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Yay~! Hooray~!!

Since I recently moved to this journal, I would like to have some new friends ... :D

Currently, several things in my life are changing. I am actually working on making my dreams come true, and it isn*t always easy. And believe me, I have many dreams!

I have been attending an evening school ever since February 2007, and I plan to pass my final exams (over here, they are called "Abitur") in the summer of 2010. I love going to school, even though it is often combined with a lot of things to be done. I just started "counting" the points I will need to be allowed to pass my final exams, to be exact. My main courses are English and German [yes, I am from Germany .___.]. I am looking for a job, though.

I have also recently started working with lenormand cards again, and I would love to learn more about palmistry. Besides that, I like astrology and numerology. And tarot. ^^

My name is Rina. Well, actually, it isn*t but it is the name I go by. I live in Germany, near the border to Belgium and the Netherlands. I am 24 years old, and I have various hobbies ranging from making/listening to music (Music is my life!), to esoteric and the paranormal, to learning languages and traveling, to being creative in general. I love animals and nature, and I am a vegetarian.

If there*s still anything you want to know, just comment and ask :).

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