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Hi. I'd like to be your friend.

I have a list of stuff on my journal that you're welcome to read through.

I'm looking for people who want to make friends and are open minded. I'm looking for people who will comment and are interested in opening a dialogue. I'm looking for people who open up about their life, not people who who only post twitter updates. >:/

I'm incredibly interested in making friends with people who enjoy the following things in any capacity:

  • Lolita fashion.

  • Cosplaying.

  • GW2.


  • Benadryl Cabbagepatch

I am also interested in being friends with parents. (Those who are child-free, please do not be discouraged. I welcome all people - no matter their lifestyle.)

Currently, in my life, I am battling depression. I am trying to convince myself to workout and do basic household chores. I am fighting to be happy. I am filling my spare time with all the wrong things, and I am attempting to hold myself accountable by posting to livejournal (though, so far, I have been unsuccessful). I try to remain positive, but it's not always easy. My husband has MS and suffers from schizophrenia, and that alone comes with it's own hardships. I also have a two year old that I currently spend every waking hour of my day with (no matter my physical or mental condition). I will post about these things, and - at times - I may whine relentlessly about them. I ask for advice and kindness, not judgement.

Anyways, you and me, let's be friends. c:


Added! :D
I think you're great! Friends?
Hiya! Took a peek at your journal, and I'd like to add you~
Added! Add me!

28. Married. No kids, but a dog that is enough work. Interested in child development :)
Mental health professional
Love art, animals, roleplaying (play by post ftw but all of it is fun!)
I like fantasy, sci fi and trashy romance things.

I'm very slack about posting, but pretty good about reading and commenting.
Yes, of course! ♥ You sound fantastic.
Ahah Benadryl Cabbagepatch is new one for me.

We're a little bit different to each other, but that could be interesting?
I'm 20yr old, Australian student studying psych/counselling who lives with her boyfriend. Um. Also depressed/anxiety will rear up in my journals occasionally.
I sometimes dress Lolita or cosplay (though not in a long while) and also want to develop actual friendships here.

Shall we give this a crack?
Benadryl Cabbagepatch is my own addition to his name variations. :D My favorite one, too!

What's life without a little bit of variation, eh? I'd love to add you.

I don't currently wear lolita, but I do have plans to build a wardrobe, or - in the very least - put a few outfits together for outings. :) It's something I obsess about often. OTL;
There's too much material with a name like his. I'm still fond of Benedict Cumberlord and Martin Freehands.

I know the feeling. A lack of space and funds has reduced me to just ahhing at online stores. Althought the Australian heat also makes it a kind of ridicolous choice to wear.
Add me I'll be your LJ buddy
Hello! I'm a 25 years old student who loves children even though I don't want to have some in the near future. Upon the things you mentioned you love, I do enjoy cosplaying (even though I only did it once and I'm still not sure about being able to do it again - but I love to see people cosplaying!) and games (such as Final Fantasy, even though I'm currently struggling with Lightning Returns :3), especially RPGs. I think we've quite a bit in common!
Nevertheless I have to admit I don't post a lot about my obsessions, most of the time I rant about my own silly life and how complicated the simple things are. But I always try to comment and, most of all, added you. Add me back please? (:
Hi there!

I cosplayed once when I was a teenager and never tried again, but I love getting a look behind the scenes of other cosplayers. I hope to try some things in the future, but I doubt I'll ever be talented enough to make entire outfits by myself. XD

c: Having friends who post about their life is what I'm looking for, so I think we'll be great!
Awesome! (: Thanks for adding me back.
Yeah, same for me - I did it once when I was a teenager but lacking talent and concentration on one thing is what keeps me from trying it again xD
Hi! I may not meet most of your criteria, but I know depression and I'm a fellow Benadryl Cabbagepatch addict.;) Give it a try?
Of course! :D Added~
I think we could relate on a number of issues. Please add me.
Of course. :) Added.

I've added you! :)

Let's be friends?

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