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Katrina Dawn

New Friends..

Hiyas everyone!

I've been a member of LJ for many years.. going back to late 2002. I normally stick to a relatively small friends list, as I like to know the people on my journal personally. However, as time has went on, many people on my list have became inactive or burned out on the LJ scene. It's in turn, made me also not want to bother updating at times. I like to interact with people and it just doesn't feel like much interacting goes on anymore. I don't like this fact, so I'm on the search for some new friends!!

Name: Katrina, but most of my friends call me Trina.
Age: 27 years old
Location: Indiana
Status: Divorced since 2002... and mostly single since 2003 (Yes, I know.. I'm pathetic!)
Children: 2 sons - a first grader & a second grader
Pets: A cockapoo (cocker spaniel & poodle mix) & a parakeet
Occupation: It's complicated! Not working full time due to health reasons. However, I do simple "work at home" jobs, fill cake orders via my family's restaurant/bakery, and fill in as needed at my family's place. I plan on changing this when my doctor releases me, but hard telling when that's going to happen. I'm also a student and am taking Wilton Courses for cake decorating.
Religion: Christian, but I don't follow particular churches or branches. I have many friends that are of different religions. I am set in my own ways, but I don't push anything on anyone else. I am able to tolerate your religion if you can tolerate mine.
Politics:  I don't like to get wrapped up in politics - it's just not my thing. I have always generally been a Republican. However, I am not voting this year for the simple fact that I'm not fond of either party! Vote for whoever you want to vote for - but PLEASE don't try to push your views on me about it.
Interests: Graphic/web design, cake decorating, photography, music - all kinds, blogging/journaling, writing poetry/short stories, penpals, reading, baking/cooking, home design/decorating, party planning, anything crafty, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, shopping, finding bargains, being frugal, freebies & coupons, office supplies, stationary, moleskines, pens & more pens, list writing & organizing, health/fitness/getting healthy/weight loss, tv shows, movies, Pogo, The Sims, video/pc games, board games, card games, chatting with friends, Christianity, parenting, animals, and whatever I can find to possibly fill my time. And no, I don't keep up with all of this on a regular basis.. I skip around and hit whatever I'm in the mood for at the time. lol
General Info:  My children are my life and my life does tend to revolve around them. Their father isn't around, so it's just me to take care of their daily needs. I'm very active in their lives and have been from day one. I am a member of their school's PTO and volunteer throughout the year for different events. I have been a Room Mother for the past two years. We are participating in Cub Scouts this year and I became a Scout Parent/Leader. You will see a lot of this kind of stuff in my journal. As well as.. pictures, rants, daily struggles, issues with dating/past relationships, self-reflection, my goals in life and a lot of stuff about my family & friends in general.

My journal is friends only and I do have a few rules that I must ask of you...
  • If you are going to add me from here, please comment to this post or the friends only post in my journal (please tell me where you added me from). DO NOT JUST ADD ME!  I won't notice you being there!
  • Don't add me to just make your list bigger. If you never plan on speaking to me.. what is the point?
  • Don't expect me to update 20 times a day or comment to every single one of your entries. In fact, expect silences to happen at times because I DO have a life outside of LJ. I read every single one of my friends' entries, but I normally only comment when I have something to say. I don't expect a ton of comments either, just some interaction when you can. :)
  • I don't do friends cuts... unless your journal has been inactive for major lengths of time. If you plan to cut me, please inform me before doing so - as I don't like just being removed for no apparent reason.
  • Have respect for my opinions, even if you don't always agree. I'll do the same for you!
  • Don't tell me how to raise my kids. Parenting is just like life... full of trials & errors. There is no such thing as a "perfect" parent.
  • Don't argue with me over religion or politics. If you don't agree with my views, don't listen OR agree to disagree!
  • Don't pass judgments & I won't pass judgments on you. Don't tell me how to live my life & I won't tell you how to live yours. Simple!
  • Don't type like you are a complete moron. Grammar & spell check are marvelous things! You don't have to be perfect, lord knows I've had my fair share of typos, but y0 duNt tYpE LiK Diz either! PLEASE don't.. it kills brain cells. lol
  • And most importantly, try to humor yourself with my completely sarcastic, but dorky self! :D
I'm pretty open with who I add, as long as they don't bring me drama. I prefer people over the age of 21, but will tolerate 18 and older, as long as the maturity is there. You can have things in common with me.. or nothing at all. I love learning about new things, so I'm open to just about anything! Finding some parents with children around the same age or in elementary school would be an added bonus!

By the way, if you couldn't handle how long this entry is.. I don't suggest adding me. I tend to ramble and write longer entries than most! :)

Thanks for reading & hope to make some new friends soon!

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