✩Hello! My name is Pixel (she/her)! I'm a 32 year old. I don't quite remember my personality type but I'm an introverted extrovert lol. I'm shy, but will warm up to people if they're warm to me. I'm a little more sensitive than I'd like to admit, but I can talk and ramble about a lot over many subjects. I'm really not that interesting of a person though, to be fair lol. I am married to a wonderful guy! We don't have any kids, but I have a Pomeranian that my parents are caring for, as in our current rental, we're not allowed to have pets. I love tattoos and the colors black and purple. I don't have any yet though. I have slight passion for the paranormal.

✩I am very much of a hobbyist! I love to do things such as writing, drawing, sewing, jewelry making, tie dye and other crafts. I used to do web and graphic design and may someday get back into it. I love to decorate my living space with cacti, bee, sunflower and pineapple stuff.

✩In the way of fandom, I do love to play video games often. I've been taking to Stardew Valley and Destiny 2 lately, but I love other ones like Pokemon, The Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age series and various others. I watch various anime from time to time (Gintama and Sailor Moon being a forever favorite). Outside of making icons and drawing in any of these fandoms, I'm not really an active fandom person. I was into bandom in my teens, but not anymore. However, I love metal, punk and rock the most, but I can certainly appreciate and enjoy various other genre too.

✩Well that wraps up a lot of who I am. Anything mentioned above is what I'll write about in my posts. I post pictures of life, question memes and other various stuff as well. Slightly on that subject, I do sometimes post about my depression, anxiety and other various mental illnesses that I have. It is not a focus of my journal and I try to be as positive as I can be, but these are still a part of my mind. I still don't fully know who I am and I'm still searching for her. I hope to make friends to build a friendship with! I hope you want the same.
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I'm back

Who is still active on this thing? I've recently been resurrected and I would like to actively journal again. I have had this journal for 18 years. So if you actively journal I'd like to be your friend.

Some things about me. I'm 36, single and I work in a hospital. I'm scandalous, honest, and philosophical. I've always got something strange going on. I might post nudes because I'm an exhibitionist.

I recently left a suffocating and secretive relationship entirely and I am now back on the horse I fell off of. Check me out!

Body is in England, Mind is across the globe.

Hello all, I have been a member of LJ on and off since 2008. In 2014 I went to paper journals, but I'm finding it hard to find time to keep it up. Let's face it, typing is much quicker right?

I'm 28, I'm from England. I've suffered with mental health since I was 13 and I'm no stranger to what that entails. I've been through the motions of attempting suicide and picking myself back up again. I have been on many self help and self love journeys, so if anyone is looking for a friend who can relate to them in this aspect, or needs an ear, I can be it.

I am interested in books, films, video games, tv shows, photoshop, travelling and charity giving. I spend most of my time at work or traveling to Wales to see my partner. A lot of my journal entries are icon posts from a few years ago, but I am recently getting back into writing in it again. My entries will probably be very raw and honest. For example, my latest post is about female anatomy.

Anyway, if anyone is interested please drop a comment or add me, because I'd love to start forming some real online relationships.

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Hello. My name is Kimi. I'm genderfluid, so I don't mind what pronouns you use. :3 I'm 30 something years old, and I was mostly born and raised in Maine... but I also lived in Arizona for a while as well. We moved back to Maine recently, so I've been meaning to start over to adjust to that! I'm a huge lover of music. I'm not TOO picky about it but... yeah. I also love Pokemon, and I'm usually playing it constantly! Another thing I really like to do is write, which I have a tendency to do on a daily basis. I'm a little on the crazy side. I have four 18 inch dolls that I treat like little sisters and such. I talk to them. I talk to my stuffed toys, and I also talk to my fluffy blanket named Keru as well! Oh, and I'm on the autistic spectrum. I have ADHD and very severe anxiety. I love unicorns like you wouldn't believe. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask! :D

Hope you'll add me because I'm actually pretty fun-loving when given the chance!

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I've had an LJ for a long time, and was unfortunately gone for a long time (for several reasons, most being the dreaded FB was just so much more convenient, but I am not a fan of FB, I like the LJ format much better).

Over the years I've met some great friends here, and we are friends to this day. Most people have fled LJ, but a few remain.

That said I'd like to have a few more people to get to know and interact with, because that is one of the great strengths of LJ.

A little about me - I am retired and would be traveling but for the big bad combo of COVID and a health issue on the part of my other half. We cope. I am teaching myself classical guitar. I was a musician many lifetimes ago and it's great to get back to my musical roots. Hiking, gardening, outdoors. British mysteries, both written and on screen.

I do not like drama and will avoid it at all costs. I can't stomach a whole lot of religion and politics. Those have gotten too black and white, while I live in the grey. Dehumanizing one's opponents means one dehumanizes oneself. I won't dance around in my own LJ to save anyone's feelings. It's a place I have where I can bare my soul. It's worked in the past.

Add me if you'd like, take a look around. If you then decide I'm a godawful person or boring or for any thing just drop me no harm done. I will do the same.

Hello, Getting back in the swing of LJ.

I don't remember what year it was I first signed on here. It was somewhere in the early 2000's and I
did so initially to keep in touch with my daughters. As it turned out I enticed a lot of my own friends to get on here
and we had a pretty active community for a number of years. I have always liked this format better than Fb because it
is more engaging.. Sadly I succumbed to the dreaded Fb because I had supervised a crew on a local farm and a lot
of my seasonal workers were from South Africa and the did not do LJ, they did Fb!!! I think this is the third time I
have returned to LJ and I am going to try to stay more over here. For one thing anybody that knows me , knows, I love
to carry on.
You see I am 67 years old and I retired 5 years ago to take care of my Wife Full time. I had been caring for her for
over 30 years but, the last 2 years of her life was kind of Hell on Earth for both of us. I will leave it at that.
Anyway, I am hoping I can get myself back into the way I used to write on here because I could look back and
have a written copy of my thoughts and Life for that matter.
Funny, at 67 years old and retired, I am now busier than I was when I was working a full time job. I am starting another
engineering/manufacturing company at the same time I have erected a building on my property to house a music studio. At this time
I have my studio inside my house but, I need to get it out of here because I also have my Electronics bench and my HAM radio station
in the same room. Getting the studio in it on home will make things a lot easier and I need to do it fast. I am currently also
working on a full length CD that I need to have in the can by late August because it is scheduled for release in late October in
Europe. I think I need to go get a job just so I can have some rest time. Hope to meet up with some new friends here.
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Good evening!

I hope everyone is faring well. I'm John & I've had this journal since 2001. It's twice-resurrected and no, I'm not looking for the trifecta in the future. I enjoy this medium of expression and interaction. So...like everyone else, I'm looking for some new friends.

I typically write about my adventures and explorations at work and outside of work. I have a job where I help people, even if it's just taking the time to listen to them, laugh with them or hug them when they cry (I work the streets of Seattle and vicinity). I also post photos as well & love bird photography.

I've been around the block more than a few times and I am a formerly homeless recovering addict/alcoholic with a BA in psych that I can actually apply from time to time and not just toward myself. I do write about things I'm working through in myself. I wrestle with depression, self-criticism & cynicism sometimes but things get better with each passing day.

In terms of interests, I'll spare you the list, as it's in my profile. This is getting pretty long already. Anyways...

I try to be an understanding friend and genuinely care about people, at times to my detriment. Why? Because that's just how I roll.

If you wish to, please feel free to add me and leave a message and I'll reciprocate. It might just be fun! If not, no hard feelings ever.
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