Biff Loman. (foxriver) wrote in add_me,
Biff Loman.

I am an 18 year-old first year college student in a tiny liberal oasis in the Appalachian Mountains. I have a skewed sense of political ideology since I am constantly surrounded by vegans, crazy homosexuals, and extreme leftists. I adore having my own world, far removed and much more sane than any place I have lived. Hard work is my validation -- I put school before everything in my life, including my own sanity. My majors are Creative Writing and Mass Communications, and I want to work in marketing, non-profit support for animal rights, or sit Indian-style in the fall leaves and write novels for the rest of my life. I am a fierce atheist, a twisted optimist, a bisexual, a libertarian, a bluntly honest person who just so happens to be obsessed with film, J. D. Salinger, equestrian sport, zombies, Michel Gondry, and girls who dress the part of a boy.

I am looking for friends who feel passionate about existence (any part of it, just feel deeply for something) who are interested in conversation, in writing, watching Netflix View Instantly movies together on occasion, or chatting once in a while on AIM.

My name is Allison. If I have sold myself well enough, add me!


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