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looking for new friends

Greetings! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm just popping in to see about making some new friends. My only initial friending requirements are really that your account seem legit (it's ok if you're new to lj but your profile needs to at least convey that you're here with good intentions) & that you're 18+. With that out of the way I guess I'll get on into introducing myself!

Ashley. 29. Married. Early childhood educator. BA in Psychology. Dog, cat, & hamster mom. Hobbies include perler bead art, cross stitching, journaling, vinyl art (still fairly new to this one), playing board/card games, reading (mostly middle grade fantasy), & occasionally drawing.

My journal mostly consists of my life updates, which includes me discussing all of the previously mentioned things. I do tend to post quite a lot of pictures of said things as well as my purchases and whatever else I might be compelled to photograph. I am currently on a lengthy weight loss journey which is part of my updates, this includes a food log. As of now I've lost a little of 40 lbs but I have over 100 lbs to go, so I still have a long process ahead of me.

I've posted my interests below the cut. We don't necessarily need to have any of these in common to start something up. This is by no means a complete list but it is already quite lengthy. I like learning about people and their lives, perspectives, and what not so if ya are interested in getting to know me better and think we'd be a good fit for friends I'm all for giving it a whirl. Just comment or send me a pm to let me know!

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Add me as a friend

Hello, I'm new into LJ and thought to use this to express my emotions when I'm having some season of depression.
I do love reading personal stories and especially when I can relate to the person.
I'm interested in online gaming but no longer actively playing.

Hope to share views with good and open-minded people in this community.

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I'm not new to LJ. Been here since 2003.
Looking for fresh reads on my friends list, as some of them have gone on hiatus.

I comment when I have something to say, but I read my F-list every other day.

About me:
From Macau, Capricorn, female, 37, single, 4 dogs, 2 cats.
I'm usually posting Wordless Wednesdays and Friday Fives... I do the "A day in my life" thing once in a while.
Sometimes rant about work, sometimes sing praise about work, mostly just about inane matters that I find interesting or fun.
I'm trying to get back into reading books... still working on the motivation.

I'm pretty open to friending but do drop a line so I know at least you're human ;-D
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NAME: Ashley.
AGE: 31.
ABOUT: She/her (transitioning to female).
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: I like gaming, which at the moment is mostly MMOs. I play FF14 and Guild Wars 2, which I blog about regularly. I also like music. This includes pop, such as Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, and indie, such as Soccer Mommy and Fazerdaze. I love animals and cute things. I have two beautiful parakeets who I would run through a fire to save. I'm going to be working in IT by the end of next year, when I complete my training, but until then I'm devouring games, movies and music.
LOOKING FOR: People who comment. I never comment first, but I always try to comment back.
ANYTHING ELSE?: I struggle with depression. I would be otherwise happy, but I've never kissed anyone or experienced true romance. "Curing" myself would mean fulfilling those needs, not learning to live without them. So it's as if my life is on hold until I'm at a place where I can be in a relationship.

You've Got A Friend In Me (?)

My little corner of LJ turns 17 this December and though so many have left, I've never even considered it--I just don't know what I would do without this space--but I could go for some new friends to connect with.

Name: Lee-Anne
Age: 38
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Healthcare

I like: Writing (poetry, journaling, free-form), reading (non-fiction mostly), Astronomy, plants, Brene Brown, cooking\baking, documentaries, post secret, true crime, photography, organization, history, science, kayaking, solitude, music/concerts, being an aunt, self-improvement, tetris, psychology, hosting my friends and family, October...

I have been described as: open-minded, easy to talk to, down-to-earth, witty, sarcastic/a ball buster/sassy, interesting with varied interests, resilient, breathy, vulnerable, someone who loves with her whole heart, introspective, passionate, wise, logical...

My journal consists of: some poetry or free form, day-to-day life, reflection and exploration of self and my friendships/relationships and dating, updates on my health/genetic condition, a few photos here and there, maybe even a meme every year or so...

I am: invested in my relationships, writing two books (poetry and memoir), an advocate for my genetic disorder, a human therefore imperfect (so I don't expect you to be), a stroke survivor, never bored...

If any of the above resonates with you, you know what to do :)
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Ahoy Hoy

My name is Samuel. I am 39 years old from the state of confusion Texas. I have been on LiveJournal since 2005. I was very active until maybe 2008. I've been off and on ever since. I enjoy meeting new people and reading your entries and commenting. A lot of you folks lead some interesting lives! Myself, I consider myself just a regular guy who is a geek at heart, but in this day and age that's just seen as normal. I watch a lot of television and I love true crime stuff. If you're a true crime aficionado then hit me up! I also have an affinity for 80's and 90's music. I also dig pro wrestling... a lot... so much so that I hosted a podcast about it for 5 years. However, my journal is mostly about my life and the things going on in it.

There isn't much else to tell. I'm slowly building my interest list on my profile. So, you can check that out if you'd like. I'm cool with everyone from all walks of life. If you're down to be friends then add me!

Oh, my username is an ode to one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail.

*Insert unoriginal title here*

Hey there! I'm Mal. I haven't been on LiveJournal in years — just started this new account. Kinda got sick of all the political shit on Facebook and decided to run away from it. 

I'm 33 (not really sure how that happened? I feel 19?), two kiddos, recently divorced...I'm a copy editor, though I never edit my own writing. Expect mistakes. (If I'm not getting paid to edit, I tend to give zero fucks)

On that note — I swear. Frequently. Sorry. I'm an atheist, but I don't judge others for their beliefs. I am pretty liberal...but as I came here to escape politics, I probably wont go off on any political diatribes, so don't worry. As long as you aren't a racist, we'll be fine!

I'll read your entries — and tend to be fairly interactive in the comment section. I'm not an asshole. 



I decided it was time to post another friend ad. I'm 32, female, living in northern California. I'm married and am polyamorous. I post about a variety of things, including music (indie rock, psychedelic rock/pop, electronic, bluegrass, acoustic, hip hop, etc etc), gardening, hiking, my 4 cats, my love lives and sometimes rants about the political climate. I like to share lots of photos, too.

I don't believe that human rights should be a political issue. I support body autonomy, Black Lives Matter, and an overhaul of our current law enforcement system. I am not really pro-any politician, but am 100% Anti-Trump. My sense of humor is dark and frankly odd, for the record. And I have a potty mouth. I am vegetarian and like cooking/baking new things. I grew up playing SNES. Sega Genesis, and Dreamcast games, and my favorite video game franchise is Monster Hunter, but I also enjoy Fallout and Animal Crossing.

I have a biology degree and am currently unemployed. So theoretically, I should be posting regularly.

If I add you, there's a sticky post with more in-depth background info. I hope to add some new faces to my tiny feed. Cheers!

Friends feed looking a bit sparse so...

I can't imagine I post anything terribly interesting, but the friends list is low.  I restarted and most people from my old one pretty much bailed LJ and didn't follow to the new one.  And then I think, based off reviewing my previous posts, I may have had a slight breakdown and quit LJ as well.  It happens.  

I guess stats are: 37.  Wisconsin.  Mom.  Got kids.  Like books, caffeine, Doctor Who, Supernatural, researching and getting into really random things. Trying my hand at homeschooling.  No career.  Divorced, widowed, single cuz yea life's crazy. 

I will probably post a mix of venting and my random adventures into whatever is preoccupying my mind currently.  I can't promise consistent posting.