but if your journal is heavily drug or alcohol based, please don't add me.  Thank you.

LJ Friends
Heart In A Bottle
Need some more reading material ^_^

I am 32, Male, live in Minnesota. I work in IT as a system/network administrator. I usually post 2-3 times per week. I mostly post about day-to-day things, my love interests and struggles in that area, social anxiety, finances, my cat, vacations, and other important life events. I am a rock/metal fan so I sometimes post music I like too.
I tend to comment on entries I can relate to in some way, so if you have stuff in common with me I'll comment more.
Add me if that interests you and let me know so I can add you back :)

(no subject)
Benji Madden
Hi - My friends list is looking quiet these days and it's always great meeting new people.
My name is Cat.
I'll be 30 in June.
I moved back with my parents recently in New Jersey.
But they are happy because my divorce was finalized last week!
I have a 2 year old puggle named Otis, he is my world.
BUT I am expecting my first child in September.
So I will be posting pregnancy stuff and sonograms, lol.
A few favorite bands are Hanson, Good Charlotte, Mest, Locksley.
I have a somewhat healthy obsession am in love with Benji Madden.
Tv shows I enjoy are Dancing With the Stars, Crisis, Teen Mom 2, The Walking Dead, Dance Moms.
I love too many movies to list.
I like reading fan fiction.
I don't post a lot but I'd like to start.

Let's be friends
Kiss my tiara
I'm looking for some active friends to liven up my LJ.

I read my friend feed almost every day.

When life is less crazy I usually find something to post every day, or close to that.

Right now my own journal is a little quieter than normal. But I should be back to posting pretty frequently by May! (we are moving to a new house mid April)

I am not a serial commenter. I do comment, but not on every single post I see. If you are someone who wants comments on every single post you make, we won't be a good fit at all.

oh... I almost forgot.
My name is Christina. I'm married. 39 years young. Loving parent to a few fuzzy fur babies. I have one human sized kiddo, a son who just turned 21 this month. And we all live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Add me if you want. =)

(x-posted @ addme_30andover)

(no subject)
-Hi! My name is Chrissy!
-I try to post on LJ everyday
-I write about my everyday life, Broadway life, work...and just random stuf
-I'm 30
-I live in NYC
-I love animals and have a dog named Breezy who is 4
-I love to read any types of books
-I'm a Starbucks barista
-My best friends mean the world to me
-I love music but my most favorites are Ed Sheeran, Beatles, Katy Perry, BTR, Hanson, etc....
-I am a figure skating and training for competition in June
-I love movies but my most favorites are Grease, Aladdin, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Remember Me
-Please comment here if you friend me. I always give comments back for anyone who comments on my entries :)

(no subject)
Hey there! My friends page has been getting kind of quiet as of late, so I thought I'd venture out for more.
I'm 29 years old, and from Michigan. I'm a Marketing major at my community college, and a part time retail-slave. I've had this journal for the better part of 3 years (though I've been an avid lj user for the past 12 years).

I write about the goings on in my life. My Dad has early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. He's in the final stage. It comes up alot in the journal. I also write about my education, my relationship (which is actually my first serious one), baseball (HUUUUUUUGE Detroit Tigers fan), and all the fun stuff going on. I also have depression, and anxiety and that comes up sometimes as well. Despite all the sad things going on in my life, I have some great things going on and I make sure that comes across in my journal.

I'm looking for people I can form a friendship with, I've met a few people in person that I originally met on here. I don't expect any potential friend to comment on every entry, but once every few entries would be nice. I'll do the same. I don't care about gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. I ask that you be over 21 years of age, and probably no older than 35 (just because I'd like to be able to somewhat relate in terms of life experience with a person).

I love shopping, going to the beach, reading, listening to music, going to concerts, coffee, watching movies, shoes, candles, camping, traveling, the Detroit Tigers, the Chicago Cubs, watching my boyfriend fish (lol), target shooting, politics (okay, I have a love/hate relationship with that particular thing - I'm a Moderate Independent generally, though I've voted straight Democrat the last couple elections). I'm a Christian, baptized in the Episcopal church. I respect all sorts of religions and viewpoints though.

