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May. 4th, 2015


Why can't we be friends, why cant we be friends?

Hey future LJ friends of mine ;)

I just came back to LJ after a year of being too busy to have any time for myself, but i've decided I need to make time.
So here goes:

Im Human. (In case there was any confusion there)
I'm a 26 yr old girl, Who lives in a shitty small town in Canada.
I like long walks on the beach...jk

I'm a gamer, Ive been mostly into PC gaming lately, but Xbox 360 will always be my baby ♥
Anime lover
Extreme Zombie enthusiest (read some entries, you'll understand)
Writer : Poetry, stories, journal entries
Hopeless Romantic
Sex Addict ( The kind that doesn't want to seek help for the sickness ;p )
Bong babe
Addicted to body mods
Poptart lover

Honestly i'm pretty damn weird, but if you think you can handle then dare to hit that add button, and i'd probably love to do the same. I need lots of entertaining people to help me not leave this site again! :)

Also, here is a recent picture of my face :

May. 3rd, 2015



Book lovers

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )

I am not a book lover yet (⌣_⌣”), but I want to be (*^▽^*). So I want to meet a book lover, in order to read books and discuss books together either through messages or posts on LJ.

So then, introducing myself:

Name: Sara

Age: 22 (I will turn 23 (⌣_⌣”) in 3 weeks)

Sex: Female

Nationality: Egyptian

Religion: Muslim

I have been on and off LJ, most of my LJ posts are about answering the "Question of the day", I also post about how I want to lose weight and change myself to be a better person (but they are private posts), some of them were when I was in college, and few about books. Nowadays, I don't write much about myself. Because I work from home and don't meet people much and interact with them, so there isn't any funny situations to write about. I will try to find interesting things to write about. I don't write any posts related to politics or religion. I wrote two posts about the books that I read while I was in college and books that I read on my own, most of them are literary books. About the books that I prefer reading, I want to start with books that I can download from Gutenberg. If you want to add me (* >ω<) as your friend, please send me a small introduction about yourself in a message. I only ask for two things, be respectable and mature. Thank you so much for reading my post(≧▽≦)

May. 1st, 2015

Takeru as L &lt;3


New account, new start

I used to be sweetoxic, but I decided I need a new start. So, with a new account... I also need new or more friends. :3 I'll try to be as descriptive as possible here. ^^

So, my name is Kimi. I was born October 3rd 1988, and I also have mild to moderate autism as well as ADHD, severe anxiety and all sorts of other stuff. I am actually a very strong, upbeat person though. I love to be loud, and I do tend to swear a lot when I'm excited, fangirling, or angry. I am a huge child at heart, and I enjoy being a kid far more than I do with being an adult. I am a coke (soda) lover too, and I refuse to drink anything from pepsi. I love cats more than any other animal in the world.

My passion is visual kei. I live for visual kei. I BREATHE visual kei. It keeps me calm and helps my anxiety. It is my biggest obsession. I talk about it nearly all of the damn time. My hero is also Takeru from SuG for a variety of reasons as well. I also love visual kei vocalists as well. I could seriously go on forever about visual kei.

I also love Disney Junior. My favorite show is Sofia the First. I love this show so much because it's cute. lol don't judge me though. Oh, I am also pro-vaccine, pro-disability rights and anti-cure. I am not religous since I don't really have a religion or anything either. I just believe in god the way I want to believe in him to be honest. I am also very passionate about people with disabilities and mental health issues. I consider myself somewhat of a self-advocate as well.

Another thing is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing pokemon. I play it almost 24/7 if I could. I don't care much for the anime though. Oh, and I love Tom Hiddleston. I am a huge Loki fangirl too. He's the only non-Japanese person I have a huge crush on as well. I just adore him because he's simply gorgeous.

Hm. Um... what else? Well, my LJ is friends only, but I'll add anyone though. Just remember that as I said above, I like to do a lot of cursing at times. I will add anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, disability... whatever. It doesn't really matter to me at all. The only thing I ask is that you understand that I'm more more of a writer though, not a reader. I can't respond to everyone's LJs because it's very hard for me.

If you want to know more, don't be afraid to ask me. ^______^

Apr. 30th, 2015




Hi! I'm Adrian, 25, back to posting regularly on LJ about whatever obsession I have at the time.
I love sci-fi and fantasy, anime, video gaming from the 90s, writing, films in a similar genre, and playing piano and guitar.
I'm also genderqueer so there will be a few LGBT-related topics on my blog.
I also love Kirby a lot and occasionally make crazy posts with puns...usually about eggs.

Anyone not dead and want to be friends with me, feel free!

Apr. 29th, 2015

colors of the wind


(no subject)

I want more friends who write about stuff like:

  • an interaction they had with someone that made them realize something new or change their mind on something

  • their introspective, thorough, and specific take on concepts that are often assumed to be the same for everyone: friendship, romance, sex, gender, relationships, parenting, etc

  • their core values and how they live them

  • previous and current formative relationships (friends, family, lovers)

  • their daily life and how they learn from it (not interested in a recap without the thoughts and feelings that went with it)

  • their spirituality and how they invest in it (ritual, meditation, prayer, self-education, etc)

If any of this is stuff you write about regularly, add me please! and I'll add you back.

I write about: gender, polyamory, intimacy, sexuality, honesty and openness, feminism and social justice, nature, spirituality, art, dreams, relationships, and my experiences. I'd love to be more connected with people who write reflectively because it helps inspire me to write also. Let's be friends! (p.s. I'm 32)

Apr. 28th, 2015

cat, pusheen



Like most, if not all, of you I am looking for new friends as my LJ is rather quiet.
A little about me...

