ohmygodjoe (ohmygodjoe) wrote in add_me,

Some stuff I made up:

I tend to hide behind a barrier of botched eloquency which i appreciate must seem very forced. Which indeed it is. But hell, i don't have a lot to say at the best of times, so i gotta pad it out.

Likes: sleep, cider, daydreams, travel, films, cars and motorbikes, books, stupid humour, mindless films, STAR WARS

Dislikes: fundamentalism, creationism, extremism, evangelism, people who take anything too seriously, clever humour, intelligent films, closedmindedness, sweetcorn, orange squash

So yeah, i feel like i need some new e-friends. If you add me we could bake blueberry muffins. And make daisy chains. DAISY CHAINS.

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