Krista (kareaoki) wrote in add_me,

hello (:


well my name is krista. i'm sixteen and a senior in high school. i live in colorado, usa. i'm originally from guam but spent a few years in both memphis, tennessee and kona, hawaii.

i blog about my day... basically people who interest me or interesting/random thoughts that enter my mind while i'm blogging.

i've recently made this livejournal but i've had one prior to this... i've actually had many prior to this. i'm looking for some friends to start communicating with via lj since i've lost all of mine.

i probably won't comment every entry you write although i'll read every one. i will comment every now and then, and when i do they will be (hopefully) meaningful comments.

i like cheesecake, audrey hepburn, fight club, bananas, and mentos. banana runts make me happy. i'm a vegetarian. i secretly want to be a cheetah girl. chelsea handler is my hero. currently my userinfo is kind of eh, under construction ish but there is information there if you want to find out more.

um. add me if you like me.
be sure to comment me or something me telling me that you're adding me or how you found me or something. i don't fancy adding random people.

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