Mia Alexis (mogimogi) wrote in add_me,
Mia Alexis

hey, i'm mia

i'm your basic, average girl - sixteen years of age. single. i live in a suburban area in
michigan with my mom. i'm what you'd call bi-curious (basically bi-sexual, but not really 50/50) i'm
agnostic/atheist. music is my boyfriend. my friends are my girlfriends and anime is my ex.

my favorite show is scrubs and my favorite band is paramore
im still in HS but i want to study law and psychology
i love quotes, inside jokes and my new cell phone

i want to change the world
i am going to be the change i want to see in the world

i love FACEBOOK and i hate MYSPACE
i don't care which you prefer

there's so much i could say about myself but i never know where to start and end
hopefully you want to get to know me,
add me, be my friend
- note: i normally don't rhyme like that -

- comment my friends only entry to be considered/added -

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