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Apr. 28th, 2016



Southern comfort.

I've used LJ since I was a teenager. I've had this particular account, however, for the past few years. I've posted to this group once before (about a year or so ago). I have a few public posts in my journal if you'd like an example of what I write about. I'm laid back, open to people from all walks of life, & like to keep things mellow.

Posts: About goals, relationship, exercise/health, tv & movies, books, current events, food, concerts & music, dreams, parties, random thoughts, etc. Mostly [friends only].
Looking for: People who post at least monthly. People who comment back. Open-minded, nonjudgemental people. People who post recipes are a plus!

Likes: Fantasy. Black eyeliner & red lipstick. Edible gardens. Arts & crafts. Astrology. Physical books. Boho/goth/punk rock/Lolita/vintage fashion. Local music. Animals & nature. Baked goods. Libraries. Self-improvement. Cartoons. Journaling. Nail polish. Psychology. Thrift shops & flea markets. Playing games. Horror. Musicals. Liquor & stout beers. RPGs. Alone time. Festivals. Iced coffee. Myths, legends, & fairytales.
Dislikes: Chaos. Self-righteousness. Vagueness. Monkeys. Bullies & bigots.

Leave a comment & I'll add you back asap. :)
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Sorry to post here again.  Any time I seem to post in a add me community, something goes wrong and I end up deleting it before many people can see it.  Happened yet again this week.  I also make my posts private every month that passes then start to post friends only again.  Along with changing to private I remove all my photos.  That results in also making it difficult when I can post here since at certain times of the month, it won't look like I have much in my journal.  I do post every day though and sometimes more than once, so the posts do start to fill up my journal again quickly.

That is where I am right now in that I made my posts for April private a bit early, but there are still 10 or so posts visible for now, including a about me that should help anyone I add learn a bit more about me quickly.  All my posts are friends only.

As for me, I always have trouble with this part.  I'm a man in my 40s but never left my 20s in terms of how I feel or live.  I've never been married or had children.  I haven't been in a relationship since 2007 or so and I don't spend any time looking to get into one again.  Friendship on the other hand means so much to me.  Whenever I add someone on here, I always try to be more of a friend than what social media has given a bad name to these days.

My journal is all my writing and photos.  I don't stray from that at all.  No tweets, surveys, fandoms or other stuff.  Writing in a journal has always been a part of my life since I was a child.  It was just a couple years ago I returned to LJ and stopped writing on paper.  Its been hard and I miss it, but I feel that this is the place for me now.  I was always having to transcribe my old written journals anyway.  Now its a lot easier to copy and paste into Word.

I don't usually post a photo in add me, but felt I might as well this time.  I will put it under a cut though.  This was taken last year, early in the year, winter.  I look about the same, maybe a few pounds lighter now.

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Apr. 27th, 2016



After a bit of a hiatus from my journal due to university I am now back and would like to get to know some new people.
I am a 26 year old female from Norway.

Some of my interest are:
- Reading, Im currently a student at uni to become a librarian.
- Tv-shows (Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead etc.)
- Cooking, this is a pretty recent interest of mine. And I am loving it.
- Working out/Health.
- Photography, even though I havent had much time for it lately.
- Video games. I play when I can.
- Music.
- Pets, I have a dog (coton de tulear) that I write about and post cute pictures of :)

I write mostly about my days and what interests me.
Feel free to add me, as my posts are for friends only :)

Apr. 26th, 2016



Hello! I will keep this short and sweet!

I'm Heather. 36, happily married, mom to a sweet 3 year old little boy and pet owner (a fish, 3 small old grumpy dogs, a few roosters and some hens!)

I have been really active on my LJ lately and usually break my posts down by what I'm writing about so I don't make massive long posts, I find those annoying myself lol.

I would love to connect to others moms as I write about my son and our day to day life a lot and I worry my current friends don't have much to say on that subject as they have not been commenting much, but it's not a must.

I do not want to add anyone that writes a lot about politics or fan fiction, no offense.

