kristi (krisxtee) wrote in add_me,

and i called her up to let her go today.

i almost always make the subject of my entries a lyric from the song that i'm listening to as i begin an entry. almost always. that one there is from "i'm asking her to stay" by sherwood.

my name is kristi and i have had my livejournal since i was a freshman in high school. i'm a junior in college now, so yeah. it's been awhile.

i love my livejournal. i go through periods of time where i abandon it, but it always draws me back in the end.

i'm almost 22, i'm from cincinnati, ohio but i live in chicago, illinois. i go to loyola university and i'm studying advertising and public relations. i live in a dorm that sits on lake michigan and it's beautiful.

i'm obsessed with prison break, the twilight saga, and harry potter. might as well fess up to my nerdy attributes right now. my friends and i watch saved by the bell everyday after class too.

my other interests include : being a complete text monster, reading whole books in one day, stalking the hottest guy i've ever seen at loyola who happens to be a freshman, creating lists for everything i do in life, dancing to enrique iglesias whenever i have a spare minute, laughing until i cry, spending money that i don't have, lecturing people about their caloric intake, smoking outside with lee & kaeli singing loudly, laughing about drunken adventures & spotlights with abby

my journal really reflects my stupid day to day worries. i can cover the entire human range of emotion in about two hours or less, so it's fairly common to have a raging bitching post, shortly followed by a "what the fuck is my problem" post.

i talk about boy problems & friend problems & school worries the most.

& i joined this community because i've always really enjoyed having objective third party people read my entries and give me feedback, but the people that i've had for years are slowly disappearing. i really enjoy reading my friends page and there has been a lack of entries as of late, so any new friends who think i sound mildly interesting should give me a chance. :]

talk to you guys soon, hopefully.

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