Shadowed One (d0se) wrote in add_me,
Shadowed One

i recently returned to updating my LJ after a 6 month hiatus.
i cleaned up my list and trashed the journals i have no interest in reading or ones who showed no interest in becoming good friends.
i rather have 10 good friends on LJ than 50 strangers reading about my life and not ever getting to know ME.

i am:

+ a US resident. i live in NJ, sadly.
+ a 26 y/o. i turn 27 on 12/5.
+ an atheist. i have my reasons, so don't preach to me.
+ a recent college graduate. currently looking for employment.
+ confined to a wheelchair. i have a genetic disorder.
+ single and happy.
+ passionate for babies and toddlers.
+ very blunt and honest.
+ a postcard collector. if we become good friends i will ask to be sent some from your state/country.
+ 100% italian, but i am not old-fashioned. i am more american than a hot dog!
+ an outside of the box thinker.
+ a book reader.
+ an anime/fandom hater.
+ a grammar nazi.
+ categorized as bisexual simply b/c i am attracted to femmes. i am only sexual with men.

as i said, i am looking for people to get know and vice-versa. feel free to myspace me.
i'd also like us to have common interests. see my profile for them all.
you must also type coherently using proper grammar and spelling. lowercase letter typing is an exception, as that's how i type. =]

ps; i can speak, read and write in both spanish and italian, but i prefer english journals. mine is in english.

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