Name: Jessica
Age: 29
Location: Minnesota
Interests: Cats, plants (cacti and succulents mainly), reading (news, historical fiction), technology, spending too much time online
TV shows: Trailer Park Boys, The Simpsons, The Daily Show, The IT Crowd, The Office (both versions)
Music: Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, most genres of music

I write about my personal life in my LJ, no fanfic or anything like that.
If I seem interesting, you can comment or just add me...I'll figure it out :)


hello again pals

so uh, while i was gone doing tons of fun things with cool people on cool drugs, apparently there was some huge big ass dramatic fight and even though i wasn't even here i still managed to get dragged into it.

does anyone wanna be friends who isn't a drama mongering weirdo? someone who won't send me 4 paranoid messages when i haven't even replied to the first or posted in weeks? lol. my journal for the time being is just some gay smut story that's meant to mock 50 shades. it's about two obviously gay metalheads who persue a very uh..girlfap relationship. although i'm not sure how many girls get off to pet play and torture and things of the sort but eh, worth a try. whenever that's done i'll be starting to add chapters of a much more tame story about a girl and a boy who seek to start their very own zombie apocalypse. they encounter the issues of keeping the corpses alive due to various environmental factors even after learning every art of reanimation. should be nice to work on and show to you folks. who knows what will be on my journal after that..

thank ya much!

Apr. 27th, 2015

oogie boogie


(no subject)

So...that point where social anxiety crosses over onto the interwebs and you feel like the kid that doesn't know anyone, standing on the fringes of a house party? That's kind of where I'm at right now.

Let me be completely honest. I am an over-sharer. I can be melodramatic or underwhelming. I'm never really sure where I fit in and what is completely in my head and what is real.

So. I am a 31 year old married mother of two children under 4. This is not my identity but it is my life currently. I don't watch tv, read books, or watch movies that aren't child related. Once a long time ago I used to be into single person adventure videogames, crocheting, horror, splatterpunk, historical fiction, cooking, and being generally well rounded.

These days, I am mostly a hot mess. My hobbies include middle of the night rpg and fiction writing while breast pumping. During the day, I disect people and parts of people (and they pay me for it, handsomely. Despite this, I am still broke. Student loans. Ugh).

Things I will probably talk about include how much I hate my life, various anxieties and neuroses (real and percived), and dreams. Because when I do actually sleep, my dreams are pretty...weird.

Mostly what I'm looking for is to make friends with people who don't mind being used in lieu of my seeing a therapist and/or a sounding board. I won't bore you with details of my rpg or fiction, promise. In return, I can offer you sympathy, empathy, and general commentary on your on-going problems.

So....if you haven't run away in fear, disgust, or pity, add me?

Apr. 26th, 2015


Friends, friends and more friends! :D

Hey! I'm Lucy, 23, from the UK, married with one daughter.

I've been on and off LJ since 2012, but have always and will always use the same account.

I write about day to day life, my daughter, ttc, my diet, a rant every now and then, and I like doing memes sometimes.

My flist is a little empty because a lot of my friends seem to have taken a hiatus at the same time. But that's okay, I'll wait for them :) In the meantime though, I need something to read!

I read as much as I can but sometimes I don't for a few days and then find it hard to catch up. I comment if I have something to contribute. Sometimes I comment just so you know I'm still here and still reading :)

If your journal is dominated by religion, fandoms or medical conditions, we probably won't get on too well. If you mention these things every now and then, I'm good with that.

If we don't gel, feel free to unfriend me. I won't be offended. I know what it's like when you have someone on your lj who you just scroll past most of the time. We can't get on with everyone, can we?!

Please comment before you add so I know who you are :D
road and trees


Looking for new friends after return to LJ.

Hi everyone,

I've recently returned to LJ, had a different account before but haven't been around for a while, and I'd love to find some new interesting, like-minded friends to share and talk about things with.

Here's some information about me. I'm a girl/woman in my early 30s and I live in Finland. There are two kind of topics I'm especially likely to write about in my journal. For one thing, I'm really into books, theatre and other forms of arts and culture, am very into talking/writing about these things and can get kind of fannish without really participating in fandoms online, and I want to share that kind of things somewhere, and maybe get to know others who enjoy the same things as well.

For another, I've identified as bisexual for long, have unfortunately tried to suppress that a bit in the past few years and try to aim for living like a straight person, pursuing the opposite gender like a good girl supposedly should, and it's just not working out and I'm wondering if I'm not only bisexual but actually more to the lesbian side of the scale than I realised. In any case I need to give myself the freedom to be my non-straight self and not force myself into the format that the society expects, and this journal is my safe place for writing about that. Hopefully as I write about it and get to know others like me, it will become easier to be who I am all the time.

So obviously, I don't welcome homophobes (or anyone of some shade of LGBT+-phobia). But it doesn't mean that potential friends need to be in a similar situation, either - connecting over those other interests like a shared love of books is also welcome, as long as you don't have any problems with me writing about this part of myself.

A bit more information about me. My hobbies and interests include reading, creative writing, theatre, music, musicals, travel, languages, nature and outdoors. I love animals though I have no pets, and I adore tea. I also enjoy writing letters. My favourite books and authors compass a wide range and I'm trying out new things a lot these days, but some favourites include L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, Sarah Waters, Tove Jansson, Terry Pratchett, Gail Carriger, The Count of Monte Cristo... For musicals, I'm particularly into European fare like Elisabeth, Mozart!, Tanz der Vampire and Der Besuch der alten Dame, but I do also see and listen to musicals from the English-speaking world. My other taste in music ranges from classical to Hayley Westenra to Queen and The Clash, depending on my mood. I'm rather interested in LGBT+ issues, feminism and social issues.

Please comment here or to my LJ, or send me a private message, if you'd like to become friends. I hope to get to know new people, but I still prefer some form of introduction before becoming friends.

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