I do have mental illness: depression, anxiety, and OCD so if you have any of those we would defiantly get along! It's nothing something I obsess about tho (haha).

I adore reading, animals, and music. I'm kinda into nature right now. Life is pretty good so my posts are pretty upbeat.

I have a rule that if we don't mesh - no hard feelings. I do keep my list low because I want to get to know my friends and be able to comment / get comments.

So if you thing we'd get along, lets give it a try! <3

Please comment here if you add me, sometimes things get lots in my email!

Apr. 25th, 2016



Hello! My name is Cory, almost 30yo, gender-non-binary but assigned male at birth.

Livejournal is sorta new to me, but not really - it's been years since i've had one... like, back in the day when aim was still a thing.

I'm just here looking to connect with people, make friends. I enjoy getting to know others.

A little on me: I'm engaged. I'm religious (Roman Catholic) but not judgmental with it (not in the forward way, nor the "love the sinner/hate the sin" passive aggressive way) - and disagree with the church when it feels viscerally off on an issue (like LGBTQAI+), I'm pretty political but hate debating because it doesn't change minds - if a person isn't aggressive about it, I love to hear other viewpoints though (I'm a leftist). I have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

I'd like to think I'm mature where it counts and immature where it doesn't. Who knows. :-P.

Anyway, feel free to add me if you like - just leave a comment to let me know you did! :-)

Apr. 22nd, 2016

friends, look at the stars


Kiwi in Aus..

35yr old Kiwi lass living in Australia.

Have been on and off LJ for over 10 years.  Am trying to figure out what to post, which currently is a bit about where I'm at, Melbourne, what I do, IT and Music (all kinds, especially a cappella ) and what I do for fun, mainly riding push bikes or motorbikes.  Am currently also trying to relearn how to cook, so will be experimenting in that area.

I still do marathon rewatches of Buffy, Supernatural, Firefy, West Wing and The Almighty Johnsons.

I love most music, and I play a wide range of instruments.  I'm really interested in getting better at recording vocals and find myself buying a new microphone or toy every so often.

I'm after social banter and a more active Friends list.

Apr. 21st, 2016



Hi there!
I'm brand new to the LJ community and I have no idea what I'm doing!
My name is Amber and I'm 20 years old. I'm very friendly and I'll talk about anything I'm not picky. (:


Hello everyone

I'm Galen. I'm looking for good friends and this seems to be the place to look.

We can talk about anything. I don't really have many likes and dislikes. But I do like very much: practicing things, resting, learning through doing things and having fun with people. I'd be really pleased if you messaged me with whatever you are doing at the moment. I'm excited to be your friend and I'd love to hear about you and whatever mood you're in. We can talk about our moods perhaps.
So add me and message me!
I'm 23 and live with my family in rural West Wales.

Love from Galen!

(I did post on hear a few days ago but I think it was probably too long and boring, so this is nice and succinct instead.)

Apr. 20th, 2016



Hey! My name is Melissa and I am 32 years old. I've had a livejournal in the past, but this is a new one.

I'm looking forward to meeting some new people on here.

I have bipolar disorder and anxiety and talk about that in my journal.

Apr. 18th, 2016


Hello people of LJ!

I'm on the lookout for some likeminded lj'ers who wouldn't mind having a new friend

About me

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Location: Earth
Sign: Pisces
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: Very Liberal
Career: University Student

My likes (a few)

~ Travel
~ Writing
~ Animals
~ The paranormal
~ Abandoned Places
~ Game of Thrones


~ Homophobia
~ Racism/ignorance
~ Loud noises
~ Crowds
~ Small spaces
~ Pushy people
~ Bugs
My journal

I use my journal to write about the things that happen to me in my daily life. I occasionally often rant about these things. I am an active commenter and enjoy reading the entries on my fl.

I am looking for: Others sharing similar interests to my own, and people who comment back at least every few entries and update their journals. I would like to us to be reciprocal.

I'm not looking for: Fandom journals, inactive/lurker accounts, those who never comment back.

If you would like to be friends, so would I! Please leave me a comment to let me know you are adding me!!

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