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New Friends

My name is Lucy, I'm 22 and I'm from (and live in) England.
I like making lists. It makes my brain feel organised, so this is how I will structure this post... :)

About me:

  • I've been away from LJ for 6 months-ish. I'm now wanting to start journalling again because I want to log my life and journalling helps me to process my thoughts.

  • I've been married to the love of my life for almost a year and a half. He's wonderful and I can't imagine my life without him!

  • I'm a new mum. My daughter is almost 5 months old. She's the best little person I've ever known and right now she's been in bed for two hours and I miss her loadsssss!

My Journal:

  • My journal used to be about loads of random stuff. Then it was about pregnancy. Then I moved house and got busy and stopped journalling.

  • Now it will probably mostly be about motherhood, so only add me if you're okay with the boring lady boring on about her boring kid all the boring time!!

  • I talk about my relationship including arguments as well as good times.

  • I rant about my friends and family who I love dearly but have to let off steam about!

  • I talk about day to day life.

I would like friends who:

  • Also have children who they like to talk about all the time.

  • Don't mind reading rants.

  • Post comments when they have something to say, not just for the sake of posting comments.

  • Will not be judgemental or force their views on me.

I will:

  • Read as much as I can.

  • Comment when I have something nice to say.

  • Treat all my LJ friends like I treat my IRL friends. You're all just as important.

A face for the name:
20140212_143037 We don't normally wear matching clothes. In fact those red tops with white spots are the only things we have that match. And Bethany is almost always smiling, so this picture isn't a true reflection on her personality! Still beautiful though ;)


Hey Lucy! We used to be friends when I used my old livejournal llama_friendly. I can no longer get on that account as my ex, I think, broke into it and changed everything :( I now have this journal and would love to add you and hear about your daughter and life again! I remember you trying to get pregnant for awhile, then you did, and then after awhile I didn't hear from you! I'd be excited to see how life is for you. Consider adding me again! :)

Hello!! Wow that's a shit! Why do people do these things?! Ahh well, you've been forced into a new start, which is always a good thing, so I guess he's done you a favour! ;)

So, yeah, friends! Of course :D I'd love to start following you again :D
Added :)
I'm 22 weeks with my first little one and I'd love more friends who don't mind my endless baby chatter. Adding you! :)
Yay babies :D lol ;)
Hi, there! I'd love to be your friend. :) I am the mother of a two year old boy~

You sound like a nice person, and I would definitely like to get to know you.
Excellent :D

Added you! :)

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