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It seems so hard to find friends these days... And it makes me very sad to see that child-haters, people with mental problems etc. fill all the friending groups... Well, I'm looking for a few decent friends. Here are the main stuff and if you even share some of my interests read on my profile, that's a bonus;)

- I'm a traditionalist and a Pagan (not Wiccan)
- I'm not a feminist. I don't need feminism;)
- I love children and although currently unemployed (because of moving country very soon) I'm working in childcare and that's what I want to do in the future also.
- I'm a dog-person and wouldn't have a cat at home BUT I don't hate cats. I adore all noble animals of Mother Nature.
- I collect geeky cookbooks, my favourite is the Official Game Of Thrones cookbook.
- That being said, I love cooking and experimenting with food.
- I love Nature.
- I'm a huge fan of craft beer:)
- I'm a crazy doll-lady, collecting Monster High, Disney and Living Dead Dolls:)
- I'm not scared of spiders, but wasps freak me out.
- I'm NOT autistic/ADD/ADHD/borderline etc.
- I'm straight.
- Book-addict.

Dealbreakers: feminists and childfree people, scroll down please to the  previous entries;)


I feel the same way about most of the other posts! I love your sense of humor! Add?
Thank you:) Definietly add^^
Books, cooking, geeky cookbooks (I fell in love with that exact cookbook while waiting for a student at B&N), craft beer, time with kids, animals, and nature...so much in common! With luck we can be awesome friends.
I was having similar thoughts about those other posts, too. But I guess if such things are truly that important to them, it's better for them to keep those exclusions in the open.
Awesome, I'm adding you:)
I love children,too.Warm regards from me, Indonesian, Javanese.And yes, I love nature.Why didn't you need feminism?Yes, I'm disney big fan,too, especially Winnie The Pooooooh:)
Adding you:) I don't need feminism because I don't feel oppressed ;)


Hmm, as a woman, I think, we're blessed creature in this earth.Man won't have perfect life without us,btw.I don't follow or hold feminism exactly, but as a woman, we're amazing creature...Thanks for adding...
warm regards from Indonesian:)
I pretty much could have written this (minus being Pagan, though I am very interested in the beliefs and craft beer) :D

Absolutely yes :)
You sound like an interesting person; Your post caught my eye because I'm pagan- and nature-oriented too, and a fan of dogs and craft beer to some extent. I'm not sure whether we would click though, as I'm probably more liberal oriented? I got interested about your definition of feminism - I personally don't feel oppressed either, however I do think the world needs feminism (feminism as in gender equality, a strive towards equal opportunities and treatment in general), but I don't count myself among those irritating social justice types, and my journal is not really about that at all. Anyway, here's my old introductory post in case your interested.

I added you:) I think we'd get along as either way, I don't post about politics in my journal and that's okay, I have LJ friends who are liberal and they don't bother with politics either. I post more about my everday life and Paganism. I'm against any kind of sexism myself, both feminist and machist sexism, and yes, in an ideal society, no genders are inferior or superior. I only have problems with extreme and radical feminism who even hate men and against family values etc. but the same goes for such radical machists as well. Traditional feminism isn't the same as modern feminism of today. Genders will always be different with different roles and yet, both roles are beautiful and should always be equally approved and cherished.
Sweet! I'll go and add you too. We'll see how it works out and if it for some reason doesn't, no harm done. Thanks for the clarification on the feminist thing too - sounds very reasonable. I got so curious about that, heh!

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