Sorry that this is all jumbled. lol I don't do these too often. Anyway, I'd love to be friends. Let me know if you've added me on this post, or my friends-only post. There's a 99% chance I'll add you back. So nice to meet you! :-) (yes that is me in the userpic)

Hi everyone!
I just started up this LJ account, just looking for a place to write and connect with others.
I'm 26, a college grad, majored in psych. Recently married, moved and got a dog.
I like talking about all sorts of things, usually post about daily life. I think a lot, when something interesting comes to mind, sometimes I'll write and put actual thought and structure into my writing... though that doesn't happen often!
I really enjoy being outdoors, walking the dog (Shaggy), I like writing, I watch too much TV (netflix). I like to play the occasional video game, currently hooked on minecraft with the hubby. I like cooking and baking, painting, admiring artwork and watching inspiring videos online.
Add me if you'd like! :)

Hello there!

My name is Angie, and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 40 years old, and I work as a library assistant at a college in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. I live with four very zany pets, three cats and a dog. For fun, I'm pretty boring, I like to read, write (mostly fan fic with some original stuff thrown in), crochet, bake cookies, postcross, and I'm teaching myself to both sew and handquilt.

My journal consists of just about everything going through my head, both real life and fandom. Some things I talk often about are: what I'm reading, what I'm writing, Nanowrimo, Once Upon a Time, Due South, The Nanny, my pets, my job, my health, the cookies I'm making, and my family. I talk about pretty much everything else, too.

My presence in LJ land varies. Sometimes I'm here constantly and post at least twice a day, and other times I post once a week or less. It depends on real life and my moods, really. My entries are usually short and concise with an occasional long, rambly one mixed in. I believe in the no pressure/no strings type of friendship, which means I'll answer your entries when I have something to say even though I always read them and you can reply as often or as little as you like to mine, and I will never get mad or cut you.

If you think I sound like a good match, drop me a line. I never turn anyone away. :)

『Ohno』 ☞ Stare
I'm deciding to come back to lj cause I miss it dearly!

-Well for starters I'm Kristy!
-I will be posting regularly on my lj
-Mostly about my life or things I'm currently enjoying as well (tv shows etc) :D
-I have a boyfriend who I adore (2yrs as of feb)
-I'm 22 (23 in july)
-Zodiac sign is Cancer
-Living in Cali
-Animal lover and Cat lady (I have 2 cats, I know, I know. I need more)
-I watch anime and read manga
-I play video games, a lot o-o (Diablo III anyone? :D) or ps3 ppl? :3 I would say xbox but it died ;__;
-College student (Majoring in computer science)
-Im genuinely a very kind person but very quiet (my downfall)
-I listen to anything (music) right now, at the moment I've been mostly listening to Opera and Video game soundtracks as well.
Not sure what to else to add... hahaha ^//^
I've recently been in the slumps dealing with horrible friends/family and one person who I thought was my best friend but constantly treats me like crap, always puts me down and enjoys letting me know how sad I am for not being social and outgoing like everyone else.
As of right now i'm trying to push the negative people out of my life and slowly meet/make new friends.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :D

(no subject)
Hello all!

I'm Rachel, or Wizard if you prefer. I'm 24 and live in Massachusetts (a proud Masshole, born and raised). I'm currently in grad school working on my Masters in Public Health. I also work as a waitress in a tavern and volunteer once a week at the local no-kill animal shelter, caring for the dogs. I live with my parents and my dog, which is actually a pretty great situation since my parents are awesome (and so is my dog, obviously).

I love: animals, especially penguins and dogs; everything to do with books (reading them, buying them, hoarding them, smelling them, etc...); music and going to concerts- mostly bluegrass/jam bands; skiing; and hiking/backpacking. I'm tentatively planning a thru-hike attempt of the PCT in 2015... also trying to get into shape for this thru-hike attempt which is hilarious because I am incredibly lazy.

I do not expect you to comment on my entries. I only comment when I have something to say, though I do read everything that comes through my friends list. I do not use trigger warnings or cuts, but also rarely post anything nowadays that might be deserving of one. I am not super into reading about fandom or politics (the occasional post is OK though), and I'm _definitely_ not interested in your latest anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory about how Big Pharma is conspiring with Monsanto to put mercury in their GMO wheat to poison us so we won't believe the truth about chemtrails!!! or whatever... Other than that I'm pretty chill about who I am friends with.

Anyway I'm currently procrastinating hardcore on a paper, so I should probably get back to that... comment if you'd like to be friends! :)

Looking for friends

My F-list feels a bit lonely, so I'm looking for friendly faces to add.

