Alicia Hell (MInga) (poison_unspoken) wrote in add_me,
Alicia Hell (MInga)


Alil bit about me!!!!
*I'm a total spaz by choice..*
*I will be the first person to call you out when you do something dumb and then laugh my ass off*
*I'd rather make fun of you to your face than behind your back
*thunderstorms turn me on*
*I do favors more than I ask for them*
*You'll probably fall in love with me at one point or another*
*I would kill you if you stole my cell phone or my eyeliner*
*I will make you blush*
*I'm a sucker for skateboarders and greese monkeys*
*I drink vodka and rum because I am a pirate at heart. and who can pass up the booty*
*I decorate cakes and I refuse to eat them..*
*I can make you laugh as hard as I can make you cry*
*I collect Mr. Potato Heads because I like to hide things in there ass*
*Jack in the boxes make me giggle*
*when you assume things it makes an ASS out of U and Me!!!*
*Dare to know more? Just ask...I won't bite.. Hard!!!*

So Add Me Please!!! I need new ppl to read.


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