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My name is Massie
I'm 21.
I have firey red hair and dangerous blue eyes.
It matches my personality to a tee.
I'm loud and crazy and out there, but I have a big heart, and I really try to love everybody.
If my personality doesn't scare the hell out of you, then my big bug eyes will :D

I love making new friends. I write in my journal about whats going on with myself, and I have a pretty cool life ;) I post a TON of pictures and videos of me and whoever I'm with just being ourselves. I try to be the best commenter I can, and I ALWAYS read. I like to know what my friends are up to.

I am Jewish, Republican, and Vegetarian.
But please don't let my beliefs influence your opinion of me. I don't care if you're Athiest, Liberal, and a Carnivore. I've heard all the Bush and McCain rants in the world, I'm not offended :)

I love my family and my boyfriend. I'm not engaged yet, but we're working toward it!! I also LOVELOVELOVE fashion, the color orange, rubber ducks, music, and going out.
Oh, and I might drinkandpoppillsandsmoke too.

I'm a fun person, so give me a chance :)


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