Mara (m00nfire) wrote in add_me,

Looking for friends ^_^

Hey I’m Mara. 15 years young but I like to think I’m quite mature (except when I’m with my best friend, then I act like a 5-year old ^_^). I’m from Germany but I’m speaking English very well. I also know a little French. I live with my mother, my brother and my dog.



My favourite food is Pizza and Sushi. (Actually I like everything Japanese ;) Especially the boys lol) And I looove coke! I’m addicted! <3


If I don’t hang out with my friends I’m taking photos. I love photography and I like to think I’m good at it :) I’m also a writer. I write poems and stories and well... LJ entries ;)


I’m a really snappy person. I’m sarcastic and I say what I think even if it’s cruel. But sometimes you don’t have to take me so serious. When I say ‘fuck you’ don’t be offended I don’t mean it (well sometimes I do!). You can trust me with everything and I’m going to trust you but if someone breaks this trust then it’s almost impossible to gain it back. I can be really nasty even if I try not to be. On the other hand I’m quite nice! Lol really! I like to hug people xD And I have a weird/great sense of humour!


TV Shows

Eureka, House, Psych, Scrubs, CSI, CSI Miami, Sitcoms, Simpsons, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Moonlight, Little Britain,…etc.


Extreme Rage, A man apart, Die Hard, Hostage, The fast and the furious, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Notting Hill, About a boy, Simpsons Movie, Men in Black, Inside Man, Hollywood cops, S.W.A.T., etc…


Matt Wertz, Skillet, Stanfour, Juli, The Click Five, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Flo rida, Die Ärzte, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Backstreet Boys, 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior), Blake Lewis, Bob Guiney, Chris Daughtry, Crazy Town, Drake Bell, Fall Out Boy, Fathead,… etc.

you have to find out the rest on your own! ;)

I post nearly everyday about anything really. ;)



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