Nicola (inspired) wrote in add_me,

I've just removed a lot of people from my friends list who seem to have died, and therefore I'd really like to add some new people to fill up some gaps :)

Please only add me if you actually want to be a friend. I don't see the point of having people on my friends list who I never speak to. I don't expect you to comment on every single entry (and don't expect me to do that in return!) but please at least attempt to say something every now and then, I like getting to know everybody on my list.

Anyway! My name is Nicola, I'm 20 years old and I live in the south of england. I'm currently doing a degree in combined english and early childhood studies and it is extremely dull! The stuff we do in english is so ancient that the language can barely be described as english, so I spend most of my time wondering what on earth I've just read and what exactly the point of it was! I plan on doing a master's degree afterwards in teacher training, and I plan to teach kids of around seven years old. I get on ridiculously well with children, even though they do annoy me quite a bit and the thought of having one of my own disturbs me!

I'm easy to get along with. I'm a very (annoyingly?) positive person, it's hard to get more optimistic than me. I'm always singing or starting conversations with complete strangers, and as such I'm one of those people who seems to know absolutely everybody, haha.

When it comes to films, I tend to watch either comedies or horrors. I know, they go great together, right?! Oddly the film genre I can't really stand is action. Considering it should be the most exciting, it doesn't hold my attention for very long at all. When it comes to music I listen to almost everything, but I do have a very sad addiction to anything overly cheesey, ala High School Musical!

If you want to be friends, please add me and then leave a comment here telling me a little about you :)

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