Vividly Unaware (vividlyunaware) wrote in add_me,
Vividly Unaware

I didn't have internet for a month and a half so now I have no friends. Love me.

I'm a 20 year old female, but I always say I'm 5 because...well, because I am. I write about my job quote unquote saving lives because riding the ambulance around town is pretty much all I do these days. I'm not as dumb as I sound; it just makes me giggle to say stupid things. I like adventure sports and flying by the seat of my pants. I make up nicknames for people (those already mentioned in my LJ include Jack Sparrow and Sky Captain). I like to reflect on the tiny details of life and ask personal questions to people I've just met. I like people.

I probably won't read every word you write as I can have a pretty short attention span. But I'm happy to make comments on anything I find interesting. If you're interesting (or messed up, I am much too drawn to messed up people), let's be friends.

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