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Hey everyone...

Did this once before, but kind of in a rush since I was at work, so I'm doing it again :)

I look like this:

Things I am: Cuban/Spanish/French, 19, a pisces, a dinosaur-and-egyptian lover, a ketchup conoisseur, an amateur history buff, a film student, a public relations student, a theatre kid, a music lover, a loyal friend, an HP fangirl, a writer (especially of poetry), an avid reader, an optimist, obversant, an indie kid in denail, spontaneous, honest, an aspiring actress/writer/publicist/soccer mom, random, creative, a badass.

Things I am not: A hypocrite, fond of: math, country music, racism, sexism.

Things I do a lot of: Go to shows, watch movies, hang out with my fantastic friends and family, take pictures, try to learn as much as possible on a daily basis just for the sake of it, listen to music, read and write blogs, write poetry.

Things I like (not an all-inclusive list for sure): alice in wonderland, 24, bright eyes, rilo kiley, jack's mannequin & SoCo, RHCP, jimmy eat world, brand new, okkervil river, tim burton, johnny depp, film scores (faves: basil poledouris, danny elfman, phillip glass, and dario marianelli), languages (I speak spanish, some french, and some italian, and I'm tackling hebrew now), filmmaking, film festivals, my hometown (Miami!), BCBG max azria, acting, skateboarding, the office, scrubs, german/french/italian cinema, old movies, judaism, big words, emerson and hemingway, chuck klosterman, chuck norris, terry tate, ginger kids, being outside, turtles (I have one), classical music, musical theatre,simplicity and authenticity, playing taboo and apples to apples, engrish and LOLcats, Javier Bardem, using StumbleUpon, hugh grant & drew barrymore films, prince harry, vintage photography, art of all kinds, people with a sense of humor, dressing up, disney, working out, people with accents, guys, scarves, sociology, bowling, traveling, football, soccer, tennis, washington D.C, facebooking, quotes, icons, meeting new people.

Things I usually write about: My fabulous life as a junior in college, music + movies, current events, internet finds, and whatever else comes up.

If any of that seems interesting to you or similar to what you're interested in, comment on my site (I have f-lock) or on here.

Look forward to meeting some of you! :)

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