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I'm back

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm 30 years old from outside St. Louis, MO (On the Illinois side).

I've been writing in this livejournal since I was 13 years old! I did go MIA for nearly 4 years and I am back now, hoping to write regularly.

So, I'm 30, a mom to an 11 year old and 21 month old. I'm married to a man (but am bisexual, husband is straight). I'm a licensed clinical social worker and I work with all ages who are homicidal, suicidal, etc. I love The Office, being witchy, social justice, the Sims 4, and contemplation. I love laughing until my stomach muscles ache. I also love scary movies.

Let's be friends!
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(no subject)

Hi! I'm Heather and I'm 30. I'm looking for new friends who update LJ on a regular basis. My entries are mostly about my daily life with the occasional pictures and memes tossed in as well.

As for things I like: anime, manga, seiyuu, j-dramas/k-dramas, and k-pop! My favorite anime series are Yuri on Ice, Given, Banana Fish, Free, and Kuroko's Basketball. I watch anime seasonally as it airs in Japan so I mostly like newer stuff. I don't mention much of this stuff in my entries so feel free to add me even if we don't have a lot in common.

Looking For Friends To Read my Stupid Journal

Hello, I'm not sure waht to say. My therapist suggested I start a journal because It could be "good" for me. I remember being on here when i was younger and loving it. 

So, I'm a Legal Assistant student atm. Graduating in May. I'm not all that interesting, but I love to rant about stuff, and I love All Time Low. 

I deal with depression, anxiety, and spent my grade 9 year in the hospital being force feed through a tube because I refused to eat. 

Um... yeah. I'd love to talk to anyone really. Uh, this post sounds really bad but I'd love some friends on here. :)

Looking for (Re)Connections

Hello my beautiful friends! It has been quite a while since I have posted here in any sort of fashion and highly doubt that I will find any old friends or penpals through posting in various pen palling communities that I used to be an avid participant. I have found other pen palling communities but have recently deleted facebook, and have found myself in need of non toxic connection, which I have never found toxic folks from this blogging site.

Without further ado, I now go by Stevie and am a non binary person...I am having a tough time committing to being trans gendered because the people that I find myself attracted to tend to prefer a more feminine demeanor, which is not what I am by any means. I guess I am lost in the stream of gender fluidness that not many folks understand. I am 34...should I not already have this figured out? To my credit, I did drink a bit too much in my 20's and probably hooked up with the wrong men and not enough women.

I love to go to yoga but only seem to have motivation to write letters to people. I will go to yoga 2 or 3 times per week but would love to find the motivation to go 5 or 6 times per week. I have started going to meditation groups at a Shambhala center here in Lexington, Kentucky.

If you would love to write, connect, or reconnect, and share this weird adventure with me, you can contact me on here or send me an email at

not new to Livejournal but I am looking for new friends!

Hi, I'm Victoria.  I'm 27 and I live in Pennsylvania.

I have been a Livejournal user for about 12 years on and off.  I got a new computer for Christmas so I decided to get back into blogging!

I'm a bartender and I really like my job.  I also really love my bearded dragon Bun, video games, movies, and music.

I am really bad at introductions and stuff... so if you think you would want to be friends, leave a comment here and add me.  Or you can comment on my post in my journal.  It doesn't matter to me.

Thanks for reading!

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(no subject)

My name is Isabella Grace, I'm a 19 year old Australian girl.

I joined Lj almost 2 years ago and I found I quite enjoyed it — Then life threw a curve ball that sent me off on this journey of trying to find myself — I'm still as lost as I always was though. So that wasn't as effective as I'd hoped.

I'm looking for friends who might be feeling a little lost too. People who aren't going to judge me for all the times I eff up or fall off the bandwagon, but will also tell me it's happened.

I don't want to pick and choose based on age, gender, interests — I want a bit of everything. 

I suck at self promotion.

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Not new to Livejournal, Looking for friends

Hey there, my name is Tisha and I have been a part of Livejournal for 7 years off and on. Last year I was writing a lot more than I had in the past, and I really liked that, and this year I will definitely be writing more.

I am doing a 365 day challenge meme (have kept up with it so far) answering questions about myself, so you are also getting to know things about me which is great because you'll be new, as well as me writing a bit about my day in general. I like to write about books and shows I am reading, sometimes writing little blurbs or reviews about it, just saying my opinions.

I am 31 and married, no kids with 2 roommates and 2 cats, so there may be the occasional rant about that if I am upset. I have cerebral palsy, am bipolar, and have major depression but am dealing with that moderately well, definitely better than I have in the past and if you have any questions about it don't be shy to ask me.

I love all things Disney, have been to Disneyland 3x and planning a trip to Disneyworld in a few years. I go to cons, cosplay, and I like to write. I also love to read so am always up for taking recommendations, even i f I can't get to them right away,

I love all kinds of tv shows, Lucifer, OUAT, HIMYM, PSYCH, Chuck, Anne with an E, TVD, The Originals, The Bachelor (don't judge), most the stuff on Disney+. I like  Star Wars old and new, I like classic and new Disney,  cartoon or live-action. I try to just enjoy things and not let others bring me down like I used to.

If you think we might get a long, comment or add me or just shoot me a message. I am pretty open and a nice person and though I might not be 100% compatible I try to be as open as I can be with people and give advice when I can if they ask for it. Hope to hear from you
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Newbie needs help

Hey i am naima and i am from satgodha pakistan. I am new here and despute the apps rating i still want to give this a go but i dont know anything about this app so please teach me and be mh freind

Battling my feelings

So I am finally in a good relationship i can heal now from all the past damage right? So I thought. Me and my first love are back together after knowing eachother for 17 years you would think you know all there is to know. Well lets start by saying I am absolutly crazy about this man. He has his flaws but so do I. Anyways i came home and found him past out on the bed and his phone was on my pillow. As i go to move it it lights up and of course its porn. So what right? Well i should have just stopped at that but nope i had to be a nosey fucking female and got all in my feelings. As i go through his phone i notice he has a tumbler account. I clicked on it and its tons of near naked females that have nothing looks wise in common with chubby me. Great right. It gets better he also has a fetlife account i am hoping is old as it has very sexual pics of him and his ex. They were in a polyamorous relationship and i knew about that. But after seeing that and the stuff they did together it really put me in my feelings. I am sitting here thinking that i will never be enough for him. I know i sound crazy and insecure but how do i compete with fucking pornstar status. Im inexperianced and lacking in sexual confidence due to a past of abuse. So what now???
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Hello There!

Hi everyone! My name is Becca and I've been an LJer since 2001 (wow, almost 20 years!) I have posted consistently for many, many years, but had become more intermittent the last 2 years. I am making a come back this year, but my friends list is very quiet, so I'd like to add some new friends!

- I am a 36 year old female who lives in Ohio.
- I have a husband and am childfree by choice. We do have 2 kitties and 2 dart frogs as pets.
- I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and in Nursing. I am a Registered Nurse and currently hold the title of Patient Care Navigator/Disease Management Specialist and work for a local homecare agency. I help educate patients who are high risk for re-hospitalization in attempt to keep them out of a skilled nursing facility/hospital system.
- I am passionate about life and enjoying/making the best of it, caring for others/nursing, family, and learning.
- I have many interests including music, photography, reading, food, and animals.
- My hobbies are learning, taking pictures, reading, and crafting.

I post about my day-to-day life and also post many of my photos (I am doing a Project 366 challenge). I enjoy interacting with my friend list, and getting to know you. I'm never offended if you add me and then decide that we aren't a good fit.

I look forward to meeting you! :)