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A community to meet new friends.
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A community to meet and add new people on LiveJournal. Post information about yourself, your interests, and your LiveJournal to let others know about you; or browse the posts of other people to find potential new friends to add.

Community Rules
This community is currently on unmoderated membership.

Your adorable Community Overlord is:


Other Community Maintainers:



  • Write something in your post: Show you're an actual person; write more than one sentence.

  • Don't promote anything other than yourself (communities, non-Livejournal blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, etc). Save the promotion of outside resources for your personal journal.

  • Entries should be in English. Your blog should be in English too. For more info, see below

  • No scams, sales, spam, auctions, or anything related to money.

  • Be careful with private information: Don't post last names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

  • No personal attacks and keep drama in your own journals.

  • Do not repost too frequently. Once every 2 or 3 weeks max should really be sufficient. If you still want more friends, read the posts by others in the community and add them. (In other words, don't be lazy.)

  • This community is NOT a sex line or a dating site of any variety. There are 1,832,418 places on the 'net for you to get sex.. please don't use this community as one of them.

  • Photos are fine, but please place more than one under an LJ-cut. Animated gifs should also be under cuts. Nudity is not permitted, even under cuts.

    Don't know how to cut? Instructions for you here in the LJ FAQs.

  • Moderators reserve the right to remove any post or any person without warning based on personal judgment.

This community is primarily English-speaking. We also define a LiveJournal "friendship" as being a mutual situation, so your journal should also be primarily in English. If you are Russian, please go here: add_me_ru or ru_add_me.

[Translation: Ваш журнал должен быть на английском языке, так как это сообщество говорит на английском и дружба взаимна. Если вы русски, то пожалуйста пойдите здесь: add_me_ru / ru_add_me]

If you're not sure about anything, be sure to ask sourdick or inoneword

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