Atefeh (bizarrepain) wrote in add_me,

I'm Looking for Happy People

I like sad people too, but I feel like reading about happy people. Oh what the heck, add me.

I guess I have to do a little introduction first. I've never been good with selling myself.

I'm 18. I speak three languages. I'm somewhat of a nerd. I talk, a lot.

What I don't do:
Comment on super personal stuff if I feel that I have no business commenting
Delete people for not updating, know, you died.
Comment for the sake of commenting.

What you will find in my journal:
Little entries about what's going on my life
Fandom discussion
Picspams (under a cut)

You won't find:
Long personal post
Too much information
Hate (maybe, strong dislike but no hate)
Big pictures

Note: I understand that my journal is somewhat empty, but I just started.

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