*Mrs.Saporta/Gaskarth* (supahhbad) wrote in add_me,

u gotta friend in me.

Name: Stephanie
Age: 18
School Level: College Freshman
Movies I Like: Superbad, across the universe, crybaby, sixteen candles, breakfast club, step up 1-2, the warriors, back to the future, forgetting sarah marshall, rent, clerks 2, grandmas boy, eurotrip, alpha dog, lords of dogtown, havoc, batman begins, the dark knight, shes the man, thumbelina, alice in wonderland, hercules, the holiday, quarantine, sex drive, saw 1-3, scream 1-3, and MUCH MORE.
Music I Like: Metro Station, The Cab, The Academy Is..., Fall out boy, miley cyurs, demi lovato, selena gomez, pink, jonas brothers, a akylit drive, panic at the disco, alexz johnson, jimmy eat world, my chemical romance, the beatlres, elvis presley, death cab for cutie, taylor swift, the maine, cute is what we aim for, boys like girls, sum 41, red jumpsuit apparatus, all american rejects, Jason Mraz, and MUCH MORE.
TV SHOWS I like: gossip girl, one tree hill, californication, americas next top model, heroes, the hills, supernatural, greek, instant star, degrassi, 90210 (old & new), entourage, desperate housewives, its always sunny in philadelphia, and MUCH MORE.
What do i mostly post about?
everything! about my day, about my probs, about my feelings, tv show reviews, movie reviews, new music, new discoveries, new intereests, pretty much everything.

Honestly, i am one of those LJ friends..that actually care about her LJ firends. i actually enjoy meeting new people and relating to them.. supporting them..helping them..etc..

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