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i'm kandace. i've been on lj for a decade, but have fallen off over the years and am recently trying to get back to journaling after getting rid of the superficiality that is facebook.
i'm 24. i live in seattle with my partner of over a year. i have lived in orange county, berkeley, and now seattle. the more i move the more i realize you can't go home and how much the world has to offer if you leave your bubble. i like traveling and hope to move abroad at some point.
i'm a preschool teacher, i love working with children but am not trying to have any of my own any time soon. i am going to school for gender, women's, and sexuality studies starting in the fall and i am really looking forward to it!
i like to listen to records, read books, cook foods, and take photos.
i am looking for friends that update and comment often, have interesting things to say, and hopefully politically lean pretty far left, too, but i guess that's not necessary, just a plus.

i don't take pictures of myself often but here's a selfie from new years eve if you want to put a face to a name.


Yay Seattle! And yay cooking and photography!
Added, that's my major too :)
coolio! it'll be fun to see what you have to say, too, then. adding you back.
How the hell do you get your brows so damn perfect? I'm adding you.
haha i use the ELF brow kit. it's just like brown gel &brown powder. three bucks! and i pluck off the extra hairs, i used to thread but it's ..free to tweeze 'em myself. yay frugal.
adding you back :>
Seattle is actually a pet project of mine. Live in Orlando Florida, and have never been further west then Kentucky. Adding if you don't mind.
Hooray for educators!

Let me know if you'd like an Aussie friend (-:
of course! that would be interesting to hear about education down under.
Cool bananas!
Add me
add me? it looks like you haven't updated in two years haha but i'm sure the newer posts are friends only and i can't see them so idk what you're all about.
That came off kind of snarky but I'm sure you didn't mean it that way. Where did you look that says I haven't updated in two years?
oops haha no it wasn't meant to be. the last public entry was from february 2012 i think. if you add me i can see what you've written as friends only.
Sounds neato. If you find anything interesting on my page/bio, I'd be happy to add ya in return.
Curious what kinds of food, books and records, btw.
Added. Have a great weekend!
Wanna add?
❤ Melissa

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