Melanie (chuxxo_xo) wrote in add_me,

melanie. 19. colorado. majoring in art (visual communicaitons). single. libra.

i update or write down thoughts daily, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. i comment when i have the time to. :] i'm really good about that.

random likes: bright colours, big jewelry, scarves & bandanas, street fashion (different countries), penpalling, anything spooky & dark, DIY, etsy, pin up girls, tea, monster energy drink, sour patch kids, reading, writing, learning (yes, i like school!), body modifications, piercings, tattoos, karma, musicals, cultures, etc.

i like a wide range of music: afi, atreyu, between the buried and me, breaking benjamin, bring me the horizon, chevelle, coheed & cambria, creature feature, does it offend you, yeah?, emarosa, msi, scary kids scaring kids, serj tankian, scars on broadway, system of a down, etc. (atm, it's harder stuff like that, but i also like 90's hits, 80's hits, fall out boy, death cab for cutie, kate nash, natalie imbruglia, the killers, the who, kiss, heart, lamb of god, rhcp, techno/ dance music, japanese music, broadway hits, etc.)

movies: i'll watch anything once, basically. :]

tv: the office, invader zim, chelsea lately, taboo, secret life of the american teenager, so you think you can dance, project runway, anything on TLC, NATGEO, DISCOVERYHEALTH.

books: teen nonsense, mostly. ANYTHING by kevin brooks (Candy, Road of the Dead, Lucas, Kissing the Rain).


add me if i intrigue you at all....

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