Michaela. 22. Slovakia. Gryffindor

I'm studying English language and Literature with Fine Arts, but I'm planning to drop the latter after this year, while working part-time at the Andrej Bagar's Theatre, in the cloakroom.

I'm asexual, socially awkward, anxious, silly, sometimes rude, loud and so painfully oblivious. Also I smoke, not often, just when I feel self-destructive.

I have no idea what I'm going to do once I finish school and silly as it is, I don't really mind or care for the time being.

My journal will be pretty much day to day life and I'm looking for the same in my friends' journals.

Hobbies: reading, needlework, tumblr, tv shows
Music: OneRepublic, Emilie Autumn, Of Monsters and Men, Passenger, This Will Destroy You, God Is An Astronaut, Florence + The Machine, Marilyn Manson, Hugh Laurie, Hurts, Imagine Dragons
Movies: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Phantom of the Opera, Sid and Nancy, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Tim Burton
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), The Big Bang Theory, The Addams Family, The Simpsons, Hannibal
Books: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Jane Austen, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, Moby Dick (I kid you not!), The Catcher in the Rye, E. A. Poe, Alice in Wonderland

Also I'm a huge Welcome to Night Vale fan, just so you know.

This is meCollapse )

Looking for a non-cult kinda way >_>
Heyo all!

I'm Ferretsaurus! I'm a male working in the entertainment industry (not the side that involves tassels or man-kinis) who is looking for friends who are interested in reading my journal and sharing theirs.

I'm generally going to stay a little vague and anonymous as to my personal details because I want my journal to be free of any restraints, this way I can post information about my life that I don't feel comfortable sharing with people I know. My journal is fairly new (give it a little time) but my goal will be to share my innermost thoughts (these can and will contain adult material from time to time), concerns with my life, things I find fun and entertaining and a adorable pictures.

I'm looking for people who not only are interested in reading what I have to say, but who might challenge my thoughts on occasion or who are looking for someone to read their journals and give advice or to just chat in general.

I'm not great at socializing in person so this is a bit of an outlet for me. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. :)

(no subject)
I am: 31, an undergrad student, no kids, no live-in partner, no grown-up job. Also, queer, genderfree & trans, polyamorous, fat & proud, honest, open, a nudist, a social justice activist, a tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), an eclectic pagan Quaker, and an art catalyst. I try to write 4+ times a week and I'd love to have more friends who do the same.

Please add me if your journal centers around:
creation, growth, and learning &
emotional explorations of your experiences.

Please don't add me if:
you do not care about oppression &/or
you think that self-expression is more important than compassion (especially with regards to language!)

tuukka chibi
*Twenty-something girl.
*Live in the NorthEastern US.
*College graduate.
*Work part time as an art teacher, searching for a full time job.

Active Fandoms:
*NHL -favs are Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks
*ShadowHunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare
*Person of Interest

Less Active Fandoms:
*Doctor Who
*Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
*Anne Bishop book series

Other Interests:
*fanfic -especially slash, including real person slash -I both read and write, though do not post fics to my main lj
*kinks -bdsm, tentacles, etc.
*Asian culture
*fantasy/sci-fi/comic books

What I post:
*Venting/ rants
*Life updates

Add me?
*Be 18+
*Be comfortable with all above
*No hate
*Leave me a comment here or on my lj

Thanks for your consideration! ^_~

(no subject)
Hello! FYI: I suck at these things, but here we go...

My name is Ashley and I'm 26 years old (me in my user icon) I live in Florida, which I've lived the majority of my life. I was born in Illinois, but I only lived there until I was in 3rd grade and then again one year for freshmen year of high school. Other than that, I have been in Florida.

I live with my boyfriend of six years and we have an orange seven month old kitten and a four year old shihtzu. My cat and my dog are my world, so I sometimes post a lot of pictures of them. I also do a lot of picture posts on my journal.

I love books, so I read a lot. I don't really have any friends in my area, because I moved around a lot. So as lame as it sounds, books always help. My older sister lives next door to me, so it's nice that I have at least someone other than my boyfriend and my pets to hangout with. I'm pretty sure that reading and my job have messed up my eyes. I need to get glasses for sure, lol.

I love music and I go to a lot of concerts. I like a lot of different types of music, but my favorite ones and the ones I listen to the most are Pop Punk and Post-Hardcore. Some of my favorite concerts have been: the Story So Far, fun., Taking Back Sunday, the Summer Set, and Asking Alexandria. I've seen a lot of bands though. Including the Beach Boys twice!

