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Hello, I'm Ryan. =D (But a girl, kthx.)

I'm 19, a full-time procrastinating college student. I'm interested in many things, recently a lot of science and politics. Sad as I am to say, I was always one of those, "Omg, ONLY RETARDS WATCH REALITY TV."
Guess what I do now. (No American Idol though, that's where I draw the line.)

I'm random, girly, a music/reading junkie, an optimist, a writer who hates writing, a whacky open-minded liberal, and I'm weird. But in a good way. <3 I'm also a bit of a fangirl, but not in the writing NC-17 fanfiction way, I SWEAR.

Idk if anyone's interested, but here's my outdated listings of stuff:

Music: The Decemberists, The Strokes, Amy Winehouse, Interpol, Peter Bjorn & John, Modest Mouse, KT Tunstall, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Shins, Taking Back Sunday, The Fratellis, Hot Hot Heat, The Gossip, Regina Spektor, The Ramones, Franz Ferdinand, Silversun Pickups, The Andrews Sisters, Sia, Glenn Miller, The Offspring, The Fray, Five for Fighting, The Vines, The Von Bondies, Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, The Sounds, The Pink Spiders, Bad Religion, The Clash + others I can't recall at the moment. XD

Obsessions: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Heroes, House, DAVID TENNANT, Alice In Wonderland, Ghost World, READING AND WRITING GIVE ME THE TITLE OF A GOOD BOOK IF YOU HAVE ONE ♥♥

That's basically it. I'm a really good commenter, except for when my mind goes blank. =)

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