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Hi. My name is Nicole (a lot of people call me Colie and then my best friend calls me Blue). I'd be happy to know you, but if you are considering on being my friend you should be prepared for all the ridiculous shit that makes up my personality. I'm foolish, often to the extents you'd be unfamiliar with. I'm afraid of three very particular things. (Breaking my legs in my sleep, eating razors, and lifeguards.) It isn't uncommon for me to call someone up, say something incomprehensible ("Badgers prefer pepper and oregano in their root beer, not parsley"), and promptly hang up. I don't expect you to understand me. In reality, I never have and probably never will. All you can do is give it a try and maybe learn something. Who knows? Who cares? At any rate. SURE, I would love to know you, but I'm not worried about hiding for sake of propriety.

I'm sorry, but I'm not too regular at sticking with this livejournal thing. Everynow and then I'll hop in and see what is going on, but I can't make promises. In reality, I would rather TALK to you. So, send me an im sometime. Or comment this with whatever you have to say.

AIM: juurceka
msn: ohnicolio@hotmail.com

Warnings: I giggle too much. I am either too serious or too silly. I'm not to worried about explanations. I'm happy answering questions and not receiving answers. I pronounce and spell things wrong and then loudly declare I don't care (so don't bother correcting me.) I'll want you to talk to me at 3AM when I can't sleep. I don't pay any attention to time. I don't have a cell phone, and don't really care. I often don't sleep at home and I often just don't sleep (insomniac!). I've been a bad person before (who hasn't? don't ask me about it if you don't plan to share something of yourself). I've soared high and I've fallen hard, but I've always gotten back up again. I'm likely to lie to you at some point, but you can always ask for the truth. I'm a paradox and okay with it. I can't dance, but I will keep dancing anyway. I won't apologize unless I truly mean it. I talk a lot. During movies.

And funerals.


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