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Are you "A creative soul?"
kurikuribebi wrote in add_me
Hi guys! My name is Zia and I live in Japan. Summer has been adventurous, so I'm now looking for people who share my new hobbies! But first, a but about me. I'm in my twenties and I'm Puerto Rican. I'm extremely close to my family, though they live far away. I love history, astronomy and archaeology. I also love dancing, eating out and travelling. Recently, I've gotten in to fishing, cooking and crafting. So anyone in to those, feel free to get in touch with me!
My journal is public so feel free to check me out before you decide.


I'm not sure if we were friends at one point, but I see one of your interests is videogames and I'm into them as well.

I think this is the third time you've posted here, and I've always been curious. I'm not sure how much we have in common, but I suspect you lead a fascinating life. Mind if I friend you?

We have common interests and you sound lovely! Mind if I add you?

I love adventurous people. I'm currently on a nine day trip up the coast of California by myself. I only have two days left until I fly back to Seattle! I'd love to see what other people are up to, also. Add?

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