mr_mak (mr_mak) wrote in add_me,

TJ you are excusing yourself.

I am probably interesting, though my application towards life will make anyone wonder if I'm really alive. At least right now.
It doesn't matter how much stuff you have and how many people you know, I'm a beginner in one of those type of lives. The permanently disturbed, depressed and dopesick. The latter isn't suppose to be permanent though. There is something to smile about, right?
I'm not really always dark, I am just experiencing a dark part of life. I don't have anything great to share. Well I DO but not one person ever gave a shit about it.
Who trusts the heroin-addicted schiz? Of course not. I didn't expect to see many players of that game. But thats OK, life is very unfair, so suck it up and either change it or be a schmuck.

I think I really need some of that good ole God in my life. Even if the big man doesn't have a magical wand it must be nice to believe in least something that won't harm me in the long run. I can pretend to be indenial if I need to be,

I want a mentor is anyone up for the job? Just anything that doesnt say failed commitment all over it.

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