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Hi everyone, so I've returned to this community once again. I have been on LJ since the early 2000s, however, I've taken some breaks (some long, some short). I miss the times when LJ was active and thriving. I had made wonderful friends, and loved to read their deep and introspective posts about their daily lives. Sadly, they are no longer active, but I still can't bring myself to remove them from my friends' list in hopes that they will return someday. So, I am here hoping to make new connections.

About me, I'm a 35 year old female named Margaret. I am recently married, with no kids, but I have two cats called Malta and Sabre. We live in Boston, MA, and moved here from Seattle in Spring. I love to travel and I have visited and lived in a multitude of places.

I love to read- mostly contemporary fiction and fantasy. I just finished the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, so I'm still in mourning. I love to draw, paint, and I am currently attempting clay figurines. I exercise, and prefer martial arts, but I haven't done anything since covid ended my newly begun judo training. Though, I have also trained shaolin kung fu before. I love films and remember when netflix used to be good for that.. I just subscribed to the Criterion Channel, and recently watched Tampopo.

Anyway, my LJ posts tend to be about my daily life, as well as interests, speculations and introspections. I consider myself kind, loyal and supportive. I like to read friends' entries and try to comment often.

And to be frank, I'm not interested in reading journals dedicated to politics, gender identity, nor mental disorders.

Hello new friends

My name is Alice, but you can call me Licha.

I’m 33, married and have a baby boy. I live in Canada.

I created a journal in 2006 and went on hiatus in 2013 and in 2017. I’m back because there’s just something about this platform that is so unique. I’ve made some great friends here, and I’d love to meet new ones.

I usually post about my personal life, thoughts on different topics as well as music I discover or music that means something to me. In the past, I struggled to express myself and kept a lot of entries for my eyes only, but this time I’m willing to be more open.

I'll try to update and comment on my friends' journals as often as possible. I’d like to connect with folks who are open minded and have similar interests. Feel free to read my profile for more details and leave a comment if you’d like to add me.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

another hello

Hi everyone! I'm 40 years old and am looking for people to be LJ friends with. My friend list is majorly waning bc most of them were fellow Supernatural fans and no one is really posting anymore.
I'm non binary and demi pansexual. I also deal with some mental health issues. I generally write about life and such and love interaction on posts. I almost always comment on my friends posts too.
I'm also a big fan of Billie Eilish and Halsey. I like all sorts of music, though.
If you'd like, you can add me. You can check out my profile for more :)
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Hi, I'm Non-Binary, 25 years old and the last time I used LiveJournal, I documented my nervous breakdown (I went by "watcher_200" back then...if you somehow knew who I was, please don't remind me. A lot has changed since then and its still really hard to reminisce on that).

I'm back, mostly to get a better feel for the site but also to reach out to further people on other social media sites other than SpaceHey and the big 4 (Facebook, Insta, Twitter- which I deleted and YouTube).

I'm also on Windows Live Messenger which I got through Escargot Chat and Skype. I go by "Shadow Bliss" on SpaceHey and said chat programs.

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Is there life out there?

So, nostalgia (and, if we are being honest, probably a bit of breakthrough Covid delirium) has gotten the better of me and I decided to come back to LJ after 15 years. I was a teenager the last time and I am 30 now.

Honestly, not too much has changed about me. I am technically older, supposedly wiser, and I've relocated a few times but I still pretty much feel like the same person. People like to tell me it is because I am still single and childless. Apparently once I become a mother, I'll unlock "full womanhood" status but I call phooey on that part. :)

Anyway, I am a small town girl with small town ambition. I'm not a total idiot (graduated 2nd in my high school class, still my greatest achievement to date lmao) but that's all I've got going for me. I'm content to be able to feed myself, my pets, and afford a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. Anything else is just unnecessary stress, I've learned. It sucks when it feels like your stuff owns you and I got out of that habit real quick.

I will probably post about my daily life with my fur babies, my attempts to feed myself working from home, and the occasional adventures I take outside in order to maintain sanity. Sometimes I might post things that make me laugh or entertain me.

Basically if you're a real person here and are posting real things, I wouldn't mind knowing you. Care to be friends?

Add me!! Many tried to make me disappear but failed! My mind and memory is starting to work again!!!

To All those who participated in the lies,threats,character assassination,perjury and domestic terrorism that was intended to isolate and drive me away so the truth would be almost worked. After close to a decade and countless hours of physical occupational and psych rehab I am starting to get my memory back and am able to walk more each day! Most of the progress my soul has made is because of my 10 month old little girl!!! Anything can be done in the name of love!!!

Add me I am looking for people to connect with hoping it will help my re-learning process, my fear of people, as well as making new online friends.
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Back on LJ

I am a writer and often blogging is the only way I can do it. Livejournal is a great writing tool. I write for my friends list. I read every entry and comment on most of them. Then I try to write things for the people on my friends list. My public entries are made up stories so far. I will write friends only entries that are real. Public entries are mostly made up. That is my plan anyway. 

Hi!! Eccentric and chronically ill girl here

Hi there, lovelies! I'm a old school LJ user. Started in 1999. Been away because of the social networking happened, and this one died. But I'm back and ready to make new friends. I'm 44 live in the PNW. I'm married, no kids. I have chronic illnesses so I will write about that a bit. I'm also an artist /poet/recording artist. I'm neurodivergent, sensitive, silly, honest and loyal. I love humor, podcasts (true crime) horror movies, indie music, audio books, video games (first person shooters) binging series like Dexter, the walking dead, etc. I love pop surrealism and abstract art. I make far too many Spotify playlist. I'm an Enneagram 4. I plan to start posting a lot, so let me know if you wanna add me. I'll add ya back!

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Hi i have just come back on here after a very long time and dont recognise the place i must admit .I plan to write most days and about lots of stuff including my personal life and experiences and hopefully i wont bore anyone .I would really like some freinds obviously as its why i am on here lol.More info about me is on my bio so please read it before making your minds up and hopefully you will add me.I will add back no problem.