lenabout (lenabout) wrote in add_me,

hi, i've been on lj for a while now but i have a lack of some decent online friends.

- i am 24 years old, female and live in germany.
- i'm living together with my boyfriend and our son, we just moved to a new place
- i got pregnant by accident but i deeply love my son. nevertheless he turned my life upside down.
- i am studying architecture, semi ambitious since the birth of my child...

i do not post very often, i just think i'm not a big writer. when i post i talk about my family, university, child stuff... nothing spectacular. but i like to be on lj nearly every day, reading my friends-list and commenting on other entries.
if you add me, you can be sure, that i really read your posts, because i'm interested in the lives of others and due to the small amounts of lj-friends i have so far, i am always happy, if someone writes something.

i would describe myself as a pretty liberal person, who respects most people. sometimes i have a strong opinion on some things, but i always accept other views, i just like to see that people think before they talk and make up their own mind.

my lj is public so check it out if you're interested and comment here or on my lj.

so long and thanks for all the fish :)

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