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Random facts about me.
- My name is Eileen, but you can call me Ellie.
- Born in Louisiana, but raised in Maine.
- Born with fetal alcohol syndrome.
- 25 years old.
- Graduated from cosmetology with high honors. =p
Although, I realize it wasn't my passion.
- Married to my husband, Dawen. (He's from Taipei, Taiwan).
- I'm obsessed with bubble tea - Taiwanese culture itself.
- I'm learning Mandarin Chinese. I want to live in Taiwan one day.
- Most of my relatives are tall with blond hair. (I am the odd one out)
- I have reading glasses (my eye muscle are weak).
- I wanted to be a beautician for the dead ever since I watched, My Girl.
- I don't put soy sauce in my sushi/sashimi.
- I have green eyes, but it also changes colour.
- I love my life. I'm very lucky.

I post pictures of my travels (I usually travel during the holidays), food porn, ramblings, concerts I've been to, art, and so on. =)

Some of them already stopped using their journal, but I would never delete them. I want to make new friends, nonetheless. Comment in my journal to be added. I do read my friends journals! Thank you. =)


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