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 Hey guys, you can call me Kay, L., or aslumber,  and I just joined live journal and this comm :] I just posted an old about me entry in my journal if you want more information. 

I used to be on greatestjournal but, as many of you know, it completely died. Now I am just going CRAZY without a journal outlet so I made this. 

Anyway, I am a senior in high school, live in california, and love all sorts of music and people. I guess some people call me pretty pessimistic but I'm always open to hearing what others have to say. I love to rant, ramble, and update. I'm also really into dreams right now (hence the username) I actually remember my dreams pretty vividly and my friends say theyre pretty interesting so I'll probably be posting a few so I dont forget them. 

I love intelligent people. I am a journalist, enjoy politics and I love fashion, but I wouldn't really consider myself a girlie girl. I'm also very very into reading, writing, Harry potter :P,  photoshop and computer stuff so really there is a bit for everyone!

Add me if you are interested. I can be a low-work kind of friend or someone who provides insightful comments, what ever you are looking for.

PS I know I don't have much entries or stuff up right now but thats because I just made this and its late.. haha..and i have calculus homework to get to. I promise an update VERY SOON.   Sorry about the ramble..heh

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