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Hi. I was kind of on a hiatus, because it was a bit difficult to get an Internet in a dorm, and now when I'm back - somebody took pity on poor students without connection to the world, I noticed that I don't have as many journals to read as much time for it I have. That's why I'm looking for friends.
Anyway, I'm Justyna, 20, and from Poland. I study French and so far most of my classes are boring, except practical French which is quite fun. Our native speakers professors are awesome. I study quite far from home. However living in a drom it's not the same as living on your own, but it's still better then arguing with parents who finds you not grown up enough to do anything. WHat am I doing since hish school? I'm proving them wrong, but they seem still not get it.
I'm posting about random stuff. Mostly my daily life. I post pictures quite a lot too. I like music obviously, so sometimes there happen some music posts for a change. I don't know what else to write, have questions, just ask! I don't eat people, or red meat in general ;p

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