yes, honey. (moritzpascal) wrote in add_me,
yes, honey.

Hi! So I'm looking for some new friends because I have no new journals to read and no one really comments my blogs and stuff, so I'm looking to fix that.
I posted to this community a while ago, but there's been a LOT of new people since then and I need some new friends like I said (:

I'm kind of obsessed with LiveJournal. I blog at least three times every week, and if I don't, it's because I either can't get to a computer or I'm just in a really crappy mood. I talk about a lot of stuff that I like in my posts, so please don't add me if we don't have anything in common. I'd like to be able to actually read your journals and know what you're talking about, you know?

So here's a little insight as to what I love: Rent, Spring Awakening, In The Heights, [title of show], Broadway/musical theater in general (I like a BUNCH of shows), Pushing Daisies, How I Met Your Mother, Big Brother, Project Runway, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes, reality tv, television, film, music, literature, art, icons, Fight Club, and Harry Potter.

And you can take a look at my profile if you wanna know anything else about me. Or just ask, you know? I'm willing to answer! So yes, I love reading journals, commenting journals, sharing interests, getting comments on MY journal, and talking to new people.

So yes, add me please?

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