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seogan wrote in add_me

  • Introduction

  • Name: John

  • Personality: Easy going with a sense of humour. I prefer honesty over sarcasm, though a little here and there often helps with awkward situations. I am nice, caring, and thoughtful towards the feelings of others and always consider their thoughts and opinions.

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Interests: Currently learning Korean; the language and culture. I enjoy reading fantasy novels and listening to a wide variety of music. Writing is also a huge part of my life.

  • Hobbies: Pretty much the same as listed above with interests. Any additional spare time is dedicated to video games if I am not sleeping, working, or eating.

  • Type of Journal: My LJ will be neutral - I encourage thoughtful people with idea's and opinions they would like to express or share based on what I choose to write.

  • Book genres I prefer: Fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction.

  • Music genres I prefer: I listen to pretty much anything, it varies from North America, Korea, Japan, and Germany.

I hope this introduction is satisfactory.
Any questions? Please leave a comment.

I'm a videogamer myself and am into science fiction and fantasy novels. Friends?


I will add you as a friend.

Hello! I would like to become friends :)
Feel free to browse my userinfo page.

I added you as a friend.

Hi John,

We have a lot in common (Fantasy/paranormal/SF book interest, video games, etc).

Friends? (:

Sure :)

I will add you.

I collect awesome people with the name John (how this happens is beyond me.)

Would you like to be my friend?

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