skylastears (skylastears) wrote in add_me,

Meet me, myself, and those other voices in my head.

Name's Ashlee.
I live for ♥Days of Our Lives♥ I find it quite parallel to my life.
I love lyrics; they say the things I can't.
I am cynical and sarcastic.
Worst quality=overly vindictive.
Best: I'm amusing.
I wouldn't mind becoming detective.
My favorite past time is going out with the girls and tossing pee on cars or mailboxes.
I have a lot of moments that lack common sense, & I ♥ everyone of them.
I am very emotional, but tend to bottle it up til I expload.
I'm a college student who has no idea where they are going.
I have two daughters.
I haven't updated my journal in forever, but I want to start again.
If you can't handle a person who is dating a married person, I wouldn't add me, it will probably be the main topic of my discussion.

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