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Hi, folks!

Long time LJer here, although my current journal is about a year old, looking for like-minded (or not like-minded) individuals who write thoughtful entries. I don't care if you write about your life or don't write about your life. Just be interesting. And I don't care if you post three times a day or once a week. But anyway... About me...

Unmarried father of two living in a major urban area
Reasonably professional, but I sure do wear a lot of t-shirts (I wear ties as well)
Expensive tastes, but nonmaterialistic
Past world traveler... Who knows what the future holds?
Apartment dweller. Although I am handy and have even fully refurbished a kitchen and built a deck and patio by myself (and am still interested), I am not currently a traditional home-owner, nor am I unhappy about this
You can guess my age
I run, a lot, and am otherwise active. When I have time, I am a yogi.
I read, sometimes a lot
I turn on music (all kinds) before I turn on the television
I like independent movies more than I like prime time shows
I like pubs more than clubs
I like ice cream (a lot) and fried chicken, but I cook gourmet
The majority of what I cook comes from farmer's markets

Finally, I tend to write once or twice a week, sometimes more, and often fairly lengthy entries. I rarely post on weekends. I don't always comment on friends' journals, but I try to often enough (weekly or more?) to let them know I am still reading.

I write about running, my lifestyle, relationships, my travels, and my kids. I am not depressed, I am not ADHD... I tend to be fairly thoughtful and sometimes I am overanalytical and too detailed. I tend to be patient until I get frustrated.


Long time ljer here too. I don't know how interesting I am, but I've added you so you can have a read through my journal :)
You're plenty interesting. I've friended you back!
Unmarried father here too... Let me know if you'd like to be friends ?

Go ahead and add me. I'm adding you back.
I would like to become friends :)
Hi :-)

I'd love to. I just added you.
I'd love to be friends!
I've added you :-)
I write a lot about my big crazy family and my friends. I added you
I added you back!

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