I watch a lot of TV, so I have a lot of TV shows I love. The list could be endless, but my top five right now are: Doctor Who, the Following, Hannibal, Bates Motel, and Once Upon A Time; top six if you count Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

Random likes:
+ bath & body works
+ shoes; toms preferably
+ the beach, which I don't go nearly enough
+ disney
+ taking pictures of the sun
+ pinterest
+ slim jim's
+ nail polish
+ tattoos; I have six

I can't really think of many things I dislike, but if I don't like something I tend to have a strong hate toward it. One thing I really hate is when someone is talking to me when they can clearly see I am doing something. It angers me to no end.

Anyway! I've had LJ for ten years, but the past couple years I haven't been as active as I used to. I decided that this year I wanted to get back into being on here more. I love all the friends I've met in the past and have become close even outside of LJ, so I'm hoping to find new friends too.

Not new just looking for new faces :)
So first things first, not new to Livejournal but been on a hiatus for a while and looking to refresh my friends page so to speak and meet some new people as well as catch up with some old LJ friends. If you like what you read below (reposted from the last time I went a friend hunting lol) feel free to check out my journal and add me, ill be sure to add you back :)

My name’s Drew, I'm 30 and a primary teacher. I mainly use my livejournal to make friends and post anything interesting that happens (or doesnt as the case may be!) in my life. Im a bit random really but hopefuly a bit entertaining in my randomness. My main loves are reading and writing, my biggest ambition being to write a good novel. I will occasionally post extracts of things ive written on here if they're any good which isnt often! My interests are varied and many!

TV (Im basically a huge fantasy/ scifi nerd so love anything from those genres)– Supernatural, Buffy, The Vampire Diaries,The Originals (i'm not a vampire fanboy, honest lol), Once upon a time, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Veronica Mars, Continuum, Lost Girl, How I met your mother, Doctor Who, The Witches of East End, Warehouse 13, Haven, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek (All incarnations except Enterprise), Stargate SG-1/ Atlantis/ Universe, Sleepy Hollow and American Horror Story, Kamen Rider (Japanese not american versions), South PArk, American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Waterloo Road, Spooks,

Books – Anything by Stephen King, Mostly sci-Fi / Fantasy books, Harry Potter, Gone series, Hero, Wicked

Films – Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, Resident Evil, The Ring (japanese version), Battle Royale, Marvel Films (Thor/Captain America, The Avengers etc), X-Men movies,

Games (Im a huge RPG fan or atleast old school JRPG's) - Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Bioshock, Dead Space, Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, Grandia, The Legend of Zelda,

Music – Feeder, Muse, The Feeling, Evanescence, Blur, Fat Boy Slim, Oasis, Texas, Distant Worlds, The Black Mages,

Hobbies - Reading, Writing, cooking (somehting new i have gotten into), watching TV, playing games, going the cinema etc

Feel free to check out this post on my journal for a more detailed version of what you see above

little terror

my name is aly. I'm 28, recently married but in a LDR with my husband. I live in northern BC and enjoy exploring the woods up here and looking at rocks and old abandoned buildings. I love road trips, Canadian history, and urban exploration and am trying to spend more time on those interests. I also have read almost every Stephen King book and tend to like speculative fiction, but I enjoy reading pretty much anything and am trying to expand my bookshelf.

my love life (and general life) has been rather pathetic for the majority of my journal, so if you fancy reading old entries you might be entertained. right now, things are relatively stable and my husband is awesome.
I go through periods of hating my job and deciding to do another degree, then taking one online course and bombing in a spectacular fashion.
I also have terrible fashion sense and am trying to move forward from a past spent cutting my own hair and shopping for clothes in the "not so dirty" pile of wrinkled, stained sweatpants on my bedroom floor.

I am also making an effort to update more. I update probably twice a month, now, but hopefully will do more soon as life begins to get more interesting. I do comment kind of a lot!

