on_violet_hill (on_violet_hill) wrote in add_me,

Friends please?

Hi guys :)
I'm Lou and I'm 18.

So on to the basic little facts that you don't really need to know but which I'll share;

I have a passion for history, philosophy...and even economics.
I love to read, it is my true love.
I wear rosary beads religiously even though I am not technically religious.
I wear pumps so often now that I have forgotten what socks feel like.
My aim in life is to marry a man that looks like Spike Spiegel and who is a space cowboy, but I would also happily settle for James Purefoy or Keith Murray of W.A.S fame.
I'm saving the space on my wrist for a tattoo of a bluebird.
I have had more fun dancing to RATM's 'Killing in the name of' then I have ever had dancing to any other song.
People who make grammatical errors when it comes to 'your' and 'you're' make me sad.

I post often and will always comment :)

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