How do I taked bunches of surveys? ♥ (flyingpandas) wrote in add_me,
How do I taked bunches of surveys? ♥

I'm Z.

Likes: Pandas, reading, the Internet, taking surveys, soda, taking quizzes, baseball, MySpace, assorted anime and manga, going to the mall.
Dislikes: People who think Hollister/Abercrombie/etc is preppy, because it's NOT, fangirls, school, weaboos, country music.
Favorite Music: Rage Against The Machine, Lil' Wayne, T-Pain, Cypress Hill, The Medic Droid, Wyclef Jean, James Morrison, Lily Allen.
Favorite Books: "Sealed With A Diss" by Lisi Harrison, "Twilight" by Stephanie Myer [I'm on Chapter 5!], Gossip Girl by Cecly von somethinngicantspell. Adn "The Onion:Our Dumb World" which I'm reading and it's really really funny.
Favorite Movies: The Shining, Curse of the Golden Flower and The Dark Knight.
My personality: Don't really care about anything, sarcastic, smart, likes to be alone but is social somehow.
I have: MySpace, RateYourMusic and JapanForum [ I joined on a whim]. Ask me for any of those if you want to.
My favorite websites: D-Listed, here, Myspace and Bzoink.
My favorite store: I forget what it's called, but it starts with a Z and it's snowboardy stuff. Cool scene-y hoodies and tees. Oh, and Journey's and Pac sun and Hollister [clothes there are comfyy]

If you want to add me [I have 0 friends], just comment. :]

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