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friends plz and thx.

taken from my profile page, but it'll save you a trip. i want some new friends to interact with. i don't comment obsessively, and don't expect you to either, but an occasional comment would be nice, let me know you're still around. =)

i'm 24 years old. i am incredibly random. i love buffy the vampire slayer, italian food, and portal. i've been with my girlfriend for almost eight years and we've never once lived in the same state at the same time. i've written buffy fic for ten years. i love ddr. i am a huge nerd. i like to cook, but only for other people. reading is my drug of choice. i'm trying to quit smoking. i don't drink, ever. i listen to a little bit of everything, but happy hardcore is my favorite music genre. i'm currently in school for forensic science, but i haven't really decided what i'm going to do with my life if i can't make it as an author.


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