Mrs. Dr. Professor Lord of the Universe, Ma'am (aleurier) wrote in add_me,
Mrs. Dr. Professor Lord of the Universe, Ma'am

I'm going to make this incredibly simple - I'm just lazy, m'kay?

Aileen = 24

reading, writing, movies. taking random pictures. posting said random pictures. making people think. making them go “lolz!“ or “wtf?“ listening to coast to coast am. gaming. fan of JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien. writing whatever comes to mind, popular or not - that also goes to standing up to what I believe in. and most of all originality - in people and things.

close-minded people on both spectrums (liberals and conservatives). friend cuts.'s weather. commercials. starbucks. crowds. carbon-copies. writers block. capitalism. pasta. boredom. angsting. etc. etc. and etc.

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