Lauracet (harmonixer) wrote in add_me,

Hi, I'm looking for Sailors...

Yo! I'm Lauracet or just Cet...

I'm a 21 year old redhead from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm engaged to my boyfriend Richie, who I live with. I love reading, video games (Shenmue rocks! Incase anyone got the reference from the title post... XD) anime/manga, wrestling, cute stuff, retro things and well... Lotsa junk really. I also recently got a new 5 megapixel camera phone, so I keep taking pictures of stuff and putting it on my LJ, incase that's interesting to anyone. XD

I'm not really that good at describing myself, so I'll just stick in a few random things here, but you can read a little more detailed post about me here.

I love Judy Garland, she is my idol! 
Pizza is better with BBQ sauce.
I want a tattoo of Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango.
When I play an RPG, I always rename the main character Rabb or Rabbette.
I am currently doing the 101 things in 1001 days project, I just started it on October 1st.
I am having tarka dall for dinner tonight!
I can't really think of anything else right now.. I'm too hungry to think. XD
Oh... I can be quite a spaz... 

I love to read other peoples LJ's... In lots of ways it makes me feel less alone? It's just awesome reading little details of other peoples lives and knowing that other people think the same thing as you and that you aren't actually crazy. Plus I'm incredibly nosey.. I love to know stuff about people, regardless of who it is or even what it is... XD

I don't have any prejudices against anything, race, religion, sexuality.. I just hate people on an individual level... That sounds bad.. XD What I mean is If someone is christian, or homosexual and I dislike them, it's just because of them as person, because they are lame, nothing to do with their religion or sexuality. Cause dammit, sometimes people just piss you off... >______<;;  I  can be a bit random and have a rather sick sense of humour, but eh, what's life if you can't laugh at everything? BORING. THAT IS WHAT. 

I update about well... Just my day to day life and stuff that creeps into my head. I plan to update about other more personal stuff too, as I used to do this, but not so much anymore, as I'm not used to it... I can be a little shy, yes even on the internet! So I haven't done it yet.. But WATCH THIS SPACE and such.

I have been an LJ user since around 2001/2002 on many different Lj's... But I stopped updating that much over the last year or so and I want to finally get back into the swing of it. So I made this new LJ and now I'm looking for new friends, because if you have something cool to read on LJ, then you'll want to come on it more and then probably update more... So goes my theory anyway!

Urmm, thats about it. I can't think of anything else to say, so here is a photo I took this week!

It's a picture of part of an exhibition in a shop in Belfast, of Kosta Boda a glass art company from Sweden that was established in 1742! I thought this was paticularly cool, because... That's the size that nail polish would be, if it belonged to a giant. Yup.

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