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Lyra for you
lyra_baines wrote in add_me
Hey, my darling^^
My name is Lyra Baines. I am 18 years old, so it is normal for me to be a dreamer, to me emotional, to be weird, to be a little bit spicy and vulgar.
Welcome. Here is my own Narnia.
I will write about: thoughts, dreams, relations, friends, boyfriends, sex, music. Follow me, Lyra is for you

Adding you, Lyra! Interesting!

Sounds neato. BTW, there is a power metal band named Narnia that's quite good!

never heard about it.
BTW I enjoy metal

Hi Lyra. My names mindy. Where u from? Nice to have u as a friend. I'm all over the Internet. Facebook, too. Nice meeting u.

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