Ms. Violent Heart (akirajade) wrote in add_me,
Ms. Violent Heart

screen names and handles

Taken from a previous post in my own journal that got a pretty good response:

how do u come up w/your screennameI was looking at my friendspages, cuz that's the easieast thing to do from my stupid blackberry (its only stupid sometimes I admit) posting comments and all that is possible but a pain in the ass, takes a while and gets annoying; anyway it got me to thinking and wondering where most of the people on my friends list or in my communities get their handle/screen name from. ??? Some are cool, others are weird, and some just don't make sense. I'm sure mine seems stupid to some people, and I honestly don't know where I got mine from but I've been using it for yrs. Anyway... That's what I wanted to post at this particular moment. Anyone wanna tell me where they got theirs from or how they came up w/it I'm willing to be an objective listener.

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