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Let's be friends.
Jared | I Would Kill To Be That Bottle
valerie_inlove wrote in add_me
Name: Lady Jared Padalecki. I wish.
Location: Canada.
Talk about the interests: Jared and Supernatural forever and for always.
Of course I have other interests, but they do not mean as much.
Other interests and hobbies? Chatting, listening to music, meeting new friends, watching movies.
What do I post in my el-jay? I post fandom discussions and real life ramblings.
What is my friending policy? This is for friends only. You are a Supernatural family member?
You have a different crush from it? That is fine by me. Welcome aboard!
Anything else I would like to share? I renamed my account. I was valpad. I am an old skin of 29.

Jared loves you. And I do too.

Jared and spn are two of my favourite things. :)

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