I have a crazy family, a bunch of weird pets (cats, hamsters, a tortoise) and live in a quirky place. Even when life is depressing, I usually try and find a way to make it hilarious. I realize I am not exactly selling myself here but what you see is what you get. I am basically looking for friends who kind of have similar interests, put some effort into what they post (ie. they try to make it interesting for readers and not just endless verbal diarrhea) and have a vague grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Here is a list of things some of my LJ friends have in common with me:

- body modification -- tattoos, piercings, ear stretching, scarification, etc
- feminism
- amazing sense of humour
- open relationships, poly or unconventional relationship setups (I'm in a monogamous relationship, but had open relationships in the past and can relate to people who are in them)
- queer, gay, bi, trans, genderqueer, gender fluid, or questioning, or allies
- healthy sex lives and some openness in writing about it
- irony
- swearing!
- appreciation for reading, learning, poetry, writing, art or academia
- having experiments with delicious food
- cool hair
- enjoys lolcats and internet memes
- dorking out over Stephen King
- (both for the misc and the actual bodybuilding)

probably if you share one or some or all of these interests/life aspects then we will probably get along!

I don't really watch tv or find tv very interesting to read about. Same with anime and sports and partying/drugs. And most fandoms. Not that I won't add you if you like those things; just keep in mind we might not have too much in common if the bulk of your entries are about those things.

I feel like I should say here that I have a few lj friends who I do feel have become 'real' friends in the sense that I do actually care about them and also have added them on Facebook. it takes time. I know not everyone is interested in that or wants that -- and primarily, my reason for reading and writing on LJ is entertainment... so I am pretty cool with *just* that and don't expect that everyone is going to be my internet soulmate. I do respect (and expect) that people have lives outside of the internet. I like comments but don't need comments on every single post. also, I won't get offended if you add me and then decide it's not worth your while.

So that's pretty much it. I feel like any ending to this plea for friendship is just going to make the whole thing even more exceedingly awkward so... add me I guess? bye forever.

Wanted: Business People
Hey there everyone! I'm looking to add business people, particularly Australian but anyone really, to my friend's list. Big or small businesses, or even people who are thinking about starting one.

(no subject)
I was thinking to myself what a movie about my life would be life if they made one...........

The movie would start out with me revving up my motorcycle, which would have a couple of bear skulls attached to it, and spiked wheels. Then all you hear is a lone flute playing out of nowhere, pumping up the audience and making everyone in the theater pump their fists in the air. Then I crash through the front window of a nursery, and just start riding around crushing babies under my wheels as Marduk starts blasting. Suddenly, the flute stops. And one of the babies wants to challenge me to a duel. And this isn't any ordinary baby, this one has roid rage, veins popping out of it's neck and a huge bass guitar.

I stroke my ZZ Top-esque beard, adjust my shades, and introduce myself by my real name: Beefmaster Flex. He says "woah that is sweet!!!!!!!!", and he gets really scared at the same time, knocking back a bottle of Tequila and snorting a line of Ajax. I get really pissed, so I ride my motorcycle to a Jenny Craig meeting, start taking names and kicking ass, beating down fat housewives left and right and eating their food. And who shows up?!? None other than Kirsty Alley, who's demanding answers.

"Shaun, why? Just because you have massive balls doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!!!!"
I reply "Yarrrrrrrrrrrr, fuck you" as I knock her in the face with my stein of beer. And this guy appears out of a beer keg tearing shit up and beating his chest like a baboon:

I say, "
Snarf, dude, Kirstey Ally blows", and he revs up his motorcycle and pops a wheelie on the front of her head.

Then I feel sorta bad and I hold her as she's crying. You see our eyes get all hot and heavy. Another victim to my Viking charms.
She reaches to kiss me..........
And then I rake my teeth across her face, with the sound of nails on a chalkboard coming from her maw.

Then, I take my best friend, Xardion, out clubbing like he loves to do so much.

But the bouncer was being a total dick, telling him "we can't allow 40 foot robot defenders of the universe in". Xardion starts to pee on himself he's crying so hard. All he wants is to have a couple of shots, dance with hot babes and put a couple of their numbers in his data bank so he can show off his "Black Hole" weapon which always gets them plenty hot. And they notice his plight. So they drank his pee pee and started flying around the club, tossing shit at the security guards until they let Xardion in. He starts dancing to some Lil' Kim and getting down with the ladies, talking about the multiple endings to Chrono Trigger, which made them impressed on just how smart he was about what really matters in life.

