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Posting for the 3rd time, and I decided that copy and pasting my previous entries would be kinda shitty, so here I come with a new post. YES I AM THAT GREAT HEHEHE.

Fe-male, 16.
I am kinda colloquial and vulgar at times, so please bear with me.
Does sports like drugs.

I am extremely prone to mood swings, and sudden bouts of weird behavior. I update my LJ regularly... tooooo regularly, so I might just flood your friends' page.

Am liberal, and would love to give advice, if you trust Darth Vader with your life. And cookies, for that matter.

Eh, I'm just too damn random, I'm sure you can tell by now (:

Add me if:
1)You are nice
2)You are bad
3)You are God
4)You are Satan
5)You are Michael Jordan
6)You like/are Sushi

Do not add me if:
1)You caaaaaaannot stand me flooding your friends' pages
2)You take the form of a eggplant
4)You actually do not put whipped cream in your frapp(I find this behavior abnormal)

Right, so I'm done. I love yall, 'cause I'm so damn high now. Yeah mun(Jamaican-style)!

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