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Hi! I'm Chelsea, 19, living in Oklahoma, dying to get out. =) Future author, current slacker. Just started working on a children's book, along the lines of Ramona Quimby and Junie B. Jones. Stalkishly in love with Stephen King. Trying to work up the motivation to go back to college, hopefully to major in English. No idea what I want to be when I grow up, but I have vague ideas of becoming an editor or some sort of teaching assistant. I currently help out in a classroom with visually and very slightly mentally impaired kids, and also work one on one with another girl, helping her with Braille skills and reading speed and comprehension.

I adore fleece blankets and big words and ballet flats and Jim Morrison, and quite a few other things you can find in my profile. Which you should definitely read, because I worked very hard on it. xD I want to be Edward Cullen's love slave for eternity. I like wearing skirts and heels to ordinary everyday places and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I listen to tons and tons of music, including The Shins, Iron and Wine, Regina Spektor, Eisley, The Decemberists, The Spill Canvas, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Gregory and the Hawk, and the list really could go on forever. Dead Poets Society is my favorite movie, followed closely by The Sound of Music, Nightmare Before Christmas, Garden State, The Doors, and countless others. I read everything from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Stephenie Meyer--books are my passion. It's all about Obama for America, but I won't argue that with you.

My journal is friends only, so comment here or on the one public entry if you want to add me. I update pretty regularly, and I'm trying to start getting more involved in LJ. I write about everything under the sun--you probably won't get bored. I'm a pretty tame person and not very offensive, so ... say hi!

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