New to LJ....
....but not to blogging or journaling. I recently learned that my account on was deleted....years of entries...memories, thoughts, secrets, feelings....just gone due to the site being taken down. I had met some pretty interesting people on that site and followed their diaries pretty closely....shared in their wins, losses, successes, failures, tragedies....their ups and downs...sometimes just reading about the mundane things in others lives helped me understand and deal with the day-to-day grind of my own....but enough of that. A little more about me:

I've spent the first half of my life in New York (born and raised) and the last half in central Virginia (Richmond to be exact). I never could have imagined learning to love this sleepy and charming city but amazingly, I've come to not only embrace this place, but also consider it home. With that said, I've been contemplating taking the next step and looking for opportunities outisde the capital city. My closest friends have moved on over the past year or two, coupled with an expiring lease agreement and an unfortunate job loss (unfair, it should be noted, as deemed by the employment commission) All of these factors have combined to create the perfect storm if you will, for a fresh start somewhere else. it doesn't have to be far, but you just "know" when the time is right to move on.

To sum up the past two years or so:

Worked at a job that I liked, with people that I detested. I may currently be broke and bored as hell, but I am infinitely happier not being in that place, surrounded by THOSE awful people.

I met a wonderful young man who, several months into our relationship, revealed to me that he was in fact, a transgendered and identified as a woman....and in case you're wondering, yes, we're still together.

Have suffered from a deep depression which I have attempted to address utilizing a combination of talk and pharmacological therapy. if I'm being honest, I think the meds are a crock of shit and don't really work. they might help some people, but they didn't do a lot for least not enough to warrant shelling out hundreds of dollars a year for in co-payments. My therapist seemed like a nice enough woman, a lesbian, roughly my age....but I paid her to basically hear myself talk for 45 minutes a week. She would nod her head and agree with what I was saying most of the time. I concluded that there were far better ways to spend $160 bucks a month.

What do I like to do in my spare time? I spend time with my four dogs (a 9 year old, mixed breed shelter rescue, a 6 month old German Shepherd, a year old Coonhound and a baby Chihuahua. In case you haven't figured it out, I love dogs. I love all animals really. I'm like a kid when I'm at the zoo or in the rare event I encounter wildlife in my travels....if it's furry and four-legged, chances are I'll be smitten. I spend lots of time online, reading mostly..I'm a news junkie. International, domestic, regional, local....I participate in some forums, online communities...having to do with the latest tech toys (I'm a gadget geek) or pets....I'm addicted to a few television series, namely American Horror Story, Law and Order SVU, American Idol/The Voice, Glee, Chelsea Handler, DeGrassi, Orange is the New Black, The Killing (canceled), QAF (long since over), to name a few.

I'm a pet parent, an uncle, a brother, a boyfriend and a son. I'm a hockey fan, a craft beer drinker, a foodie and a karaoke junkie. I love house parties, eating out, watching movies, blogging and spending time with my odd and eclectic but otherwise wonderful collection of friends and acquaintances. I'm a very simple, not overly complex individual who is at times cranky, outspoken to a fault and easily irriated but also loving, kind, compassionate, loyal and funny. I wear my emotions on my sleeve but at the end of the day, I'll give you that same shirt off my back.

Welcome, LiveJournalers. It's a pleasure to meet you!

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My name is Kevin. I'm 23 years old and will be 24 in a week. Currently living in North Carolina, but originally from Massachusetts, which I hope to return to soon. I'm engaged to the love of my life, Erin (engravers). We're getting married in two weeks. We have a wonderful cat named Apollo. I'm a former member of the US Navy and now I'm in school to be a paralegal.

I'm brand new to Livejournal. I don't have a lot of friends in real life so that's why I decided to join. I'm a huge TV watcher. Doctor Who fanatic, as well as anything WWE, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, The Blacklist, Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, True Detective, House of Lies, The Walking Dead, Rake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Glee, The Crazy Ones, Men at Work, Episodes, Archer, The Wire, Almost Human, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Raising Hope, Torchwood, Wilfred, Being Human, Battlestar Galactica, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The League, Ground Floor, and Hell on Wheels, to name a few.

A few of my other interests include watching sports, especially basketball and football, cooking, reading (currently reading the Hunger Games series), video games, watching movies, music, broadway musicals (I've seen many), the usual.

I'm not really picky when it comes to adding people, just trying to find nice people to talk to really!

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My name is Ashley.

I'm 27 years old and I live in Reno, Nevada with my roommate. I am a Registered Nurse on a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, so I write about that sometimes (don't add if you have a weak stomach!). I have a boyfriend that I've been with for about 8 months now. He was my high school crush that never paid attention to me. 10 years later, we are a happy couple =).  I write about him A LOT! I'm close to my family and I have two puppies who are my life.

I write about my day to day life. I comment, but not on every single of my friend's entries. If you think we will be a good match, add me!

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