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holy canolieee

Heyy! My name is ashleigh, I go by smash/smashleigh, fig/figgie. Longtime nicknames, I don't feel like explaining.

Im 19 years old and I feel like im 30.

I work inside a gym, in the nursery. Im manager of the nursery and watch kids 1-13. I love my job, but I work a loottt.

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois.

I'm in a very serious relationship with Damen. We've been together since june 3rd, 2006.

I have 9 pets, in ranges from a hamster to pythons.

I update everyday..and im not interested in adding you as a number..I want friends...not numbers. If you don't talk at all, I will cut you from the flist. I don't give/expect comments on every entry..but its nice once in a while.

Anyways..I have a ton of junk about me in my userinfo. If you want to add me, take a look at that and comment on my friends only post with a bit of info about yourself.

Ages 18-25 please.


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