whores in my head (tabisee) wrote in add_me,
whores in my head

i'm tabatha. i'm at the point in my life where i'm finding out what truly matters and what never did. i believe what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. i have high expectations for myself and won't ever limit myself for someone elses personal gain nor to make them feel better. take it as you want cause i probably do not care. i love snarky people and i am extremely temperamental. my emotions will probably eat you alive. i believe in astrology and unhealthy live by my horoscope.

i actually get to know my LJ friends. so expect to do just that in return.
i do not want to be another number to your list of a million friends.

my LJ usually consists of::
rants, conversations, venting when i am being overly dramatic, an occasional picture post, posts about books, random things about my day.

also, if you're "weird" we just might get along
or if you just have an obsession with loving cats.

friends? comment here or on the FO post.

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