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Hi my name is Tina (I prefer to be called Jesus, even though I am an Atheist). I've been feeling kind of lonely lately so I decided this would help me make some friends.

I ....
...am 13 years old
...go to a really small school, and like to talk about it
...love Twilight and Harry Potter
... am passionately in love with Charlieissocoollike (from You Tube)
...am very cliche, but still one of a kind
...use the words "alarming" and "prize" a little too often
...love comments, and love giving comments
...am here for moral support, if necessary
...like to talk about my days in detail, but I try not to bore you all until your eyes bleed
...have basically every internet account ever so if you need friends on other sites I am your girl
...love Aternative, Heavy Metal, british Pop, and basically every ther type of music excluding the Jonas Brothers and Country
....hope I make some friends from this community ♥


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