unique715 (unique715) wrote in add_me,

New Friends Needed

Look people, consider me a very low-maintenance friend.

You don't have to message me, you don't have comment in my journal and you don't even have to read my journal.
You don't have to read what I ate for breakfast, or follow my latest mood swings.  All you have to do is add me, that's all.

I'm all about quantity of friends, rather than quality.  I'm looking to rack up the numbers.
Now, this might seem silly, but it's all part of my five year plan to achieve world domination.

It goes as follows:

Year 1: Amass thousands of online friends.
Year 2: Leverage alleged friends to assert that I am very popular and understand the pulse of the people.
Year 3: Get elected as Secretary General of the UN as a result of my easily measurable online popularity.
Year 4: Erase National borders creating a one-world utopia .
Year 5: Appoint myself as King of the World, and validate authority through online opinion polls.

Please add me so that the journey can begin.

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